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First Case of H1N1 in Singapore Confirmed

My reliable sources have confirmed that a 22 year old Singaporean has been the first Singaporean in Singapore to be diagnosed with the H1N1 virus. Read here for more details:

From my always reliable sources

So what do we do now? Number 1, we can all run and cower in fear, lock ourselves at home, refusing to go out even to buy daily necessities or even meals, living on various flavours of instant noodles for the months ahead. Or, if you're like me, you cash in on this brilliant opportunity.

1. Shopping centres, movie cinemas and similarly people-packed places will become ghost-towns as most of the kiasu Singaporeans will probably do exactly what I stated above. Hence this will be the perfect time to take a leisurely stroll down Orchard Road to find that piece of clothing that you've been looking for, without having to worry about shoulder-packed crowds or irritating aunties snatching that last piece from the rack just as your hand is about to reach for it.

2. Always wanted to have that famous chicken rice at Chatterbox but always too lazy to make a booking 2 days in advance? Well, now's the time to stroll in on a weekend afternoon lunch hour and calmly choose a comfy table from all those empty tables presented to you. Give it another few more months and shops will start getting desperate by slashing prices and giving crazy offers and promotions just to get the crowds coming back again. And thats the time to strike hard and fast.

3. Be an entrepreneur. Cash in on this epidemic by creating makeshift surgical masks or thermometers and sell them for $10 a piece. The gullible silly-poreans will queue up like the hello kitty craze just to get anything that is currently sold out. And believe me, masks and thermometers are as sold out as sold out can be. Another option would be to steal all available tamiflu tablets you can find from all clinics in Singapore and start a black market. Anyone wants to be a millionaire?

Oh and if anyone on the public transport ever pisses you off, all you have to do is to point at him/her and scream "Stop coughing on me!" to instantly get death stares directed at your assailant.

Anyhow written on May 27, 2009 at 5:01 PM

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Retail Therapy

So the exams are finally over. Time to pamper myself a little. Went out for some retail therapy for most of the afternoon, chalking up a total of $146 worth of damages within 5 hours.

Yeah, I know I shouldn't be spending money when I haven't even found a temp job that will earn me back that money, but it's always nice to pamper yourself once in a while, especially for a job well done.

My first item of the day was this light-orange hoodie that I spotted at the Uni Klo branch in the newly opened Tampines1. This was my first purchase from this Jap shop that seems to be so famous every where else except in Singapore.

And it really seems that they cater their clothes for the individual markets they are in. From my reliable sources, I heard that 80% of the clothes in the Uni Klo shops overseas consists of funky printed tees, and obviously that's how they got famous for being Japan's top casual brand. But come down to sunny old Singapore and you'll notice that 70% of the entire shop consists of boringly plain tees, simple printed-pattern polo tees and such. Only a small section was devoted to what made them famous in the first place.

Luckily I managed to find some treasure within this small treasure cove...

Jacket 1

Jacket 2

Ain't it a beauty? And in my favourite colour too!

Next up was a seemingly common tee that I'm sure most people have seen on the chests of others...

Purple 1

Look familiar? Some of you might recognise it as the tee sold at Levi's . But on closer inspection...

Purple 2

And having this tiny little change resulted in the tee only setting me back by $10. And I swear the tee is pure purple in colour. I only just realised that my phone camera does not capture purple.... Another reason why I want an iPhone.

The last contestant of the day was a difficult decision. Kinda liked it at first glance but was slightly put off by the price of it. But after walking around for an hour or so, I decided that since today was supposed to be a reward for myself, spending a few extra dollars can't hurt right?

So we headed back to the perfum section of BHG [by the way, does anyone know what BHG stands for?] and I got myself a Hugo Element gift pack...

Hugo Box

That consists of...

Hugo Gift Set

Hugo After Shave

Hugo After Shave Balm...

Hugo Shower Foam

Hugo Shower Foam...

Hugo Element Bottle

and of course, Hugo Element 60ml

At a reasonable price of only $86. And I only realised this when I got home...

Hugo Sample

The cute salesgirl also gave me 2 free samples without even telling me!

Light-Orange Hoodie: $49.90
Purple Levi's Look-a-like: $10.00
Hugo Element Gift Set: $86.00

The satisfaction of pampering yourself: PRICELESS!

Total Damages

Anyhow written on May 23, 2009 at 9:58 PM

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The Time Is Now

Exams are over. The results have already be confirmed once I left the exam hall. They only haven't been inked down by those grumpy lecturers in the UK. Now it's their turn to work and my turn to play. My only worry is whether I'll be able to keep up the perfect record of straight As. 3 out of 4 of the papers shouldn't be a problem getting that elusive A, it's only one paper that I'm worried about. Oh well, all we can do now is sit back, relax and pray for the best. I must believeeeee...

Yesterday I found out that staying at home all day does not constitute to a fun and relaxing day. Even though I was on the laptop for almost the entire day, the only thing I was doing was:

1. Clicking the MouseHunt horn every 15 minutes

2. Checking the facebook homepage for interesting updates I can like/comment about every 2 minutes

3. Alternating between playing Word Challenge and Bejewelled Blitz, depending on the waiting time remaining for the next MouseHunt horn.

4. Playing with my Rubik's cube.

Yes. Say it. I have no life. I totally agree. It was freaking boring and many a time I would just slump on my bed, sink in and sulk for 15 minutes, until my timer sounded.

But today will be different. I have promised myself that I will be stepping out of the house no matter what. Even if nobody wants to go out with me, I'll just make my way down to ECP for a nice solo rollerblading session.

Which leaves the only unanswered question, what company in the right mind would want to hire me for a temp job when I have to 'fulfill my duties to the nation' at the end of July, which leaves me with an effective available working period of only slightly more than 1½ months. Anyone got any job lobangs?

Anyhow written on May 22, 2009 at 11:28 AM

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It's The Final Countdown... Du Duuu Du Duuuuu. Duu Du Duut Dut Duuu...

Last paper tomorrow. And it's the scariest of them all. Probably going to take a miracle to get an A for this one.

You know you're fucked when questions can come from any page of a total of 165 + 127 = 292 pages of course guides. And I mean ANY page. Apart from the standard topics that make up about 30% of the total paper, the rest of the questions of the past year papers of 08, 07 and 06 have totally ZERO link to each other and not a single one was repeated. Even a crystal ball won't help to spot questions for this one.

Which means I have approximately 24 hours to get every single word that is printed on those 292 pages of text engraved into my failing short-term memory. And everyone knows I don't have a short-term memory.

My self-written notes for this subject is 3 times as thick as my notes for the 2nd hardest subject and yet I still feel there are some possible topics that I haven't covered that might come out for the exam.

Also, does any kind soul have any part time jobs that I can take for about 1 month after my exams? Yeah, I can only work for about 1 month after my exams although I'm going to have like a 3 month break. Why? As our nation why she has to pull me back for Reservist even though we all know that nobody in the right mind would bother to attack Singapore. It's too bloody small to be of any importance and even a mis-aimed nuke that hits Indonesia would wipe us completely off the map.

So why waste 2 weeks of my precious time?

Anyhow written on May 19, 2009 at 12:45 PM

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3 Days To Freedom

It's the final countdown... 3 more days and I'll be free from the shackles of education for at least 2½ months. The only setback? I'll have to go for stupid reservist duties at the end of July.

Been Home Alone for 2 days now as the rest of my family have gone to enjoy themselves at Genting, inducting me as the king of the house. However, I haven't been home much either way so I don't feel much of a difference. I does feel kinda lonely to know that you're the only person sleeping in the entire house at night.

Anyhow written on May 17, 2009 at 9:09 PM

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Half Time

2 Down. 2 to go.

A brief respite of 1 week. No make that 5 days, before the battle continues. The first punch was pretty unexpected. Really got sucker-punched by it. And cos of that I don't know if I can keep up with my perfect record.

Luckily the 2nd round wasn't that tough. In fact, I think I did pretty well during that fight. I believe I should have won that match quite comfortably, but we can only wait and see.

I still have another 2 fights next week. Against the heavyweights this time. Must... train... my... brain... more...

Anyhow written on May 12, 2009 at 9:54 PM

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New Way To Train Your Abs

While studying I discovered a new method of getting that illusive 6-pac that all guys dream of having. And it doesn't cost a single cent too! All you have to do is to sit in front of your laptop/study table/notes for at least 5 hours with minimal standing up to go to the toilet and other misc activities... and after a while Voala! A couple of lines from those washboard abs will magically appear on your tummy!

Sitting Abs

See those red lines that magically appear from doing absolutely nothing? Incredible right?

However, the results are only temporary and those abs will disappear into oblivion once you start moving about like a normal human being for a few hours. No matter, at least you get the joy of having some abs for an hour or so.

Ok. I bet you can tell by now that i'm superbly bored out of my logically thinking mind.

Anyhow written on May 10, 2009 at 5:05 PM

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Exams Are Here

Exams officially start tomorrow. Not very confident of getting my As this time. Just can't seem to get the answers into long-term memory. Looking at the questions, they kinda ring a bell about something you read before about that topic, but you just can't seem to pick out the exact details from that cloudy mess in your head.

Time to wake up! It's crunch time. Today will be the last day to prepare for myself for the battle that lies ahead. It's not a battle against the other students, it's a battle against myself. Disappointment lurks in the darkness. It's time to prove to yourself that you can do it. Not for them, not for her, but for the man in the mirror.

Anyhow written onat 2:05 AM

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Good Studying Day

Woohoo! Today is a good day. I managed to finish off 4 Past Year Exam papers in 1 afternoon, all this while having sporadic chats on MSN and turning back to catch a mouse or 2 in MouseHunt every 15 minutes. And this was all done in a matter of 5 hours! How's that for efficiency?

My flu is getting better and so is my concentration. Cleared off 1 subject of revision, and we're down to 3 more. But first, tonight we'll have some Rest & Relaxation to prepare for the battle again tomorrow.

Oh ya, due to overwhelming pressure of my friends, I've started MouseHunting on facebook. And as most of you should know, once I start on a game, I'm always soar through the ranks at incredible speed. So all you MouseHunters out there, beware! Cos anyhow's coming to get'cha!

Anyhow written on May 5, 2009 at 7:45 PM

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Perfect Timing

Just 1 more week to the exams and here I am falling prey to that irritating flu bug. What immaculate timing you have. With 1 side of my nose permanently dammed up by the fluids inside and my throat signalling a hint of soreness today, I just wasted 2 whole days that could have been used to study.

Yesterday was feeling totally drained and sickly so I ended spending half the day and night sleeping. Today I was feeling less feverish but my throat started to get sore throughout the day. Tried to study but the brain just won't accept any information being presented to it. Kinda like a memory road block where you toatlly know and understand what you're reading but nothing seems to stay in those stupid memory cells. Close the book and you can't remember a single thing you've read.

hopefully tommorrow things start to get better or its straight to the doctors after dance practice. Only 1 week away, but why am I not the least bit anxious? I know I haven't studied enough. Right now I seriously wouldn't mind trading in my sense of smell if I were never ever to get any nasel infections or illness that have been bugging me my entire life. Does the devil accept nasel contracts?

Anyhow written on May 1, 2009 at 7:17 PM

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