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Late Valentine's Day Update

Was supposed to post this sooner bu recently I have been busy with rushing my assignments which are due at the end of the month. Heck, I'm still rushing them as I'm typing this blog entry in, but what the heck, 15 minutes of blogging won't cause me to drop a grade on my assignments right? Let's hope so.

Anyway, had a simple but enjoyable Valentine's Day on Thursday with PiPi. She was having lessons in school up till 3pm so I met her around 5 plus at City Hall to catch Kung Fu Dunk at Marina Square a while later. And it was quite amazing that although it was Valentine's Day, when I booked the movie tickets online the day before, the cinema was still practically empty. Maybe it's because people think it's too low-class and boring to spend your Valentine's Day watching a movie about a singer with lousy acting skills performing impossible basketball shoots and dunks while being attached to an invisible bungee cord.

Maybe people are upgrading themselves and deciding that a memoriable Valentine's Day should be a candle-light dinner at posh restaurant with a slow, soothing music of a violinist playing softly in the background. Hello. Time to wake up. That kind of stuff only happens in the movies. And even worse now that I have virtually ZERO income from being a full-time student. A movie and a dinner is all I can afford right now.

Anyway, sorry for digressing all the way to Mars, but back to the topic now. Don't be misled from my previous 2 paragraphs that PiPi wasn't satisfied with the movie and the dinner. She was. And the best thing was, GV was having a special Valentine's Day popcorn promotion which included 1 large popcorn, 1 large drink and a 'bouquet' of flowers! All this at only $9.90! I jumped at the chance to order the package online after paying for my movie tickets.

When we got there, the 'bouquet' of flowers turned out to be a single stalk of rose with some of those small little grassly like stuff that is used to emphersize the rose, wrapped in 2 layers of mesh cloth. Well, what did you expect for $9.90? Well, if a $9.90 rose can fulfill the objective and have the same effect as a $69.90 bouquet of roses, I don't see the point in spending that extra 60 bucks which was more then enough to settle our dinner. And yes, PiPi was satisfied with the flower and even impressed that I could find such a lobang on Valentine's Day. I'm quite a lucky guy to have such an easily satisfied girlfriend no?

Here's a snapshot taken inside the cinema while waiting for the movie to start. Note the $9.90 flower...

Waiting for the Movie

On the way to the cinema, we saw a heart-shaped pizza promotion at Pizza Hut and were considering having that for dinner. But when we reached Pizza Hut after the movie, the queue was still fucking freaking long and so we decided to head to our favourit-est secret dinning place in Marina Square for dinner. The Coffee Club. Located smack in the middle of the entire row of retail outlets, few people would even think that a dinning place would be hidden there. And with a name like Coffee Club, most people wouldn't believe that they serve delicious main courses that are delectible and yet reasonably friendly on the pockets. Oh, and did I mention that the staff there are extrardinarily friendly? I always make it a point to joke and make fun of them when I'm there cos they make me feel so at home.

And as we expected, we didn't even have to queue for our table when we got there. We both had fish dishes that were recommended by the staff there, which we had never tried before and they were great. Sat and chatted for a while after dinner before sending PiPi back to Jurong and making the long trip back to Simei. Had an enjoyable Valentine's Day in all, and PiPi gave me a hand-made card!! Take a lookie!

V Day Card 1

V Day Card 2

For those of you who don't use facebook [What on earth are you waiting for?], these are Fluff Friends that we adopted as pets on facebook. And they look exactly like what is drawn on the card. She's got artistic talent no? So cute. Love her to bits.

Anyhow written on Feb 18, 2008 at 11:39 AM

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