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S.H.E. @ Eastpooint

Went down to Eastpoint for lunch on Saturday afternoon. To my shock, I spotted a queue at the most remote side of the mall, the side which only had motorcycle parking lots and air vents from the Pet Safari. At first we thought it was some sort of free gift giveaway or maybe even some semi-popular Singaporean superstar making a guess appearance. Boy were we wrong.

Upon entering the sliding glass doors of Eastpoint, we discovered that the queue was starting from the stage in the middle of the mall... Snaking all the way to the outskirts of the mall. And the reason? S.H.E. was in town for an autograph signing event.

Everyone in the queue was desperately holding on/buying off the shelf any item remotely related to S.H.E. so that they could get upclose and personal with the stars and get their initials on whatever products they brought along with them. The queue was freaking crazy. It snaked from inside Eastpoint to outside the glass doors, across the BK outside and back to the remote area beside Pet Safari. Words don't do justice to the queue so here's a picture of how the snake was formed...

SHE Queue

And yes, 1 person was the size of 1 dot on the picture. And each row consisted of at least 3 people squeezed together. It's freaking amazing what Singaporeans will do to get a simple autograph from their idols.

Anyway, I felt Selina was the prettiest that day, although she had the heaviest make-up on. Hebe basically gave up on her pretty, sexy look when she slashed her hair to shoulder-length and even worse, made it a bob. Ella was cute but not really my cup of tea. I wonder how long the queue would be if superstar Jay Chou were to make an appearance in our tiny island. Maybe the queue would go all the way to Johor?

Anyhow written on Feb 23, 2009 at 7:10 PM

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A Video For Valentine's Day

Ever wondered what would happen if you forgot to buy a present for your valentine?

Anyhow written on Feb 17, 2009 at 1:23 AM

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Happy Valentine's Day

The world's greatest global con is here again. 99 flowers at $190, dinner for 2 at $120, packed crowds everywhere and prices of everything goes up while the quantity and quality of what you get drops drastically.

Valentine's Day is just another day, what makes it so special that everyone has to show how much they love their partner by spending ridiculous amounts of money for things that would probably cost less than half the price 2 days from now?

If you asked me, I'd rather save the $190 on the flowers and spend that extra money on a nice little restaurant with cosy ambience. Showering love and gifts on Valentine's Day is never a good indicator of how much a person loves his partner. If he spends a bomb on you today and doesn't bother about you for the rest of the month, is that truely called love?

I'd say the true lover treats valentine's day as just another regular day, where in each regular day he shows his affection and undying love for the partner without the need of motivation from any special occasions.

Oh, and thanks dear for my VDay present.

VDay Thumbdrive

My New Sony 8GB ThumbDrive! In Orange!

Anyhow written on Feb 14, 2009 at 12:06 PM

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Happiness is like a crysal ball. Someone dropped it from the sky and it shattered into a million pieces, scattering across the entire world. One by one, everyone started to pick up pieces of happiness. Some picked up many pieces while others only managed to get a few. However, one thing is certain. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to attain complete happiness. The key is to appriciate the beauty of the pieces in your hand instead of wanting pieces that you do not have.

A beautiful quote from the new movie "Looking for A Star" starring Andy Lau and Shu Qi. Valantine's Day is coming. Hope all the couples out there learn to appriciate the pieces of happiness that they already hold in their hands.

Anyhow written on Feb 12, 2009 at 9:47 PM

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Broken Singlish

Everyone know that 90% of Singaporeans can't converse in good old proper English without adding a little spice of Singlish into the mix. But I realised that there was more entertainment value not in Singlish and how it is broken, but rather the funny mispronounced english that we often hear on the steet so much so that some of us don't even notice that its not supposed to sound that way.

How many of the words below do you know the actual english words of?

1. sack-ker-ter-ree

2. blastic bag

3. gah-men

4. zee-lo

5. lumber

6. ab-ba-lon

7. all-lady, oh-lady

8. any-body

9. ling-ger-ree

10. many-zer

11. belly, valley

12. car-rer

13. ass-que me

14. or-so

15. car-four

16. probrem

17. lay-lio

How many could you make out? Scroll down for the answers and the RIGHT way of pronouncing them

1. sack-ker-ter-ree -> secretary [say: sec-ket-tree]

2. blastic bag -> plastic bag [say: plus-tick bare-gge]

3. gah-men -> government {say: gav-er-ment, less emphersis on the er]

4. zee-lo -> zero [say: zee-row]

5. lumber -> number [say: numb-ber]

6. ab-ba-lon -> abalone [say: ab-ba-lon-eee]

7. all-lady, oh-lady -> already [say: ol-ready]

8. any-body -> anybody [say: any-birdy]

9. ling-ger-ree -> lingerie [say: lon-ger-ray]

10. many-zer -> manager [say: man-age-ger]

11. belly, valley -> very [say: vair-ry]

12. car-rer -> colour [say: caa-leer]

13. ass-que me -> excuse me [say: ex-scues me]

14. or-so -> also [say: all-so]

15. car-four -> carrefour [say: car-fuu]

16. probrem -> problem [say: pr-orb-blem]

17. lay-lio -> radio [say: ray-di-oh]

Which ones have you been mispronouncing all this while? Own up...

Anyhow written on Feb 9, 2009 at 12:57 AM

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Gone in 15 Minutes

Went down to the Nike Expo sale on Friday morning. Good thing that we went down early. Arrived at Singapore Expo around 9.55AM on the first day of the sale and there was already a stream of people flooding into expo hall as the doors were opened. Quickly got a transparent trash bag from the staff there and went in to look for treasure.

This time I won't deny that I was one of those typical kiasu Singaporeans who I often complain about. Hey, but at least I didn't go there BEFORE the opening time to queue up! So anyway, there were so many people with so little stuff to buy. you really had to adopt a "See. Like. Buy." attitude. Think for 1 second more and another person would have took the last piece off the rack.

It was so fast that I practically finished my shopping within 15 minutes. The range of clothing there were just merely above the acceptable level and the shoes section mostly focused on running shoes. I only saw like 4 sneakers on sale in the entire expo hall. Most of the center racks contained bits and pieces of accessories, which were the main buys of the sale.

In the end I spent $65 within those 15 minutes. One of my fastest shopping sprees ever. But I'm actually quite satisfied with the "junk" that I manageed to pick up from that giant rubbish bin.

Nike Sale

Basketball Shorts $20
Ankle Socks $5
Gloves $15
Wristbands $5
Water Bottle $10 each

The Satisfaction of getting stuff that the latecomers would never know existed

Anyhow written on Feb 7, 2009 at 12:48 AM

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New Glasses~!

Just bought a new pair of glasses since my eye-sight degree changed again. My right eye was reduced from 375 to 300, but it showed signs of slight estigmatism. =(

So anyway, since my old glasses were to plastic-y, I decided to opt for a metal frame with full rubber leggings this time. After many months of revisiting the same shop looking for stylish metal half-framed glasses, I think I finally hit the jackpot this time.

Really love my new glasses even though I get a little dizzy from wearing it cos my eyes are still not used to the change in degree and focus. I think I look damn smart can! Smart and Cool. Don't take my word for it, have a peak for yourself!

New Glasses 1
Top-down side view of my new look

New Glasses 2
Full frontal shot! Damn chio can!

New Glasses 3
I told u I look damn smart! Even in a shabby old singlet!!

Anyhow written on Feb 2, 2009 at 4:28 PM

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