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CNY Unshopped List

Today is Chinese New Year Eve. And just in time too. Been spending quite a lot of time and money at Simpang Bedok on gaming within these few days. My pockets are running dry but luckily there will be some inflow of cash during the next couple of days to come.

Anyway, just a short little post to update my "Wants" list on the sidebar. These are the clothes that I've bought so far for Chinese New Year.

  • Orange printed Tee from B'APE

  • Cutesy white Crayon Tee from Newbie

  • White 'messy-lines' Tee from Nike

And here's the list of clothes and accessories that I'm still looking out for...

  • Funky Pair of Nike Shoes

  • Nicely designed loose fit Levi's jeans

  • Surf Shorts with Spiderweb print on one side [preferably white-based]

All these items are currently presumed still non-existant in the market as I have yet to set my eyes upon anything from the above list that remotely grabs my attention for more than 3 seconds.

All the current Nike shoe designs are basically back-to-school basic colours with simple designs. Definitely missing the WOW factor that it brought to the world in the past.

Levi's have seemed to be rather lazy these couple of months, having zero new design releases in a bid to clear off all the older designs. Come on Levi's. Stop slacking and start producing. And what's with the skinny jeans trend? Yucks.

The last item is even more elusive that the first 2. It's just an idea of a perfect pair of surf shorts for me. A white-based, knee length surf shorts with a little bit of black or red highlights and a big spiderweb print on 1 side of the shorts [with or without the spider]. I've even tried to google it but sadly there seemed to be absolutely zero matches. If anybody has ever seen anything that remotely resembles what I've just described above please give me a buzz, or even better if you know of a place where you can custom design your own surf shorts. I will love you to bits.

But until then I guess I'm still stuck with my orange flowery surf shorts...

Oh, and Happy Chinese New Year to all you Chinese people out there. Many you be blessed with many red packets in the days to come.

Anyhow written on Feb 6, 2008 at 3:21 PM

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