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Wordless Wednesday : Guest-It 11

As with last week, we are gonna have a double Guess-It again today, only difference is, today EVERYBODY will be able to play! That's beacause I'm gonna have 1 Guess-It from our regular supporter Shaz and 1 from myself! But be warned this week's Guess-It is a nasty one, both of them. Happy Guessing!

From Shaz with love...

Guest-It 5

My First Guess [I already know the answer!] : A Fancy Coaster

From Anyhow with love...

Guess-It 12

Hint for BOTH Guess-Its : The angle is everything...

Answers will be revealed on Friday's post. Good luck!

Anyhow written on Jun 13, 2007 at 9:12 AM

24 bored people said something about this

So does that mean the first one is a coaster then?

I think the second one is a mask or a goldfish...hard to tell

posted by Blogger lissa : 9:56 AM

Happy WW.
Lets see my first guess is a hot trivet and the second a lego island man...LOL
Ok I tried. Thanks for sharing .

Smiles and Blessings,
Angel Mama ()

posted by Blogger Pearls of Wisdom : 10:28 AM

I have no idea!! It looks like the 2nd one could be an open mouth (looks like the photo was exposed). Only thing is the would be tongue has a face? I don't know!! Maybe I will offer you and your other people a good laugh with my clueless guess. :o)

posted by Blogger MorningSong : 10:28 AM

Here's a couple of unhelpful hints :
My guess for the first one is wrong

The 2nd photo is not overexposed.

=) Hope that helped a little? LOL

posted by Blogger anyhowblogs : 10:33 AM

I think the first one is a tile of some sort. The second one looks like one of those toy stretchy men from back in the day!

posted by Blogger Michelle : 10:53 AM

Shoot. I typed so much and something happened and my comment wasn't published. Crap.

Anyways, the first one seems to be some sort of ceramic tile. Either that or it is a lid of a jewellery box or container. Am I making sense? Do you even understand me?

As for the second one, isn't that La Bi Xiao Xin? But I can't quite tell what it is exactly. A bag perhaps? Shawn says it is a bra, haha...

posted by Anonymous ditzyqueen : 11:51 AM

Ok, I will try again. I think the first one is a ceramic top to a little keepsake box.

I am still stumped on the second one. It looks like it could be a stuffed Winnie the Pooh with part of the face/head hidden or some other animated figure with face hidden. The eyebrows look so stern I doubt it is a pooh character. I am mom to 2 little ones so I think in kiddie cartoon characters these days.

Whatever that is surrounding the face is very misleading.

posted by Blogger MorningSong : 1:08 PM

1st- a hot pad for pots (or a close-up of a cufflink)

2nd- the exhaust port on a space ship.

Okay, so I'm wrong, I just came by to say Happy WW.

Everyone is invited to my blog... hope to see you there.

posted by Blogger Imma (Alice) : 1:57 PM

Err I have no idea. THe first could be an inticately decorated cake for a small eater. The second is obviously an attempt by a Samurai to gain access to your house via the toilet!

posted by Blogger jams o donnell : 2:32 PM

Anyhow you naughty boy! Yoy've chosen the hardest angle . . . lol. My hint is the "top" is ceramic!

I think No 2 is the inside of a glass bottle!

happy WW everyone x x

posted by Blogger Shaz : 2:42 PM

I would have said tile or coaster for the first, the second actually looks like the inside of someone's mouth to me!

I'll go away now :-(

posted by Anonymous Alison : 4:30 PM

No idea at all.

posted by Blogger letha : 6:06 PM

The first one looks like a trivet. The second one looks like a frog upside down seen through a glass of something colorful. :)

posted by Blogger Skittles : 8:01 PM

The first one does look like a trivet to me. The second one seems to be the face from a Japanese comic, but I can't come up with the context.

posted by Blogger Aldon Hynes : 8:28 PM

Wow. I have no idea for either one. I'm gonna guess the first one is a piece of tile. Although that seems to easy and I'm sure I'm wrong.
The second one- I can't even come up with a guess.

posted by Blogger Melanie : 8:44 PM

ok my guess for the first pic is some sort of make-up or snuff box thingy.
my dad tinks the 2nd one is a bolster, i tink is a 'la bi xiao xing' bolster den!!

posted by Anonymous sabrina : 9:05 PM

1. a ceramic tile
2. a halloween pumpkin

how's that?

smiles, bee

posted by Blogger Empress Bee (of the High Sea) : 9:59 PM

They are both containers. The first is a box of some sort.
The second is the bottom side of a flower vase.

posted by Blogger Jenn in Holland : 10:35 PM

I have no idea but the second one looks like Dr Spok (Startrek)! LOL

Thanks for visiting and commenting!
Happy WW! :-)

Isabelle aka Tricotine

posted by Blogger Tricotine : 11:49 PM

I'm going to say trivet for #1 too.

And for #2...a Lego person drowning in pink kool-aid?

posted by Blogger Asara : 12:53 AM

A "snuff box????" . . . .what kinda girl do you think I am . . . . lol

posted by Blogger Shaz : 3:32 AM

I agree that the first one looks like a tile. I don't know what the second one is, but it scares me :)

posted by Blogger wrchili : 5:50 AM

A really fancy cake (hmmm, cake ...) for the first one.

The second one - the Yellow Power Ranger??

posted by Blogger Linda : 5:53 AM

hmmm. a painted tile and... a lava lamp?

posted by Anonymous Rav`N : 9:43 AM
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