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Sleep Deprived

Last night was a blast. Just wanna say happy birthday to Wank Shank aka Mr Tattoo, and congrats for getting super wasted last night. Met up with the usual gang after school and headed down to PS to have dinner with more of the gang. The original plan was to have Fei Qui Xiao Long Bao [not suggested by me] but in the end after a lengthy discussion and lots of other possible dining suggestions we finally headed down to Crystal Jade at PS although they didn't have Xiao Long Baos there.

As usual there were latecomers, [not the ususal suspect though] and we had to wait for them before we could start chowing down. Had a semi-filling dinner which cost each of us around $20 bucks and then headed down to Zouk for further celebrations.

This was the first time I stepped into a club after the 1st July smoking ban was put in place at all nightclubs. And I must agree with my cousins that the music was substantually louder, visibility much clearer and smoke pollution level at a minimum, apart from the occassional whish of cool vapourised water blasted out onto the dance floor. Finally I could go home from a club not smelling like I spent half my life in the ssmoking rooms of our world-class Changi Airport, where all the water in the air-purifier is a disguisting state of semi-solid black water.

As expected the birthday boy was flooded with drinks from start till end, well mostly in the start, cos by midnight he was already a drunken mess [Read : Weak Drinker]. Meeting more alcholic friends and relatives around the club didn't help much either. Let's see, if my maths serve me correctly, he had a total of 3 flaming lambos, 2 tequila shots and half a ta-ed jug of screwdriver plus a few sips from other jugs before his brain left for a vacation. Not really a lot if you asked me. Anyway, anybody that went to the toilet/moved aside to answer the phone or even just left his sight for 5 minutes would get the same greeting when they returned...

"HEY! You very familiar!!! [insert name] ah???!!What you doing here??!!"

The rest of the night didn't last too long as by 2am our happy birthday boy was on his back outside of Zouk snoring away. So we finally made our way home from there.

Oh, and I think i'm getting too old for Zouk, or maybe just mambo. I feel less and less joy going down on Wednesdays to see the same people on the same platforms, performing the same dance step routines along with the same music everytime I go down [even though it's not very often]. And the drinks are freaking expensive and suspiciously taste like they put 99% mixer to 1% alcohol in them. And to add to the distress, down on the dance floor, you don't even have enough free space to lift a finger, less said about dancing. So the next time anybody wants to go to clubbing, how about we go somewhere with cheaper drinks and lesser crowds, like let's say some O Bar or something?

Anyhow written on Sep 27, 2007 at 12:59 PM

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A [Not So] Brief Update

School has been like work. Leaving home around 7am and only reaching home after 5pm everyday doesn't really sound like much fun. And I can assure you that it isn't. Especially if you have to spend a freaking 1 hour 15 mins for a single trip to or from school to home.

And the worst part is that everyday we have a 2 hour break inbetween the lessons. Lunch normally takes up les than 45 minutes, which effectively means that we have about 1 hour 15 minutes [ironically the exact time I need to reach home] to waste in school. Obviously it would be meaningless for me to take the bus/train halfway back and suddenly make a U-turn upon realising that I wouldn't make it back in time for the next lesson, therefore, everyday after lunch you can spot me seated in the school library. Something that I never thought possible.

Back in my secondary and poly days, you would never catch me dead in the library unless we really had to go there for project discussions or exam studies. But as of now, I think I have stepped into the library more times since I entered SIM then the total of my secondary and poly days all added up together.

But not to fret, i'm not becoming a book worm. Although it might seem unbelieveable that I can stay in the library for 1 hour a day without creating a big fuss and flipping all the books off their shelves, the only reason why I am still not banned from the library is because of the "FREE" Internet access they provide here. [Yes, I'm typing this in my school library if you didn't already know.] I call it "FREE" because although you don't have to pay for using the computers or Internet, they only limit your access to acadamically-inclined websites. Which means that your popcap, killsometime etc etc websites where you can easily find something to kill of that extra hour or two with, all will only turn up a blank white page that says

"Your page is blocked due to a security policy that prohibits access to category - Games."

The only saving grace is they still allow youtube, albeit without the sound cos all the pcs are deaf [I assume they don't have microphones that allow voice recognition] and mute. Hence the only way I can keep myself awake in this God foresaken place is by doing exactly what I'm doing now. Blogging.

Actually, this might not be such a bad thing because it sort of forces me to blog more regularlly and my imagination has to run wild in this bookworm-infested place to keep me from falling asleep. Therefore I might be able to write longer and slightly more interesting topics while I'm here, as long as I don't get the ALS or After Lunch Syndrome. You know, that strange feeling of wanting to go to sleep when you're placed in an air-conditioned room immediately after you have had a hearty lunch.

Time check - Yippie, i;ve already wasted almost 20 minutes of my boring life talking about how I ended up with my butt stuck on this curved piece of wood they call a chair.

And for those of you preverts more interested in my personal life, here's 10 little slices of the cake to entice you to continue reading this boring piece of blog entry futher.

1. I've signed up for the Hip Hop dance classes conducted by Dreamworkz in SIM, which equates to 8 weeks of sore leg muscles every Friday morning and maybe a strained neck or two once in a while.

2. Just had a house-warming "party" last Friday, where tons of friends were invited. Ok, maybe just a dozen, but at least they all showed up. We had fun thru-out the night playing Mahjong, pictionary, Monopoly : Pokemon Version [My sis only has Pokemon and Powerpuff versions so we choose the more playable of the 2] and some card games.

3. I'm still waiting for my pay for the previous 3 roadshows to come in. And my bank account is getting dangerously low in cash.

4. Super Glue is really Super. My sling bag's plastic rectangle thingy that they use to join the seaming to the bag and the strap together actually broke into 2 pieces, and I was able to successfully glue back them together with super glue and it has not failed me even after 1 week of carrying heavy notes and books to and from school. I've yet to test it out with my laptop though.

5. I need to go for a haircut. My hair is extremely long but suprisingly still able to stand. But in any case, I still need to get it cut. Will be going down for a visit to my hairdresser this Friday.

6. This entry was supposed to be a short one as I could not think of anything to blog about when I first sat here, therefore naming the title 'A Brief Update'. But seeing the amount I've already typed in, I decided to put in a '[Not So]' into it.

7. Monkeys, dolphins, penguins and walruses. These are some animals that occasionally mate with the same sex. That's what I learnt from watching "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry". I doubt they had to pay Adam Sandler much to get him interested in this show. go watch it and you'll find out why.

8. I finally saw a girl in my lecture group this morning that could be classified as a pretty lady. But I doubt she is from our course because I have never seen her before.

9. I only have 3 friends in my lecture group as of now. And all 3 are guys. [No I'm not gay] I think it's time for me to get more friendly with the girls.

10. I'm [semi-]famous. One of my answers to the Saturday Comeback Challenge was used on a review of the Best Blog of the Day. See it HERE

Anyhow written on Sep 25, 2007 at 12:50 PM

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Yes, I know I have not been updating my blog regularly since school started. Any way, there's nothing much happening since school officially started. Most of the days would be spent travelling to school, listening to lectures and attending tutorials, travelling back home and getting in some gaming time before I finally pass out of exhaustion on my comfy bed to recharge the batteries for the next day.

Oh, come to think of it, there is one funny incident that happened just a few days ago. Don't tell this to anybody but I think I have mastered the art of "Thumb-Zhi Shen Gong". Just a couple of days back, I was feeling kinda bored while waiting for my parents to finish their shopping, so I just playfully poked my thumb into pipi's left arm. Of course she gave me a scolding for being so bo liao and was kinda pissed off. But it didn't end there. It seems that somehow I managed to "misplace" one of the veins in her arm [as said by the Chinese Accupuncturist] causing her to feel a bad strain in her arm and not being able to fully utilise it. Even to the point where she has trouble sleeping at night because of the pain.

Well, the chinese doctor said that we would have to go back again tommorrow to see if it has improved. I just think he wants to earn more of our money. Whatever the case, we still have to go back and hopefully pipi recovers from this weird incident soon. So next time anybody pisses me off, beware of my deadly thumbs!! Muahahahaha...

Anyhow written on Sep 19, 2007 at 6:45 PM

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1st Week of School

2 days into my first week of school, and I think I'm actually coping better than I expected. I kinda understand everything that the leturer was trying to throw at us, but this could also be because this is only the start of school term and they are going much slower than their usual pace. And if that's the case, well, good luck to me.

Made 1 friend within the 2 days of lecture so far, hopefully gonna get more soon. Honestly, 95% of the students in the 40+ seats in the lecture hall look like IT students... Honest, nerdy and some even somewhat lost-in-their-own-world kinda feeling. So far I can confidently say that I might be the most [or one of the most at worst] handsome looking fella within the class. Too bad the girls there aren't much of eye candy either. Hmm, but that might not be a bad thing, since there won't be any major distractions preying my eyes and ears from the lecturer in front.

Enough of the students, now on to the lecturers. So far I've only been to 2 lectures, so there are only 2 lecturers I can comment about right now. The first one is a humourous Indian guy that teaches maths, talks with a slight Indian accent and seems to have quite a good sense of humour. Oh, and did I mention that he likes to walk up and down the 2 rows of steps between the rows of seats while lecturing? I kinda think he's trying to get more attention.

The other is a middle-aged lady who seems to be quite a legend among my course, luckily, in a good way. Sh seems to have lots and lots of knowledge and even likes to reference real life scenarios using real life companies. And the subject that she's teaching seems to have lots of information that we need to know, which my memory, which is the size of a peanut, can hopefully store until the exam day.

So all in all, the 2 lecturers so far ain't that bad, at least I'm assured that I won't be falling asleep easily in any of those 2 lectures. Now let's just hope that the rest of the lecturers are just as exciting or even more exciting that those 2, not like those poly lecturers who stuff spoonfuls of dry information down your throats for the whole 1 hour and expect you to remember it all at the end of it, even if you had your head on the table after the first 15 minutes of the lecture.

Anyhow written on Sep 11, 2007 at 4:23 PM

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My Next Job

Will be busy over the weekend again, this time working at the Sony booth at Suntec Convention Centre for the Asian Gaming Convention. Will be selling the latest PS3 and PSPs over there, and hopefully get to see some gamer babes as well.

This time it ain't commission based but hopefully we can get some "freebies" at the end of the show if we do good. So come drop by if you have the time, the convention starts from 10am to 6pm every day and is extended to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday.

On another note, school will be officially starting next week, immediately after this roadshow. Went for some essential studying workshop yesterday morning and came back kinda more confused than when I left for school. It was almost like some IQ quiz, where all they kept giving us were logic and theory puzzles to solve. And how does that help us in studying? God knows. Well, cya at the Gaming Convention.

Anyhow written on Sep 5, 2007 at 6:43 PM

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Anyhow written onat 6:12 PM

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4 days of standing and walking continuously for over 10 hours straight each day has finally come to an end. And so has the COMEX show at Suntec Convention Centre. After 4 days of trying to please every single customer that walks along our big black booth, my voice box has almost given up on me. I now sound like a yellow-toothed wrinkly old man suffering from a bad case of throat cancer. But at least I finally get to catch up on mr Zzz.

Anyway, it has been kinda monotonous these few days doing almost the exact same thing everyday [read wake up, rush to work, end work, rush home to sleep], except for the fact that every night when I come home, after my shower and before bed time, while waiting for my hair to dry itself, I will be pearched in the corner of my room, straining my already tired eyes and arms, fiddling around in a small white box, trying to find that exact piece of puzzle that fits into that exact hole or shape that I'm exactly looking for. Yup, I'm bored enough even to complete 85% of a 1000 piece puzzle all by myself.

And where does this puzzle come from? Well, it all started when the feng shui people came over to check our new home and started pinpointing every good and bad decision in terms of colour and furniture positioning of our house. And one of their godly advices was to place something round and place at the corner of my sister's room to counter some unwanted energy or something along those lines. I myself only believe in the energys of my our personal power but being the typical kiasu Singaporeans that my parents are the promptly came to a conclusion with the help of the geomancer that a mickey mouse puzzle was the cheapest optimum solution to that particular dilemma. And so back came a 1000 peice mickey mouse puzzle through the main door of our home the next day. It was supposed to be a joint effort from my sis, pipi and me, but I ended up completing most of the puzzle because they were too lazy to come help busy with some other stuff.

So here and behold, my first almost solo 1000 piece puzzle. I didn't even expect to finish it so soon, but as Mr Pringles would say, "Once you pop, You can't stop!"

Mickey Puzzle

Oh, and while surfing through my handphone pictures, I realised I forgot to post about this cool little dessert that is available somewhere within the food centre just beside Bedok Bus Interchange.

Melon Dessert

It's an entire freaking watermelon complete with extra toppings like pineapple, logans and lots and lots of ice shavings! And all this for less than 5 bucks. I wonder how much they actually earn from each serving like this. Anyway, we were out with a couple of friends on a boring day and decided to head down to Bedok to have lunch, after which, one of them ordered this "special melon dessert" that he was talking about throughout the train ride. At first we were like "whatever" but when it was finally served to the table everybody's jaw was so loose that an entire colony of flys could fly in and start populating in each of our mouths. And what made it better was that it was a freaking hot day that day and just sipping the iced watermelon juice was almost like sniff glue. [Not that I've ever sniffed glue before.] It's so nice that I need to put another picture of that huge watermelon here...

Watermelon dessert 2

Anyway after that we headed to a friend's place for a game of mahjong. That was the first time in a very long time since I had anything to do with those pesky white tiles. And as usual I "sponsored" everybody's dinner again that night. i guess God really has banned me from gambling for a lifetime. Any time when there's a combination of luck and money, you will never see me walking away from the table with a heartly smile on my face... Anybody got a spare rabbit's foot or 2 to give me? Wait, make that a million or a million and 1 rabbit's feet. Cos I don't think anything less than that would work for me...

Anyhow written on Sep 3, 2007 at 3:05 PM

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