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Human Imprisonment

Was heading down City Link mall yesterday for my regular haircut, when all of a sudden I noticed something different about the Canon adverts along the HMV stretch. You know, those giant glass showcases with a few cameras or video cams in them.

Wa! There were actually real-life models posing within the glass cases! Each case was effectively smaller than a jail cell, with the width just enough for 1 person to walk through at any time and the length which was at most 2 times my height [and I'm not very tall either]. I tried very hard to take a photo, but because of the ga-zillions of people walking in front of the cases, I finally gave up after about 3 tries.

Anyway, so there they were, 2 models per glass case, just posing according to the background image of the case they were provided with [a photoshoot studio, some cafeish background and an afternoon picnic], and talking to each other to kill time. I mean what else could they do? And I suspect the glass cases were sound proof too. I felt like I was watching those dogs bounded in the glass cases at Pet Safari.

I think Canon should be sued for human imprisonment. I wouldn't want to be stuck in a1 x 5m glass box for around 2 hours no matter how much they paid me. But obviously the models thought otherwise. Either that or they were only told their work conditions when they arrived on scene, which I think the 2 Eurasian models in the cafe-themed case were, because their faces were kinda black throughout the entire display. In the other 2 cases were definitely models residing in Singapore and they all seemed quite happy about the entire ordeal. I guess this only shows Singaporeans will do anything for money.

Anyway, got my hair cutted and at the same time my hairdresser decided to give me a new hairstyle. Well, the only word I could use to discribe it was "different". And within the span of 3 minutes after I left the saloon, my hair was back to it's original 'spiky' look. I think I might be stuck with this hairstyle for life. It seems that I can never find another hairstyle that doesn't make me look like an nerd.

Anyhow written on Nov 24, 2007 at 2:53 PM

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