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2 Good to be True

Just finished my first paper today, and it was really out of my expectations. I expected that I could easily gurantee 70 marks for this Maths paper, but amazingly, I came out of the exam hall with an almost guranteed 90 mark score. Either the paper was that freaking easy, or I am that freaking smart. I'm guessing the 2nd option.

Oh, and when I came back home today, the mailman had delivered something to my doorstep.

Box 1

Yes, a big brown box! Woohoo! Any guesses on what's inside??

Box 2

Woo!! 2 smaller boxes! Wow, this is so exciting! I bet you can guess what they are from the boxes...

Box 3

New Shoe 1

Yup! My nike sneakers that I ordered online last week arrived today on schedule! All the way from US no less.

After many fruitless attempts to find a nice pair of Nike sneakers within the confines of our little red dot, I finally decided that enough was enough and opted for the web option. Although slightly costly for small orders, due to the freight costs, offers a wide variety of assorted brands of shoes for anyone and everyone. And their delivery is freaking fast! I placed my orders on Saturday and the goods arrived this afternoon!

Here's more of my new rides...

New Shoe 2

New Shoe 3

Sooooooo nice right? I can't stand it! And i bet not many people in Singapore has this design cos I don't think it was ever introduced here.

Pipi's shoes are cool too! And I love her box.

Box 4

Another unique pair of Nike shoes to be spotted around town.

Pipi's Shoes 1

Pipi's Shoes 2

And they even come with matching replacable red shoe laces.

Pipi's Shoes 3

Another item striked off my 'Wanted' list...

New Shoe 4

And they only cost a total of around SG$300, which includes the freight. That means on average SG$150 for a Singapore limited editon cool ride, although mine actually costs more than hers, but what the heck! Woooooo~

Anyhow written on May 6, 2008 at 7:21 PM

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Nice choice!! I always want to see those Nike shoes in my feet and in my closet.

posted by Anonymous tom : 1:51 PM
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