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Let's Get the Party Started

Exams are over! Yippie. And I think I should have no problem securing my first 3 As of my free Taiwan trip. [Read here if you don't know what I'm talking about]

Now the next problem is what to do for the next 3 to 4 months before school re-opens. Wondering if I should get myself a temp job or just wait in blind hope that more castings come my way.

Was out for almost 18 hours yesterday, celebrating Alvin's birthday. After a stupid TVC casting at Henderson Industrial Park where I was asked to act as a young man, dirty old uncle and wheel-chair bound ah pek all in 1 casting, I headed straight down to Simpang for some pre-peak hour owning. It's so freaking cheap before 5pm. 3 hours plus only cost me like $3 as compared to the $6 to $8 that I would have lost had it been the normal peak hours. We need more morning/afternoon sessions guys.

After that we went down to Ministry of Food @ Bugis Junction for dinner. Had my spicy meso ramen as usual, which was nice although I felt the one at Marina Square was slightly more spicy and had more kick. Oh, and their desserts kick ass. They even have small pieces of paper individually printed for each dessert giving you tips and trick on how to fully enjoy that dessert. But be prepared to queue up for a long looooooooong time if you go during dinner time. I think we waited for almost 45 minutes just to get a table for 6.

After dinner and and a very long discussion on where to go and what to do, we finally concluded to watch the new Thai action female version of Onn Bak, "Chocolate". It was a great beat'em Up show with some crazy fight sequences but I think the director of this show has no conscience.

Yes, the show proudly states that no stunt doubles were used in any fight scenes [which was mostly talking about that girl being able to kick your butt i reality], but they failed to mention that no dummies or safety nets were used in the production too. The director actually had real stuntmen fail from 3-4 story high apartment ledges, bounce off the lower ledges and smack flat onto the concrete pavement below, all with just a safety line tied to his back. Which, by the way, landed the poor stuntman in a hospital. And how does a safety line prevent internal injuries from bouncing off ledges in mid air?

Anyway, after the movie, we headed down to Cyrus at River Valley for more owning.When I finally reached home after breakfast it was almost 7am. The time when people wake up is the time when I go to bed. But surprisingly I woke up around 2pm today. Maybe I'll go catch more Zs after this post since I got nothing better to do anyway.

Next activity to be planned: Regular blading at ECP to work on my tan...

Anyhow written on May 17, 2008 at 4:37 PM

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