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That's what my internal clock probably looks like right now. Sleep has always been 1 thing that personifies the meaning of the word 'irregular' in my life. Well, at least ever since secondary school.

Just this week, I had a total of 4.5 hours of sleep in 62 consecutive hours before hibernating for 12 hours straight from 5am to 5pm yesterday. Woke up and had my lunch at 5.30pm and my dinner at 1030pm. And now I'm as awake as an owl at midnight.

For those of you who didn't know, I submitted my 4th and final assignment for the year last Monday, along with my last prelim paper. Happily I gave myself 1 week for R&R before starting to revise for my final exam. Then I realised I had revision lectures from 7-10pm from Monday to Thurday and 9am-5pm revision lectures on Saturday and Sunday too.

Amazingly, I still managed to squeeze in about $20 worth of LAN gaming, a ktv session, a movie and an estimated total of about 20 hours of online gaming just by sacrificing a little sleep. Someone once asked me, how do you manage your time? I think my answer to him would be "I don't. I just make every second count. Sleep only when absolutely neccessary."

Got a reply on my reservice deferment status via email and SMS yesterday...

"Mr XXXXX XXXXX, Deferment application, transaction ID ABCD1234XYZ is unsuccessful."

Which means that I have to go back to serve the nation by digging holes in the ground [how does that help, by the way?] during the first 2 weeks of my 2nd year of studies, even though I met 90% of their deferment criteria. My guess is just because I'm studying in a private university. If I was studying in a government-supported university, I would bet my last dollar that the application would be approved before I could spell 'Tyrannosorrous Rex' correctly without looking at [Ok, that might take me a while, but I'm sure I could get it right within a day or two]

Asking somebody to skip his first 2 weeks of school just to go and dig holes in the ground is unacceptable. I am studying in a technical IT course where good foundation could make or break a person and they are asking forcing me to skip my first 2 weeks in school.

So who's gonna be responsible if I get bad grades because I wasn't able to catch up with the rest? Who's gonna pay the school fees if I get retained for not doing well? Who's gonna pay back the money and experience I could have earned from the 1 year more that I could have been in the working society if I get retained? The government? You wish.

My friend once told me some big shot officer once asked him, "What is more important? Your country or your studies?" I would gladly reply him "MY STUDIES."

Not because I don't have national pride or anything like that, but just because I know that Singapore can't and WILL never be part of any real war.

  1. Singapore's economy is too 'Trade-reliant' to be of any use after any war, regardless of the result. Would you dock your ship in a country that was just a part of a war?

  2. Singapore is too small an island. Even a mis-aimed bomb that landed on any of our direct neighbours would completely wipe Singapore off the face of the planet.

  3. Singapore has the ability to fight, but not sustain a war. The economy will crash and there won't be enough money to buy or build bullets when we run out of them.

  4. Singapore soldiers are too protected to be of any real usefulness in a war. The enemy would just have to wait for a thunderstorm and walk right in, as our soldiers are protected from training in bad weather.

I could go on forever but in order to protect myself from being cuffed and sentenced by a government that does not allow freedom of speech, I shall stop my bitching and start searching for a way to resubmit my deferment with more power now.

Anyhow written on Apr 1, 2008 at 12:37 AM

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