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The Gathering

A long long time ago, there lived a group of highly skilled fighters who devoted much of their time training and perfecting their art of fighting. Each of these fighters had a unique individual trademark that few others could even come close to. They were each a master of speed, size, evasion, power and flexiblilty to name a few. Even at that time, they were legends in their own right.

But as time would have it, they soon grew old and slowly but surely devoted lesser and lesser time on their training, some even to the extent of stopping completely. And after some time, they each took their own path and dispersed themselves among the vast areas of the country.

Many years pass since the divergance of the group. Very few was said between them although every single one of them had a permanent place in their hearts for the friendship and old times when they used to be one inseperatable unit. Watching the performance and skills of their future generations deter through the years just stabbed the knives deeper and deeper into their hearts.

Until one day, a couple of them decided that it was time to have a gathering of the masters. It was time to revive the excitement and passion that every one of them had in the past. Messages were sent in every form of communication across the country, hoping to locate as many masters as possible. Although skeptical, most of them agreed to meet up at an undisclosed location.

It was during that meet-up session, that more and more memories of the good old times came flooding back as they recalled all the blood and sweat of their previous trainings and fights. It was at that point of time that they agreed to meet up again for a training session for old times sake.

This is not a plot from a Channel 8 Kung Fu drama. This is a real life story of a group of kids from our very own Singapore. And I'm one of them. This is our story. The story of the older generation of Taekwondo members...

The Masters

The Masters

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Anyhow written on Feb 4, 2008 at 11:52 AM

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