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Beauty vs Build

Face        VS       Body

I'm feeling extremely pissed after watching a beauty show on channel U that was sponsored by some beauty and slimming centre. This episode was about 3 guys who aspire to become models but also happen to have freakishly acnefied faces and a little bit of spare tires here and there.

Firstly they interviewed a model consultant about the criteria for becoming a male model. And guess what was the main criteria about? "He must be at least 175cm tall, have a good build and have some attractiveness."

What the hell is wrong with the people of the world these days? Is everyone out there just overly materialistic or what? Must have SOME attractiveness? So somebody with a height and good physique but a face that can be replaced by any Tom Dick or Harry's face found on the street has the potential to become a model?

No doubt I have a couple of friends who are great models, but they all come with the full package: Height, Body AND Looks. Back to our show, out of the 3 contestants that were choosen only 1 of them could be said to have the "looks". [Luckily he won the contest, but that's a different story for a different time.] And furthermore, all of them lacked the confidence and coolness that we all expect models to have.

It seems that they prefer artificial beauty over natural beauty. Even after all the treatment, they still had to resort to using foundation to cover up the uneven pores of our so called winner. I swear that if it was a contest purely on looks, I could have beaten them hands, legs and tongue down. Granted, height is something that cannot be bought, [or some say, at least until limb extentions are fully authorised] anyone who has a medium to large build can easily train up in the gyms to get a nice looking body. But I doubt anybody born with a fucked up face can transform themselves into facial eye-candy through any form of treatment apart from plastic surgery.

I don't have anything against tall guys, I just hate the world for generalising tall, muscular guys as being "better looking" than us guys with smaller build. I think all of them should check out the meaning of "looking" in the dictionary. A good body with a warzone for a face does not constitute to be "better looking" than a plump dude [I'm not plump] with a perfect face. And that is also the reason why I always analyse the beauty of a girl from a top-down approach. The face is always the most important. Cut all the crap about finding a girl with a good heart. If a girl has a heart of gold, treats you like a king and loves you to death but has a face of a baboon, would you even consider her? And like always, the imperfect body can always be perfected through time and effort.

Put me and a challenge with any of our 3 contestants in the show that doesn't rely purely on strength or height, and I bet you a million bucks that I can beat them hands down, even at their own game. Let me repeat this fact to you people of the world for the 7,284th time:

"Height and build doesn't say anything about somebody, apart from the fact that he has enough spare time every week to frequent the gym regularly!"

To all those girls out there who want their future man-friends to be "tall and muscular", give the smaller-sized guys a chance. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Good GREAT things come in small packages, this I know for certain.

I'm SHORT and SMALL in build...


Anyhow written on Nov 14, 2007 at 8:38 PM

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