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Happening Day At Work

For those of you who still do not know, I've started part-time work for Nike retail and am currently based in the uptown shopping district of Singapore that is called Paragon. The people are friendly and the working hours are flexible, just the kinda job that I like. The only down side is that the hourly rate kinda sucks.

So anyway, on my way to work, I boarded the MRT at Simei and saw this group of Cosplay models in the same cabin as me carrying some laptops with an Asiasoft sticker on it, probably coming back from the cosplay event at Downtown East yesterday. And one of the girls looked suspiciously like my friend Kanny, only that she seemed slightly taller.

So throughout the journey I was stealing glances at her, trying to figure out if she really was who I thought she was, but at the same time not wanting to 'throw face' by asking her and being mistaken. She return-glanced me a couple of times too but I think she was too busy entertaining 'tiko' strangers chatting her up on the train. Throughout the journey many commuters took turns to chat her up, treating her comrades, a guy and another girl also in the same set of cosplay suits, as if they were invisible. Somehow I could sense their 'pissed-offed-ness'.

So after my interesting ride to work, I reported to work at 1pm and was surprised by the number of staff in the shop. We had a total of 5 staff working today, which is a huge leap from the usual 3 staff on a typical Sunday. And as usual, it was very packed at times and totally empty sometimes. Didn't really notice the time and after a while it was time to meet Tim for dinner.

Here's a little surprise for those of you looking for a budget meal in Orchard Road. Go try out Lucky Plaza's basement canteen! The food there is surprisingly good and cheap. No wonder it's usually packed with office workers and maids on their off-days. So far we tried the pig organ soup and the nasi lemak stalls, both of which are actually quite good. We plan to try out all the stalls soon.

And the fun starts after dinner. I was sent across Singapore's most famous road to Taka outlet to relieve a staff since they where shorthanded. And just less than 1 hour after I stepped into the Taka outlet, I was assigned the task of collecting a pair of shoes from Wheelock outlet. So I took a stroll to Wheelock Place and back, enjoying the sights and sounds of a busy Orchard Road on a typical Sunday. So as of now, I have been to 4 outlets within my working span of 2 weeks. Not bad for a newcomer no? It really felt that I was at Orchard Road shopping today instead of working. If only real work was this exciting every day...

Anyhow written on Jul 12, 2009 at 11:24 PM

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