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Super Hardworking


Wow. I swear I've never been so hardworking in my life. This is the first time in my 23 years that I am going to completely deplete the ink from 1 entire G-tech pen...

Anyhow written on Nov 27, 2007 at 6:13 PM

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Human Imprisonment

Was heading down City Link mall yesterday for my regular haircut, when all of a sudden I noticed something different about the Canon adverts along the HMV stretch. You know, those giant glass showcases with a few cameras or video cams in them.

Wa! There were actually real-life models posing within the glass cases! Each case was effectively smaller than a jail cell, with the width just enough for 1 person to walk through at any time and the length which was at most 2 times my height [and I'm not very tall either]. I tried very hard to take a photo, but because of the ga-zillions of people walking in front of the cases, I finally gave up after about 3 tries.

Anyway, so there they were, 2 models per glass case, just posing according to the background image of the case they were provided with [a photoshoot studio, some cafeish background and an afternoon picnic], and talking to each other to kill time. I mean what else could they do? And I suspect the glass cases were sound proof too. I felt like I was watching those dogs bounded in the glass cases at Pet Safari.

I think Canon should be sued for human imprisonment. I wouldn't want to be stuck in a1 x 5m glass box for around 2 hours no matter how much they paid me. But obviously the models thought otherwise. Either that or they were only told their work conditions when they arrived on scene, which I think the 2 Eurasian models in the cafe-themed case were, because their faces were kinda black throughout the entire display. In the other 2 cases were definitely models residing in Singapore and they all seemed quite happy about the entire ordeal. I guess this only shows Singaporeans will do anything for money.

Anyway, got my hair cutted and at the same time my hairdresser decided to give me a new hairstyle. Well, the only word I could use to discribe it was "different". And within the span of 3 minutes after I left the saloon, my hair was back to it's original 'spiky' look. I think I might be stuck with this hairstyle for life. It seems that I can never find another hairstyle that doesn't make me look like an nerd.

Anyhow written on Nov 24, 2007 at 2:53 PM

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Amazing Fishy Trick

If I can do that I wouldn't need to study already.

Anyhow written on Nov 21, 2007 at 1:44 AM

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Beauty vs Build

Face        VS       Body

I'm feeling extremely pissed after watching a beauty show on channel U that was sponsored by some beauty and slimming centre. This episode was about 3 guys who aspire to become models but also happen to have freakishly acnefied faces and a little bit of spare tires here and there.

Firstly they interviewed a model consultant about the criteria for becoming a male model. And guess what was the main criteria about? "He must be at least 175cm tall, have a good build and have some attractiveness."

What the hell is wrong with the people of the world these days? Is everyone out there just overly materialistic or what? Must have SOME attractiveness? So somebody with a height and good physique but a face that can be replaced by any Tom Dick or Harry's face found on the street has the potential to become a model?

No doubt I have a couple of friends who are great models, but they all come with the full package: Height, Body AND Looks. Back to our show, out of the 3 contestants that were choosen only 1 of them could be said to have the "looks". [Luckily he won the contest, but that's a different story for a different time.] And furthermore, all of them lacked the confidence and coolness that we all expect models to have.

It seems that they prefer artificial beauty over natural beauty. Even after all the treatment, they still had to resort to using foundation to cover up the uneven pores of our so called winner. I swear that if it was a contest purely on looks, I could have beaten them hands, legs and tongue down. Granted, height is something that cannot be bought, [or some say, at least until limb extentions are fully authorised] anyone who has a medium to large build can easily train up in the gyms to get a nice looking body. But I doubt anybody born with a fucked up face can transform themselves into facial eye-candy through any form of treatment apart from plastic surgery.

I don't have anything against tall guys, I just hate the world for generalising tall, muscular guys as being "better looking" than us guys with smaller build. I think all of them should check out the meaning of "looking" in the dictionary. A good body with a warzone for a face does not constitute to be "better looking" than a plump dude [I'm not plump] with a perfect face. And that is also the reason why I always analyse the beauty of a girl from a top-down approach. The face is always the most important. Cut all the crap about finding a girl with a good heart. If a girl has a heart of gold, treats you like a king and loves you to death but has a face of a baboon, would you even consider her? And like always, the imperfect body can always be perfected through time and effort.

Put me and a challenge with any of our 3 contestants in the show that doesn't rely purely on strength or height, and I bet you a million bucks that I can beat them hands down, even at their own game. Let me repeat this fact to you people of the world for the 7,284th time:

"Height and build doesn't say anything about somebody, apart from the fact that he has enough spare time every week to frequent the gym regularly!"

To all those girls out there who want their future man-friends to be "tall and muscular", give the smaller-sized guys a chance. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Good GREAT things come in small packages, this I know for certain.

I'm SHORT and SMALL in build...


Anyhow written on Nov 14, 2007 at 8:38 PM

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Superman Fell Down

There's one thing I forgot to mention that happened over the weekend. Apart from all that unproductiveness and time wasted, superman also fell down. In my own house directly in front of my own room no less.

I guessed something wasn't right that day. When I came home I already felt that something was amiss. As I was walking to my room, I happened to look at the floor and that was when I realised why I was feeling so strange the whole day. Unbelievably, superman had just fell down right in front of his own door, directly on his bottom, even to the extent of having to sit there for a couple of minutes. Before being helped up.

Someone even took a picture at that precise moment to show the full glory of a fallen superhero. So without further ado, here is the picture that all of you will enjoy looking at, the picture worth a thousand words, aptly named "When Superman Fell"










When Superman Fell

Well, what else were you expecting to see? You expected me to post a picture of myself falling down and ruin my reputation? haha. Anyway, it was really my superman box that I hung on the front of my door that fell off. Did you really think I would be as weak-kneed as to fall down in my own house?

Anyway, on other note, here's something that I have been owing my readers for a very very very long time. I finally managed to get my lazy ass off my comfy computer chair and take a quick video of my room. Yes, you can finally see what my new room looks like, fully furnished and populated by some characters which definitely were not brought in by yours truely. So sit back relax and enjoy the 2 minute silent tour of my new room.

P.S. You might want to press play and grab a cup of coffee. It might take awhile to load [ 6MB ]

Anyhow written on Nov 12, 2007 at 6:38 PM

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Unproductive Super Long Weekend

SIM students rejoice! Or at least CIS students. Because this weekend is a ultra-super long weekend for most of us. Thursday was Deepavali so thank you all the Indians out there for giving us another well needed public holiday. We actually did have 1 lesson to attend on Friday but since in was in the middle of a holiday and a weekend, and because of the fact that most of us would not understand anything that was taught in the tutorial anyway, most of us decided to self-declare it as another day-off.

So we had a total of 4 days break in total. But what have I achieved during this 4 days? Apart from late night DOTAing till at least 3AM everyday, I practically wasted this entire break for nothing. I didn't complete any of my subject notes for the week and I only managed to complete 2 questions in a list of 5 for one of my assignments. But these assignments are due next year, so I don't think I'm in that much trouble... Yet.

Had Cafe Cartel for dinner on Saturday. I'm surprised that they changed their entire business concept just to please the Singaporean customers. Previously when I was working at the branch in East Coast Road, the bread was self-served, order chits had to be filled in by the customers themselves, and brought to the cashier to make payment before sitting back down and awaiting their meal to arrive. Even the sky juice was on a self-service basis. That was what made it somewhat special from the rest of the bistro cafes. No hassle, self service all the way.

But the Cafe Cartel of today is a totally different picture. I'm guessing it changed its ways because of all those lazy Singaporeans out there who decided that they shouldn't be paying for food if they don't get service along with it. Firstly, I was shocked when 4 slices of bread plus butter was brought to our table in a cute basket almost immediately after we sat down. And 2 cups of plain water followed shortly after that. After writing our orders on the order chit, a staff was there to collect the chit from our table and process the orders for us, without us even needing to get out of our comfortable sofa chairs. They even helped us refill our bread upon request. Food was delivered promptly and tasted great as usual. After that, even the payment could be done without having to lift our butts from the sofa. And they wonder why the average Singaporean specimen tends to be wider than those in the past. Has a little walking and standing killed anyone? I bet next time they will invent chairs that can move from the bus or MRT directly to your place of interest. Then we can all happily discard the use of our legs.

At one point it really made me think as to why they had to change their style of working. Pipi said that it could because of cost savings, which I thought was a good point. Singaporeans are the first to jump at anything that is freeflow self-service. Imagine how classy people eat their buffets in foreign countries... They would typically take a little bit of everything so as to try out new tastes which they had never tried before. Now compare that to the typical Singaporean buffet eater. You would probably puke in disguist at seeing the number of plates of the exact same dish that is his favourite/most expensive/rarest to be seen outside. And maybe 1 plateful of all the other types of dishes available. If that's the case, I applaud Cartel for taking away the self-service freeflow of bread. Come to think of it, I have seen people who order a tiny salad but help themselves to almost 10 rounds of bread. I bet they wouldn't dare to ask for their bread to be refilled 9 times right? But living in Singapore, you'll never know.

Anybody up for another round at Cartel? I'm always game. Love the lasagna to bits. Wanted to snap a photo before digging in but I couldn't resist, and therefore all you see here is a picture of a blank empty space. [Yes, I gobbled up the plate too]

Anyhow written on Nov 11, 2007 at 6:53 PM

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Peace Be Will You

Peace Globe 2007

Yup, it's that time of the year again. Where bloggers from around the world unite to try to put a simple ideal through. The Dona Nobis Pacem was started by the one and only Mimi Lenox and has taken the blogging world by storm.

Quoted directy from wikipedia:

"Peace is a state of non-violence, the absence of hostility. This term is applied to describe a cessation of violent international conflict; in this international context, peace is the opposite of war. Peace can also describe a relationship between any parties characterized by respect, justice, and goodwill."

So where do we start? I believe true peace cannot be achieved by having global movements or huge gatherings, but rather, it can only be achieved by starting from the lowest level, the individual. Wikipedia used 3 very powerful words to describe peace. Respect. Justice. Goodwill.

Every now and then we would encounter some form of hostility or disagreement. It is part of our everyday life. But how we handle these situations refects directly on the ability to achieve that eluding "World Peace" that everyone is talking about. Imagine a simple scenario. You're happily walking along the road when somebody accidentally steps on your toes. What would you do? I believe most people would just scream "OW!!" and forgive that person when he apologises profusely to you, although some of us would engage in a shouting match there and then. These people are the banes to our ideal. But less about them, more about the majority.

Now imagine the same scenario, but this time, the person walks up to you and intentionally steps on your toes, turns around and starts laughing his head off. What would you do if that punk was a petite little guy wearing thick glasses? And what would you do if he was a bulky bodybuilder almost twice your size? I can bet a million dollars that your answers for the 2 won't be the same.

This is the so called intentional hostility that causes the breakdown of peace. Granted that peace is quite hard to maintain during this type of situation, but the main deciding factor is actually what happens after the conflict arises. Lets go back to our 3 beautiful words... Firstly, respect. Before you start screaming your head off about how inconsiderate and idiotic that person is, take 1 second to ask him why he did it, of course in the most unhostile tone that your current emotional state allows you to be in. Would you still be angry at him if he told you that he would get $10 donated to some charitable organisation for every person that he steps on? Or if he reaches down and lifts up a dead corpse of a tiny but fatally poisonious spider from your feet?

Secondly, our good friend, justice. If he really did it for the fun of it, what would be a justifiable action to take? Maybe having a go at his toes or even a tight slap across the face? Or how about burning his house down and leaving him homeless on the streets? There's a fine line between justice and revenge. We should always be fair and non-judgemental when choosing our reactions. Always remember that revenge begets revenge, and the vicious cycle will just keep growing and growing.

And last but not least, Goodwill. What would you do if you saw that same guy, on the same street, at the same time the next day, and he's walking up towards you again? Would you still be staring a hole through him? Or would you be scrambling to find any sort of weapon that you can find in the close proximity? How many of us would just stand there and see what he does this time?

Now upsize the entire situation to a country to country conflict. This is what wars are made of. When 2 countries can't see eye-to-eye, and neither one is willing to give the slightest amount of compramise.

If we could all just try to have these 3 important factors in mind when dealing with hostile situations, maybe, just maybe, world peace might just be attainable one day. Countries are run by governments, governments are run by parties, parties are run by politicians, politicians are individuals, therefore the problem does not lie in the country itself, but rather with the important people making the decisions in the name of the country.

Let's end off with a little quote to think about...

There are no right or wrong decisions, there are only decisions that hurt more people, and decisions that hurt less peoeple.

Anyhow written on Nov 7, 2007 at 7:18 PM

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Nothing Special This Week

Just that I have to say


To my irritating sis. Don't like the present go change it yourself. Bleh.

Anyhow written on Nov 5, 2007 at 12:52 PM

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Funky Happenings at Orchard Road

Just finished my weekend roadshow over at the Sony booth in front of Heren. I used to wonder why so many people like to go to Orchard road when there is only one thing you can do there, mainly shopping. And expensive shopping at that. But over the weekend, I actually discovered some reasons why Orchard Road is one of the most 'happening' places in Singapore.

firstly, because Orchard is such a hot favourite among locals and foreigners alike, most of the female species are either dressed to kill or should be killed. I couldn't keep track of the number of ladies who had only less than 50% of their upper body covered with cloth. Some of them would attract eyes like bees to honey for the right reasons, while others only got exagerated stares from the general public. Take the girl who wore something like those sexy nities you would usually spot the girls on the the cover of FHM or Maxim donning, only difference was that her figure was almost 3 times of the latter. And yet another missy seemed to be too late for her appointment that she seemed to have forgotten to change out of her sleeping pyjamas before making her way down to Orchard. You know, those pasar malam cloth material one piece spaggetti straps that stop above the knees?

Anyway, the main person that has been locked vividly into my memory was not a girl, but a guy. Now, before you start assuming any possibilities of gayness in me, let me explain myself. As usual, we would have a DJ blasting some music during the roadshow and this fella actually stepped up into the open area in front of our sound boxes ALONE and started 'dancing' away along with the music. Or at least that was what he calls dancing i think. Either that or he was having a sudden spasm of hoppiotytis [no such word, people].

Imagine a skinny monkey in simple jeans and t-shirt combining the games of 'stationary hopscotch', 'kickiing the invisible football' and 'swing your arms like you're racing a cheetah in a 100 meter dash' which some of us used to play when we were younger. Now imagine that combo along with trying very hard[but failing miserably] to sync all those actions along with some hot R&B music. And he managed to stop the crowd for his 3 minutes of fame before he got tired and probably went to hide in the male toilet for the rest of the day.

And that's not all that happened. We even withnessed the full glory of the 'haolianing' Singaporean on Orchard Road itself. Every hour or so, we would be garanteed to hear one or two thunderous roars of monster engines zooming down the small stretch of road, trying to make everyone in Singapore, JB and some say Batam appreciate the loud roars of their engines, but turn your head to the road and you will only notice that those sounds would be coming from some tiny Japanese car, modified inside and out with a gazillion decals anyhow stuck onto it. Wow. I'm soooo impressed. In fact through the entire weekend, the only vehicles that commanded my engine respect were a yellow Lamborgini and a red Porshe GT. The rest were shit.

And talking about cars, we also witnessed an imprompto roadblock set up along Orchard during the peak hours of Sunday afternoon. No, it wasn't done by our great Traffic Police, but instead by a bunch of metrosexual punks driving MX-5s. We were busy serving customers when suddenly we heard lots of horns being blasted along the street just in front of us. To our amazement, a group of about 8 MX-5s had stopped in a line right across the middle of Orchard Road. And they were not even close to any traffic lights. [The lights were still green in any case]. And after about 1 minute or so of horning and camera phones being flashed about along the sidewalks, they let go of the pink balloons that each of the drivers were holding and sped of into the horizon, or in our case, towards the city area. I doubt I will ever witness anything like that any time soon.

Don't really wish to talk about work, cos in general, it was quite sucky. I don't think I will ever want to do another roadshow at Heren anymore. The only encouraging factor was that I got to know another 2 models during the course of the roadshow. I wouldn't mind being a model myself, considering the fact that they earn almost double of what we earn, jstu by doing only half of what we do.

Anyhow written on Nov 1, 2007 at 2:20 PM

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