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Tiring Week

This week has been full of surprises so far. I haven't had a proper night's rest since Monday. And tonight is gonna be another long night. Sometimes I wonder if I could get used to it and not feel tired from sleeping only 5 hours a day everyday.

Tuesday night was a strange night where we had to come up with something to surprise a friend's girl on her birthday. And to make matters worse, we only had the 2 hours after school to think of, prepare and setup that surprise before her birthday was over. Luckily we managed to get it all together and deliver as promised just a few minutes before midnight. But boy was it tiring. If we had to do this for every friend, I would move out of the country.

Yesterday wasn't too peaceful either. We had a sort of Fun and Games Day in school where the kids spend the day competing in all forms of activities like basketball, badminton etc etc, and for the grand finale, we had the "Teachers versus Students" captain ball game. Although I would say the teachers kinda cheated because half of the team were not official teachers teaching students int the school but rather employed workers of the school. And I happened to be 1 of them. Anyway, we kinda owned the kids badly because

1. We always had a tall catcher [2 tallest in our team would swap around]
2. We had 2 key players : The tall, flying interceptor and the tricky playmaker.

I can bet you that the game wouldn't have gone so smoothly without the both of us. Yup. Kelvin and Me owned the game. Any high-flying long pass made by the students would be duely taken over by our spring-legged, long armed volleyball pro. And obviously the offensive team would not have worked out without the attacking creativity of yours truely. Finding that unmarked player and faking the opponents seemed to be so easy that day. Did I also mention I was the first to score?

Anyway, the students didn't have much chance because they lacked offense. The only real threat to us was the pro thunderer of their team. [Who was also their tall defender and main attacking force]. Any loose ball picked up by him on the defensive would immediately be sent flying directly to their catcher with pin-point accurracy. Fortunately he got tired during the second half and his thunders started to come in short enough for our defender to block it.

Anyway, the day wasn't over after that. In the evening I accompanied PiPi and a couple of good friends to the dentist and after that we went down to Simpang Bedok for some late night gaming. It kinda sucks playing with too good a team because the opposite team will start leaving one by one even before we reach level 6. That's why tonight we are gonna pit our skills against a proper clan team who have been playing together for some time. Hopefully we don't fare too badly because this is the first time we are really playing against a proper, full team.

Guess I'll only get not more than 5 hours of sleep tonight too.

Anyhow written on May 24, 2007 at 3:26 PM

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