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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly... PICS added~!

First, the bad. I Hope grandma finds her peace in heaven. May she have many tim sum lunches with Buddha and afternoon tea parties with Jesus and maybe even a few teh tareks with Allah too. Well, at least grandpa and grandma are finally together after 12 years of seperation and waiting.

May all the Gods bless their souls. R.I.P. my beloved Grandma.

And who says good and bad occassions can't mix? Throw that boring tradition out the window and enjoy life as it is. Attended a friend's 21st birthday party [With her permission of course] at this funky place called the 'Loofed' . Obviously it was opened by a Singaporean considering the naming convention. And as the name indicates, it is located on the 'loof' of some low-rise building near City Hall area.

The ambiance was good but they could have done better in the food department, although it was free flow. Not to say that the food wasn't good, but just that becuase the free-flow of finger food was served on a single platter held by some waiter that come out of the kicthen once every 15 minutes, you could only get 1 shot at each platter before it was wiped clean by all the hungry guests. And it didn't help that the food stopped at 9PM sharp.

Anyway, everybody who attended the party was to design some hand-made craft using the cloths and pre-shaped pieces of wood that was provided on scene. Obviously mine sucked as I would have got a big fat zero for creativity if it were ever a primary school exam subject. Luckily I shared my design with pipi, who sprouced it up. These designs were then used as lucky draw tickets at the end of the night, which I must say was a fantastic idea.

Birthday Girl
The pretty birthday girl

Loofed View
Nice view from the open air Loofed

XL and BF
XueLing and her boyfriend

Mandy, pipi's collegue's daughter

Mandy's Card
Mandy's card. Quite creative no?

Our Card
Our card. I did the spider and the flower. The rest was pipi's hard work

Bucket of Cards
A bucket full of creative thinking

Birthday Cake
The delicious cake that was practically left untouched

Now here comes the ugly. With so many friends and relatives at the party, one woudl imagine that nobody would try to get the birthday girl drunk. But a couple of the birthday girl's collegues did exactly that. A combination of a flaming Lambo and a Waterfall within a short period of time was definitely too much for this poor girl to handle, but she sportingly downed the drinks and even managed to cut her cake and give out the lucky draw prizes before losing it.

And what did the culprits do after that? Well, they just walked up to her and told her that this is just the start and everybody has to learn to get drunk sooner or later, and with that they left the party in a hurry. Obviously they were afraid of the wrath of the family members that would befall onto them if they had stayed. in the end most of the guests left without eating the cake as it was still left untouched while everybody attended to the birthday girl. All in all it was a fun night and a new experience at a new place for me.

Anyhow written on Dec 3, 2007 at 12:45 PM

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