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Unproductive Super Long Weekend

SIM students rejoice! Or at least CIS students. Because this weekend is a ultra-super long weekend for most of us. Thursday was Deepavali so thank you all the Indians out there for giving us another well needed public holiday. We actually did have 1 lesson to attend on Friday but since in was in the middle of a holiday and a weekend, and because of the fact that most of us would not understand anything that was taught in the tutorial anyway, most of us decided to self-declare it as another day-off.

So we had a total of 4 days break in total. But what have I achieved during this 4 days? Apart from late night DOTAing till at least 3AM everyday, I practically wasted this entire break for nothing. I didn't complete any of my subject notes for the week and I only managed to complete 2 questions in a list of 5 for one of my assignments. But these assignments are due next year, so I don't think I'm in that much trouble... Yet.

Had Cafe Cartel for dinner on Saturday. I'm surprised that they changed their entire business concept just to please the Singaporean customers. Previously when I was working at the branch in East Coast Road, the bread was self-served, order chits had to be filled in by the customers themselves, and brought to the cashier to make payment before sitting back down and awaiting their meal to arrive. Even the sky juice was on a self-service basis. That was what made it somewhat special from the rest of the bistro cafes. No hassle, self service all the way.

But the Cafe Cartel of today is a totally different picture. I'm guessing it changed its ways because of all those lazy Singaporeans out there who decided that they shouldn't be paying for food if they don't get service along with it. Firstly, I was shocked when 4 slices of bread plus butter was brought to our table in a cute basket almost immediately after we sat down. And 2 cups of plain water followed shortly after that. After writing our orders on the order chit, a staff was there to collect the chit from our table and process the orders for us, without us even needing to get out of our comfortable sofa chairs. They even helped us refill our bread upon request. Food was delivered promptly and tasted great as usual. After that, even the payment could be done without having to lift our butts from the sofa. And they wonder why the average Singaporean specimen tends to be wider than those in the past. Has a little walking and standing killed anyone? I bet next time they will invent chairs that can move from the bus or MRT directly to your place of interest. Then we can all happily discard the use of our legs.

At one point it really made me think as to why they had to change their style of working. Pipi said that it could because of cost savings, which I thought was a good point. Singaporeans are the first to jump at anything that is freeflow self-service. Imagine how classy people eat their buffets in foreign countries... They would typically take a little bit of everything so as to try out new tastes which they had never tried before. Now compare that to the typical Singaporean buffet eater. You would probably puke in disguist at seeing the number of plates of the exact same dish that is his favourite/most expensive/rarest to be seen outside. And maybe 1 plateful of all the other types of dishes available. If that's the case, I applaud Cartel for taking away the self-service freeflow of bread. Come to think of it, I have seen people who order a tiny salad but help themselves to almost 10 rounds of bread. I bet they wouldn't dare to ask for their bread to be refilled 9 times right? But living in Singapore, you'll never know.

Anybody up for another round at Cartel? I'm always game. Love the lasagna to bits. Wanted to snap a photo before digging in but I couldn't resist, and therefore all you see here is a picture of a blank empty space. [Yes, I gobbled up the plate too]

Anyhow written on Nov 11, 2007 at 6:53 PM

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