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And the Answers Are...

Welcome back to extremely difficult Wordless Wednesday : Guess-It... I told you this week's pictures were hard. And now with the flick of my wrist and the fading of a drumroll, I shall reveal the answers that everyone are so eager to find out...

Let's start with Shaz's submission.
Let's see if rotating it helps. Like I said the angle is everything...

Guest Answer 5.1

Hey! What's that brown thing behind it!! It looks like a...

Guest Answer 5.2

Yup you got it. It's a stylish wine cork all the way from Recuerdo de Mallorca, Spain.

I told you it was hard. Now mine's harder....


Because of all the confusion of moving to our new place, I totally forgot that I needed to post the answer today and happened to pack my Guess-It into one of the millions of carboard boxes that the movers helped to carry over to the new place yesterday. In other words, I don't have a pictures of the answer and therefore can only discribe it to you guys in words. So here goes... Try to understand it's a little complicated...

My Guess-It is a photo of a Japanese cartoon character called "La Pi Xiao Xin" plastic coin bank taken upwards from the bottom of the coin bank through the hole which you use to take out your money from. Xiao Xin is a cute but irritating kid that always causes trouble for his parents by his innocence, pervertedness and naughtiness. Here's a picture from google so you guys can get a better idea of what the actual coin bank looks like.

Xiao Xin

I'll try to post the picture up ASAP, but that will take almost 2 months because we have to wait for the renovation to be completed before we can start unpacking...

Ok let's see now... We have a total of... 0 players who got this week's answers right. But not to fear, we still have a winner. This week's Humourous Award goes out to Jams O Donnell for his hilarious guess of

"The second is obviously an attempt by a Samurai to gain access to your house via the toilet!"

Toilet Bowl

Ok that's all for this week's Guess-It. Oh, did I mention that WW : Guess-It submissions are still being accepted? Just send in a picture or two [with or without the answer] and a short hint to and your picture will soon be part of my Guest Star Guess-It. Remember to send me the answer pictures in a seperate email so I can play along too! So let's see em submissions come rolling in!

Anyhow written on Jun 15, 2007 at 9:40 AM

2 bored people said something about this

Ooooo, those were hard this week.

posted by Blogger Melanie : 11:22 PM

Hi Anyhow! I wanted to let you know that the Comeback Challenge is up and running again. I hope you will play Round 30.
Have a great weekend!


posted by Blogger Mimi Lenox : 10:46 PM
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