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The Gathering, Round 2

Sorry for the recent lack in updates, cos my exams are around the corner, I have been [supposedly] mugging very hard everyday. That's because of a little bet I made with PiPi.

She intends to go for a Taiwan trip with her classmate after she graduates, which would be the end of my 2nd year, and she and I made a small wager on that trip. I've always been confident of achieving 1st class honours at the end of my degree but PiPi doesn't think that I can do it because of my playful nature. So I made her a wager that if I could get 3 As out of my 4 subjects for year 1 and year 2, she would sponsor my trip to Taiwan together with her and her classmate. However, if I didn't manage to achieve 3 out of 4, I would sponsor her trip to Taiwan.

Most people who know about this bet say that I'm crazy and I'm in a disadvantagous situation, however, I prefer to think of it as a challenge and those people who know me well know that I love to beat challenges laid down to me. And not only beating them, but beating them by a mile too. Looking at my first year subjects, I'm quite confident that I would be able to score 3 out of 4 As, and that leaves me with the 2nd year subjects to deal with before getting a free trip to Taiwan. Therefore, I think that I am the one with the advantage in this bet instead of her.

And that's why I am aptly named 'Mr Yaya Papaya'. Although that pretty T-shirt I saw on display for the longest time at City Link's New Urban Male shopfront but suddenly went out of stock when I finally decided to buy it did contribute to this name too. I would gladly buy it off anyone who has it in small size as long as it looks new and doesn't smell like something just died in it. Any offers?

So anyway, back to the main topic. After poor response for the initial date of this month's training, we postponed it to last Saturday but still some of the 'Masters' failed to turn up. The actual turnup was almost half our full strength and hence the training became more of a fun and entertainment session. All you need is a few crazy monkeys and a quality digital camera and you've got yourself a great way to spend 'training time'.

Here's a few shots that caught me on my better side.

Flying Kick!

Flying Kick! Look at that impact! Yata!

Triple Kick

Now 3 monkeys flying together. Focus on the facial expressions for a quick laugh


Always ready to pose, even when I'm resting!

There are a few videos to, but until I manage to extort them off my friend who seems to be following the footsteps of Mas Selamat, that's all for now. The videos are much nicer to look at than the pictures. Hopefully I can get them soon.

Anyhow written on Apr 21, 2008 at 12:36 PM

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