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Lao Ding Dang

Over the weekend PiPi was having her "da shao chu" over at her home and hence we practically spent the entire day shifting, moving, wiping, cleaning and sorting out the stuff in her room. And guess what? We actually found a "Xiao Ding Dang" soft toy that has been in her possession for generations. It was sooooooo old that it should be from hereon named as "Lao Ding Dang".

Anyway, our "Lao Ding Dang" was found squashed and abandoned in one of PiPi's cupboards along with some other ancient soft toys from the past. But this "Lao Ding Dang" caught my eye the minute she opened that cupboard. Why? Well take a look for yourself.

Lao Ding Dang

It was freaking WHITE in colour! All the blue that gave Xiao Ding Dang it's youth and vibrancy had faded over the years, leaving a pale but still grinning Lao Ding Dang to face his unknown future along with his fellow dejected soft toys.

Maybe I could sell it to some toy collector for a huge sum of money. It's the only white "Lao Ding Dang" available on the planet! Any takers?

On another note, Hardy Mirza has gone and done Singapore proud by winning the first ever Asian Idol contest held in Indonesia just a few days back. Actually I couldn't have been bothered to watch the entire show but I just managed to catch a glimpse of some of the contestants singing their lungs out while I was strolling around from the kicthen to my room. I even had my room door closed and air-con on when they released the results. But because of my superhuman sense of hearing, I picked up a slight trace of some girls in some close proximity screaming their heads off.

Thus, using my ultra-quick analytical powers, I promptly deduced that our very own hometown boy has won the Asian Idol. And guess what, I was right. I opened my room door just in time to see a weak-kneed Hardy collapse to the floor and covering his face with both his hands. See, sometimes the dark horse does win. Congrats to Hardy and I truely hopes he goes on to win many many more competitions like this. Give respect where respect is due, there's no doubt that he has talent.

Anyway, speaking of Idols, the Singapore Idol show was just another typical show that brought out the Singapore in the Singaporean. Firstly, talent was not the main issue. Popularity was. One word, Joaquim. Need I say more? And another thing, it portrayed very bluntly Singapore's Perfectionist social environment. Remember the American Runner-ups? Clay Aiken? Bo Bice? They all really had talent too and have been popular among listeners for a long time even after their Idol season was over.

Now bring us back home to Singapore. What ever happened to our beloved Sly and Jonathan? I shall not comment on Sly, everyone knows he ain't idol material. But where in the world did Jonathan disappear to? Granted, Hardy definitely has better vocals than Jonathan, but to give credit where it's due, Jon ain't that bad either. I think he even has more personality than Hardy. But look at the shelves of your nearest Music Junction neighbourhood store, do you see Jon's face anywhere around? Well, maybe in the Singapore Idol VCD series but that's about it. In fact, he seemed to have completely disolved into thin air after the Singapore Idol fever subsided.

What do we tell our children then? Do we tell them :"You better get first in class or else nobody will want to hire you next time."? How about when they come back with a 90 mark average on their report card and they come to tell you that the class average was 97.5? Do you praise him for getting a 90 average or scold him for getting below the class average?

I have never believed in the system that Singapore operates on, yet we all have no choice but to abide by this decievingly "democratic" society in order to make a comfortable living. Having a third party compare anybody against someone better only results to disappointment and loss of motivation. The only positive comparision is when the person himself wants to compare his results with a better half and will be determined to strive to beat the competition the next time. That's also partly the reason why most of you have my name on the "highest score among your friends" when it comes to facebook's online scored games.

Anyhow written on Dec 17, 2007 at 9:23 PM

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