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Missing for too long

Sorry to be missing for so long. It seems that the more free time I have, the more I feel lazier to update my blog. But just for those readers out there who love to frequently have a quick 'kaypo' session into the happenings of my life, here are some of the things that happened during the past week.

1. Blading Session with Uni Classmates at ECP

The entire gang of us went down to ECP for some blading on Thursday afternoon. Since I was the only one who knew how to blade, I sort of became a make-shift blading instructor. Boy, a life of an instructor is not easy, just getting all of them from the blade shop where they rented their blades to the beginner zone, which was like only 10 meters away, was a challenge.

I had to support them one by one down the badly designed floor plan [which intelligent chimpanzee thought that it would be good to make the most direct and accessible path from a skate shop to a beginner zone a freaking slope with uneven floor tiles?] and ended up sweating even before the actual teaching began.

I think all of them fell at least once but most of them picked it up quite quickly, except for the girls who were terrified of letting go of the railings and almost had their hands glued onto the rails for the entire 2 hours. The only way to make them let go was to temp them by dangling a Big Gulp in front of them and persuading them to leave the rails. [Sort of like dangling a carrot in front of a horse]

I suppose everyone had a good time although going home with some blue-blacks is unavoidable. There was only 1 major fall where one of the girls landed on her bum and she actually cried. Not those 'Ah Gong! Don't die!' sort of crying but more of the 'Why you bully me...' sort of crying. At first we all thought she was just joking until we saw the tears trickling down. Well, that's what you get for always threatening people with 'I cry ah!'. i guess she didn't read "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" story too well.

So anyway, after we returned our blades, we were treated to an imprompto stand-up comedy performance. This indian guy from the skate shop was trying to order KFC for the staff in the shop and it was freaking hillarious. I could only suspect that he was talking to another indian who just happened to have a strong indian accent. Firstly he kept correcting the operator's english by asking him to pronouce it without the indian accent. He was like "No, it's fish burger, not vish burger." And then he had trouble describing the store location to the operator. I don't know if the operator was a primary school drop out or he hasn't stepped out of the call centre for 20 years, but how could you not piece together the location when provided with the following details:

- Store Name
- Carpark * [I forgot which carpark he said, but he said a letter]
- Location relative to MacDonalds
- Location relative to Lagoona Food Centre

I think the entire interchange lasted a good 20 minutes or more before they finally confirmed the order and ended the call. Indians making fun of Indians are always funny. But try that when your not an Indian and be prepared for a beating.

So anyway, after our on-site entertainment, we headed to Bedok 85 to have dinner. Had the usual stingray and 'orr-luak' and chicken wings before making our way home.

2. Bad Stomach

Don't know if it was the dinner at 85, but the next morning I woke up with a stinging pain in my tummy. A trip to the toilet produced watery results and I was behaving like a snail for the rest of the day. Luckily I had some medicine stocked up in the cupboard and was feeling better at the end of they day.


Because of peer pressure from my classmates, I have started on a new MMORPG game called CABAL. It's sort of a 3D version of maplestory but with less training involved. The experience you get from killing mobs is very little compared to the experience you get from completing quests. So the main objective of the game is to complete as many quests as you can, rather than having to stay in the same area for millions of hours hitting the same bloody monsters just to level up. Right now I'm still the lowest level among my friends but trust me, being the 'GameBoy', this will not hold for long.

4. Birthday Celebrations

Celebrated 2 friends' birthdays today with a lunch at Tampines Swensens. After that we headed down to Kumpong Chai Chee CC for some KTV. Although the rooms are considerably small, you can't complain much because it's $8 freaking dollars for 4 hours of singing and includes 1 free drink! However, this offer is only available to students. Being a student does have it's perks. Had loads of fun singing and laughing and basically just talking crap with them in that tiny little room.

After that we headed down to Bedok 511 to have dinner and finally back home for some well deserved rest. So here I am, finally pulling myself away from all the leisure activities to update you guys on my boring life.

Anyhow written on May 25, 2008 at 10:46 PM

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