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And the Answer is...

Did I mention that this week's WW : Guess-It was a special 10th Anniversary edition specially made easy so that players could have boosted morale rather than always not getting the answer right and having to check back on Friday to see what it really is??

Who and I kidding... Haha. Apparent from this week's Guess-It, I seem to be running out of unusual stuff for my loyal readers to guess. So much so that almost everyone who took a stab at this week's Guess-It deserves a mention in my weekly Results Show. Yup. 80% of you got the answer right. So I guess the only advantage is that I don't have so much explain to do. Alright, back to this week's answer....

Phone Chair 1

Yup, it's obviously a tiny comfortable deck chair...

Phone Chair 2

That your beloved mobile can take a quick rest when you're not yakkady-yakking off into it

And now for some major link love...
Cheers to local newcomers to WW, Kerlynz and DitzyQueen, regular smartys jams o donnell, tricotine, Shaz, gattina, letha and melanie and finally, new visitors jenn in Holland and barrow-wight for ALL, yes ALL of you got it right... I must be losing my touch.

Hence you can see that I'm desperately in need of better Guess-It suggestions. So please please please please send in your Guess-It suggestions to It's simple. Just send a picture of your Guess-It [more are welcomed] and a short hint about what it could be and I'll gladdy post it up this Wednesday. Due credit will definitely be given of course. Then all you have to do next is to email the answer picture(s) and description to the same email and I'll post it up when it's due. If you label your emails clearly enough I promise not to peek at the answer and have a guess myself! So pretty pretty please send in some suggestions, or I might have to cut of a body part for next week's Guess-It.

Special thanks goes out to Melanie for the suggestion about using comments moderation to make the competition fairer, but sometimes the more you read other people's different the answers, the less confident you become of your own answer, even though it might be the right one. So to me it actually makes it more interesting. Happy Guessing!

Anyhow written on May 25, 2007 at 3:31 PM

8 bored people said something about this

Yay me, I was half right!

posted by Anonymous Alison : 6:52 PM

Yes of course. How stupid can a man be. My fantasy went crazy and my cell phone do have a very different shape.

posted by Blogger TorAa : 7:20 PM

Woo Hoo for me! ;)

posted by Blogger Melanie : 8:50 PM

I will digg in the deepest corners to find something that you never will find out, lol ! I will take my revenge !!

posted by Blogger Gattina : 8:55 PM

Well, I was half right, lol. I guessed the deck chair, but not for a cell phone. What a cute idea.

posted by Blogger Biker Betty : 11:46 PM

Woo HOOO! I got it right! :-)

That was fun... Thanks!

I am going to look in my files for something unguessable... LOL

posted by Anonymous Isabelle aka Tricotine : 12:08 AM

Well its the first I hear of a deck chair for phone !

posted by Blogger Simone ( Exercising for comments) : 2:04 AM

You've been tagged! :)

posted by Blogger whenn : 8:31 PM
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