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Wordless Wednesday : Guess-It 10

Welcome to the 10th anniversary of WW : Guess-It. Let's see who can get this week's answer right. Seems a little too easy to me...

Guess-It 10

Hint : it's kinda small

Anyhow written on May 23, 2007 at 10:12 AM

20 bored people said something about this

Its a handphone stand.

posted by Blogger Kerlynz aka Ting Ting : 1:13 PM

Looks like a child's deckchair to me!!

posted by Blogger Alison : 2:24 PM

It looks like a deckchair but it's actually a stand for a mobile phone. yes?

posted by Blogger jams o donnell : 2:33 PM

It is a cellular phone stand, shaped like a longchair... right?

Happy WW! :-)

posted by Blogger Tricotine : 2:46 PM

It's a toddler chair!

posted by Blogger whenn : 4:00 PM

My first thought was also a toddler chair.

posted by Blogger Simone ( Exercising for comments) : 4:07 PM

A desk Deck Chair for tired mobile phones x x x You're gonna have a lot of linky love to do come Friday . . .lol

posted by Blogger Shaz : 4:42 PM

I think it's a tiny deck chair for a phone too. OR for tiny kid!

posted by Blogger Jenn in Holland : 5:10 PM

What a cute kitten. Wonder what this tiny, nice little animal cares so much for?
iPod? Remote Control? baby milk bottle? Dildo? Cell phone? Sun glasses? Mouse Trap?

posted by Blogger TorAa : 6:11 PM

Yeah - i think it's a cell phone chair/caddy though I searched the web and found none like it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

posted by Anonymous The Barrow-Wight : 6:13 PM

Looks like a folding kids stool to me.

posted by Blogger Aldon Hynes : 7:56 PM

Looks like a fold-out chair

posted by Blogger lissa : 9:13 PM

Definately a folding chair it looks like. But is it small for a child - or small for an accessory?

posted by Blogger Michelle : 9:16 PM

For me it's just a beach (or long) chair to put maybe a phone on.

posted by Blogger Gattina : 10:10 PM

Looks like a child's deck chair to me. Thanks for stopping by and Happy WW :)

posted by Blogger Biker Betty : 10:39 PM

As already said a deckchair for a mobile phone or a book although I think the latter are slightly wider.

posted by Blogger letha : 10:43 PM

I think it's a folding chair cell phone holder!

Have you thought about maybe using comment moderation? Then after everyone guesses you could approve our comments. That way people can't "cheat" and look at everyone else's guesses..... Just an idea!

posted by Blogger Melanie : 10:51 PM

Hmm. I thought a mirror...LOL I must be way off. Have a great day my friend and Happy WW.

Angel Mama ():)

posted by Blogger Pearls of Wisdom : 11:29 PM

This is too easy. It's a handphone holder. Do I win a million buckaroos now? Woooooottttttt!

posted by Anonymous Ditzyqueen : 12:23 AM

I think it's definitely a small folding chair though I'm not sure who or what is supposed to sit in it!

posted by Blogger Linda : 5:52 AM
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