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WW Guess-It : Double Trouble

Because of the sudden influx of Guess-It contributions, I'm glad to announce that we have 2 GuestStars for this week's Guess-It. Thanks again to Gattina and Michelle for their contributions! Now let's get to guessing!

1. From the shelves of Gattina
Guest-It 3

My Guess : It's one of those footprints made of clay for memory sake!

2. From the shelves of Michelle
Guest-It 4

My Guess : Looks like some form of artwork using sprayed golf balls!

Answers will be posted on Friday's post. Happy Guessing!

Anyhow written on Jun 6, 2007 at 10:42 AM

16 bored people said something about this

Well I guess I cant guess #2 since its my pic! My guess for #1 is some sort halloween decoration.

posted by Blogger Michelle : 1:03 PM

I will jump on with a guess for Gattina's: It's a foot imprint for shoe lifts!
Michelle's is: a light board of some sort, like a lite brite game.

posted by Blogger Jenn in Holland : 2:06 PM

The first I would say casts for footprint memories of someone, the second, lightbulbs of some kind?? I know I'm hopeless!

posted by Anonymous Alison : 2:27 PM

Can better Jenn's guess for #1; #2 colored light bulbs at a street fair?

posted by Blogger RUTH : 2:27 PM

1. er, some clay thing, cant be someone's feet right. -.-"


posted by Anonymous Rowena : 3:16 PM

Guess It #1 must belong to Big Foot!

Guess It #2 i go with Street Party Lights!

Happy peaceful WW x x

posted by Blogger Shaz : 4:55 PM

#1- I also think it's a foot imprint for shoes.
#2- Light bulbs of some sort!

posted by Blogger Melanie : 8:14 PM

Don't want to think about the first one :-)

Second looks like water balloons to me too.

posted by Anonymous Autofocused : 8:32 PM

Ok the feet are freaky! Happy Peaceful WW =)

posted by Blogger Starrlight : 8:45 PM

I agree with your #1, but #2 looks like colored lightbulbs to me. Happy WW.

posted by Blogger Michelle : 9:01 PM

err. i actually tink #1 is someone's feet.
tink #2 is some cute light thingy.

posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 9:47 PM

Halloween decoration? Have a wonderful week and Happy WW.

Angel ( Angel Mama )

posted by Blogger Pearls of Wisdom : 9:52 PM

Looks like balloons to me. Happy WW. Peace :) Love the superwoman tune. One of my favorites.

posted by Blogger Comedy + : 3:26 AM

Balloons and the feet of the person who tried to burst them?

posted by Blogger jams o donnell : 3:55 AM

I am a bit late this week.

#1 The cast or mould of a person feet for making insteps.

#2 lanterns

posted by Blogger Simone ( Exercising for comments) : 10:48 PM

nr. 1 looks gross (he he) and it seems like the rest of somebody's ski boots is missing!

nr. 2 are boat fenders , either illumninated or transformed to look like lanterns

posted by Blogger mar : 12:27 AM
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