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Post-Christmas BBQ

After countless nights on MSN discussing about the BBQ, yesterday we finally got down to business. Some of them met at Bedok to buy the ingredients while others came a little later.

Me? I was happily enjoying myself blading along East Coast Park even though the weather man told me that the day would be drizzled with passing showers throughout the day. My only prayer was that those passing showers wouldn't pass over my head and then start to follow me where ever I went.

So in the end I was able to enjoy the beach and babes for about an hour or so before those damn passing showers started to pass by ECP. And when they say passing showers, they MEAN passing showers. It would rain heavily enough for me to want to hide under the safety of the sporadically positioned pavillions around ECP for like half an hour, suddenly reduce to a slight drizzle that makes me want to continue blading and then repeat itself with the heavy rains. Therefore in the end I was kinda playing hide and seek with the rain, blading a few minutes in the drizzle, then racing to the next available pavillion to seek shelter from the storm. And my blades got all muddy in the process. Yucks.

So anyway, it was almost 6 when everybody who was supposed to be there was there. And guess what? it was still raining. So we camped under the shelter for awhile before deciding to try to start the fire on a wet pit when the rain got a little smaller. We even had somebody assigned to hold the umbrella above the pits while we fiddled around with the firestarters and charcoal.

Once the fire was started, it was all fun and games until the end. I'll let the pictures do the talking from here on.

click on images for a better view

The Firestarters

The Firestarters

The Fire, Started

The Fire, Started. Mini-fans are surprisingly useful for starting fires too.

Big Mouth

Yes, I was THAT hungry.

Group Photo

Group photo. Space on the left included for inserting cutouts of those who left early.

Lollipop Gang

Beware the Lollipop Gang!

Traffic Lights

Traffic Light. Green = Go. Red = Stop. Amber = CHIONG AH!

Zao Cai

A new friend made at the pit. Aptly named "Zao Cai".

This is like only 10% of all the photos taken on that day. I'm too lazy to copy and upload the rest [Mainly because my handsome face is not in them], so that's all for today folks. Now it's time for me to shrink back into my shell and get back to concentrating on completing my assignments, which are due on the 2nd day of the New Year. I think SIM is run by some bloody sadists who don't want people to enjoy their government-approved holidays.

Turtle Me

Anyhow written on Dec 27, 2007 at 10:50 PM

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