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Beautiful Start to the Weekend

Look what I spotted on my way back home on Friday evening. Signs of a great weekend ahead no?


Well, it seemed like the weekend was gonna be a fruitful one, but let's just say that it wasn't as beautiful as that rainbow. Had to wake up early on Saturday [again!] to head down to RELC building to submit another application for my Uni. Wonder why university application is so much more complexed than other low educational standards. Or maybe it's just for SIM. In any case, why would students need to apply and PAY twice to get into one uni? Firstly we had to apply and pay admin fees to get into SIM, and now they want us to apply and pay more admin fees to get into UOL! What rubbish is this? So we have to apply to SIM just to use that stupid building with almost NO facilities? Gayness.

Anyway, back to my story. Woke up early to go down to RELC building to apply for UOL, which they charge all fees in £[pounds] mind you. Good thing we were one of the earlier ones to go down, cos we only queued for about 20 minutes before it was our turn and to our surprise, when we turned around the queue was almost 3 times the length where we started. So after all our form-filling and 20cents-per-photocopy copying [daylight robbery!] We headed down to K-box to destress as the timing was just nice for K-Lunch, the cheapest and bestest value for Karaoke-money you can get anywhere. $12 per person for 3 hours of singing plus a Japanese bento set lunch and drink? What's there not to like? The only downside is that you have to wake up early to reach there on time.

So after a few hours of singing, we were stuck in Orchard with nothing to do [Again!]. I don't understand how people can spend the entire weekend [Sat AND Sun] at Orchard Road. Unless you're a shopaholic which gazillions of buckaroos to throw away at the snap of your fingers, Orchard Road is really just a boring place to sit and relax with friends. Other then that, there's absolutely nothing else to do at Orchard Road. So there we were, 3 bored guys and 1 bored girl, roaming aimlessly around Orchard trying to find something to do. Luckily Heren was having this breakdancing contest which helped us to kill a bit of our time before finally deciding to sit our asses at one of the nearby cafes and slack the remaining hours away.

Sunday was not a very unforgetable day either. Main event of the day was going to the new place in Simei, stripping off my top and resorting all the cardboard boxes that were brought in by the movers. spent a good 1 hour just bringing down, sorting and stacking back up those heavy boxes. Well, hopefully the next few weekends won't be as eventless as this.

Anyhow written on Jun 18, 2007 at 10:07 AM

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