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1st Post of 2008

Firstly, Merry New Year to all of you out there. Been a while since my last post. Felt kinda lazy to update these few days.

Anyway, went to PartyWorld KTV on New Year's Eve for a countdown with PiPi, Ah Soon and his auntie and cousins. We really had no plans at all, luckily Ah Soon was kind enough to invite us over.

All these while I always thought that PartyWorld was one of those KTVs where it was value for money if you went in a big group because the cost of the room would be shared. But what I didn't know was that on eves of public holidays, the even impose a stupid cover charge per head on all visitors. And the best part is no member or credit card discounts are entertained either.

So, comparing the $15 to $18 per person we usually pay on normal days to the $30 per head we paid on New Year's Eve, I advise all of those who go to KTVs not to visit Party World during the festive days. It's a complete rip off.

So anyway, nothing much happened during these few days of the new year, apart from me handing up my assignment 1 and getting ready to start burning more midnight oil on assignment 2. The only other non-school related activity was the fact that I helped Ah Soon for his 3rd to 4th Dan Taekwondo grading just yesterday.

Many people were worried if I could still fly/fall nicely and not injure myself because I had stopped my training for almost 3 whole years. But apparently during the training sessions with Ah Soon, my falling skills didn't seem to have deproved that much. I even had a sudden flashback of the good old times when I was packing my TKD clothes into my bag. But I guess memories are all they are.

Anyway, reached Toa Payoh around 4 and had to nua untl about 6 before I was needed to help him for his armed combat routine. Was a little nervous when I got down there as this was the first time in 3 years that I have re-donned a Taekwondo Gi and for that fact, was now facing the few biggest fucks in the Taekwondo Federation. But I think we managed to put up an impressive act. And I also think I managed to get a slight bump on my left elbow and my right whatever-you-call-it bone, you know, the bone between your hip and tail bone, slightly higher than your butt cheek? Yeah, THAT whatever-you-call-it bone. Well, Hope you pass your grading Ah Soon, although your sparring part wasn't that impressive.

After the grading, we wanted to head down to Tampines to catch National Treasure 2, so we promptly loaded up Ah Soon's van and zoomed off, hoping that we could reach there before the rain started. But to our dismay it started pouring heavily halfway there, and we had to change our plans and go further up to GV Yishun to prevent those seated in the open-air space behind the van from getting wetter than they already were.

After drying off at Yishun, we had a quick dinner at LJS, my favouritest fast food place in the whole widest world. It's cheap, accessable, and provides yummy, oily, sore-throat inducing fried food. Did I mention it is also cheap? The movie was great, although some parts were a little draggy, but otherwise, worth the whole $8 we each paid, since somebody had a SAFRA membership [Note To Self: Make moe friends with SAFRA memberships]. And so after an exciting day of fun-filled activities, home was the final pit-stop of the day.

And that leaves me with my final quote of the day:

It's better for the average girl to have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think.

Oh, and here's my first picture of 2008. Enjoy!

2008 TKD

Anyhow written on Jan 6, 2008 at 11:39 PM

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