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There has been a massive flu bug going around these days. Lecture halls have been flooded with erretic coughs and sniffles. And it seems that one of those pesky germs found its way into my body.

First it started with a sore throat and nothing else. So I thought nothing of it and carried on with my daily schedules. For the next few days it was nothing more than a random throat irritation that came and went. However, it was probably all the BBQ food from my sister's birthday chalet that did me in.

Had a horrible sore throat the next day, and subsequently went on to lose my precious voice around yesterday evening. My cute, high-note-hitting pitched voice turned into a husky yet very unsexy bass, kind of like those tikopek uncles u spot at the void decks. And along with it came an irritating cough.

Went to see the doctor today which left me feeling damn pissed about doctors nowadays. I left my house around 1145am and arrived at the clinic slightly before 12, and printed clearly on the clinic's glass barrier was the opening hours, 10am-1230pm. But guess what? I was told that the doctor was not in! And so why is the clinic even open if there is no one around to help cure the sickly? So I patiently asked the 'nurse' [actually an old auntie] what time the doctor would be in. And her reply? "Afternoon lo". Having already put in so much effort to voice my previous query, I decided to come back in the afternoon.

After having my lunch and killing a couple of unwasteful hours doing my assignment, I arrived at the clinic at the stipulated opening time of 2pm only to find that the shutters were sealed shut. Being the patient and forgiving person that I am, I calmly sat down at the side and waited for the 'nurse' to make her reappearance at 2.15pm. And guess what? The doctor was still not in! I guess doctors nowadays have the luxury to come to work at whatever time they please. And to add to my dispair, I was informed that he would only be coming back around 3.30pm! So I had to drag my sorry ass back home again, for the 2nd time.

And when I finally went back at 3.45pm to see the doctor, after waiting for about 10 minutes, he diagnosed me within the timeframe of 3 entire minutes. Woot. Wait for 3 hours to see the doctor for 3 minutes and pay 48 bucks for the medicine.

So anyway, that was my first time [and hopefully last time] seeing the doctors at Simei. But my frustrations did not end there. When i came back, my wireless router started to give me problems again. I have been contemplating of buying a Gaming router for some time now and this was the last straw. Slipped on my jeans and headed down to suntec eLife to get my new router, which I spent the last 1 hour setting up and configuring. Now everything's fine and dandy. let's hope that this new gaming router doesn't give me similar problems as my old one or I'll condemn the brand forever. Andbody up for some gaming?

Anyhow written on Nov 5, 2008 at 10:48 PM

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