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An Eventful Christmas Eve

OMG. This was the most eventful Christmas countdown I've had in a very very very very [did I say very?] long time. Despite waking up at 3PM in the afternoon, and spending most of the afternoon staring blankly at my laptop screen trying to figure out what to write for the last question of my assignment, I still had a wonderful time on this Christmas Eve.

Met PiPi and Ah Soon at DownTown East around sevenish and we wondered around trying to find a good place to have our dinner and finally decided on Sakae Sushi. Had a stomach-fulfilling dinner and even had time to disturb the waitresses there. All in all we had about 18 plates of sushi plus drinks and chawanmushi.

Sushi Plates

Our total damage

Happy Eaters

From left to right: Fish lover, Octopus Murderer, and cheapskate supermarket crabstick King

Anyway, after dinner we just wandered around aimlessly and finally found ourselves parked at one of the benches in Pasir Ris Park, after a short drive from DownTown East. It has been a long time since we had a nice, long chat amoung close friends, reminiscing the great times we had during our younger and happier days. Chatted all the way from 11PM till almost 2AM, having short strolls and even to the point of almost missing out the stroke of midnight until we heard the shouts of a group of malays playing at the musical playground nearby.

The main attraction wasn't the countdown or the chatting though. As we arrived at our designated return-home vehicle, which by the way was a mini-lorry-like class 3 vehicle [Don't ask me, I also don't know what to call it], it was quite apparent that the couples in the vehicles to the left and right of ours were having a jolly good time within their cars.

Not that we were there to peep, but it just so happened that the battery of our dear mini-lorry decided to go flat on us at that crucial moment. So there we were, trying very hard not to look through the totally transparent windscreens of the 2 vehicles parked directly beside us, while helplessly turning the key to the engine hoping for a miricle to happen, at the same time causing the lorry to emmit sounds that sounded like a sickly old lady with a bad throat.

This carried on for a very long 2 plus minutes before they finally decided to take their 'happening' activities elsewhere. Here's a picture of our hero trying his best to start the lorry... And failing on every try.

Dead Lorry

In the end we had to ask an uncle and a group of guys who where conviniently having a gathering just at the bicycle kiosk nearby to help us push start the lorry. I've never seen a lorry moving at such speed without the engine even being turned on in my life.

Anyway, that's was the end of my exilarating eventful Christmas Eve. Ah Soon sent us back home and here I am typing this down into my blog. This won't be a day that will be easily forgotten.


And happy 6th year Anniversary to my beloved PiPi

Anyhow written on Dec 25, 2007 at 3:53 AM

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