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2 Fights in a Day

I'm sore and banged up. Got into 2 fights in a single day. And the result is a sore left shoulder and a blue-black on my left knee.

The first fight happened in the comfort of my own home. My opponent? The wall beside the my room door. After locking up the door after my auntie left, I rushed back at full speed to my laptop in my room as it was on a game that couldn't be paused and is running the risk of having the words 'Game Over' flashing in my face. And in my hurry, I managed to engage the wall beside my door with my left shoulder. The impact was so great that I spun 180 degrees and landed flat on my bum. No prizes for guessing who won that fight. It was a miricle that I managed to get back to my game without any further injuries...

...until that afternoon.

My icthy feet decided to bring me to East Coast Park for a couple of hours of rollerblading, and more importantly to get a nice tan. The first hour breezed pass without incident. I have the habit of dropping in to 7-11 to get a big gulp to cool myself off after 1 hour of blading. So there I was, happily listening to my mp3 player, blading gracefully along the uneven cycling track and occassionally taking a sip out of the big gulp in my left hand.

It was when I finished my big gulp that I got into my second fight of the day. I was looking for a dustbin to throw my empty gulp into when I spotted this green dustbin in the distance. And because it was a downslope towards that dustbin, the only reason that I managed to break in time is because the dustbin helped me to come to a complete stop. Thats when I gave a hard kneejab to the dustbin with my left knee for the dustbin's efforts. Guess again who won that fight? Oh, and I think I almost gave that old lady who was doing some sort of taichi exercise just beside the dustbin a heart attack.

So here I am now, back in the safety of my home [or not, since my first fight happened just 6 steps away from where I'm sitting right now] typing this with a limp left arm and leg. The only saving grace was that I managed to snap a beautiful picture of myself against the setting sun with the beach and sea in the background. Enjoy!

Beach Boy
Look at that golden tan!
Ok, it's just the angle of the sun

Anyhow written on Mar 8, 2008 at 4:58 PM

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