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The Start of Everything

Sorry for turning into Hairy Whodeeny and pulling a disappearing act for almost 2 weeks. Recently I've seemed to have lost the motivation and creativity to come up with interesting blog posts about my mundane everyday life. However, recently there have been some major changes that might be worth blabbering about.


1. School is [re-]Starting Soon
Having spent slightly more than a month rotting away at home after the exams were over, the time has come again to open the floodgates of knowledge and drown my poor brain in the tidal wave of university education. Although only 2 modules of my course will be actually starting in July, it still means that it's no longer considered 'holiday mood' and I'll have to start using my brain again. Argh.


2.I just got a part-time Job
Been searching [rather lazily and without much conviction] for a part time job since the start of the holidays and I finally found one... just as the holidays are about to end. I'll be working as a measly retail promoter at Nike. The only saving grace is that it will be in teh uptown market that is the transit of Changi Airport Terminal 2. So for those of you who want to visit me, u can either drop by during my lunch break, or buy a cheap air ticket to KL and you can admire my excellent work ethic for as long as you want.


Sometimes I do wonder why an undergrad would be working at a simple retail store that would need no more than a secondary school qualification. However, those of you who know me would know that most of the time there IS a hidden agenda. You see, after working for more than 3 months, staff are entitled 40% staff discount on all products in the store. Going on a massive shopping spree with that discount would probably 'payoff' the low hourly rate I'm getting.


3. I just got my hair cut
Ok. Totally random and NOT interesting at all. But at least it's still SOME sort of news...


4. The Nation has managed to drag me to the Gallows
In the form of having to serve my Reservist. 2 whole weeks of boring army drills, countless hours of digging mud and probably setting up of fences and 'toy minefields' will make anyone stupider.


I tried to defer like I did last year but this time I didn't have sufficient excuses reasons to be deferred from this shit. So I'll end up having to spend 2 miserable weeks on the other end of Singapore thinking up ways of how to slack and chao keng. But the worst thing is that I'm going to miss a total of 4 lectures while I'm in camp. I'm going to solely blame the government if my final year results get screwed up.


5. I'm going to be a quarter-of-a-Century-old soon
Yup. The big day is coming very soon. I think age has finally decided to wake up from its slumber and catch up with me. Eye bags, crow's feet, dry skin, pimples, china-brand broomstick quality hair etc. All signs that boy is actually turning into a man, an OLD man. Oh and if you read this blog post very very carefully, you might just catch a glimpse of a hint I've hidden somewhere in the post on what you could get me for my birthday present...

Anyhow written on Jul 1, 2009 at 1:26 AM

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