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New Hairstyle

After loads of thought and many bitten nails, I finally decided that it was time to change my hairstyle. This soft-gelled pointy curry pok hair has been with me for 4 years too long. So on Saturday, I accompanied PiPi to Kimage to get me a new hair while she was rebonding hers.

One look at my wavey hair and the senior hairstylist immediately suggested that we keep it short, which happens to be what I always tell PiPi when she suggests that I change a hairstyle. Because of my freaking genetically implanted wavey hair, I can never get to look nice in anything that can reach my eyes. Well, there goes almost 75% of the cool hairstyles. So in the end James [my new trusty hairstylst] gave me a similiar cut to my usual at the barbers but with lots of layering. He says I'll have to go back for another 1 or 2 more sessions before the entire effect can be seen. He also recommended me to use clay instead of gel as gel makes your hair become super hard. So after all the tips and tricks he taught me, here's the final outcome of the half-hour haircut. Oh, and my hair was also washed by a pretty girl.

Haircut 1

Camwhoring while PiPi gets her hair done. [Her's took like freaking 5 hours!]

Haircut 2

I especially liked the sideview.

Haircut 3

This is what my front looks like now, with my new out-of-bed messy look

The only thing about my new hair that I don't like is that it emphasizes on the many strands of inherited white hair that sprout from my head because of the new dry look I get using clay. So the only logical thing to do next is to go dye it to a different tone. But that will have to wait until after I leave my job in school. Which actually would be just nice because by that time, I would be into my 3rd haircut session and the effects of the layering would be more obvious. So dyeing it at that time is the best choice! I'm still thinking of what colour I should go for though. Don't want to look like a small beng but at the same time I want my colours to be noticable... Any suggestions??

Anyhow written on Apr 30, 2007 at 11:02 AM

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And the Answer Is...

Ok folks time to reveal this week's answer to the Guess-it WW. We had 4 winners last week. Guess how many will hit the bulls eye this week?

Holder 1

It comes with an adhesive paper at the back...

Holder 2

So you can stick it on your wall if you want to...

Holder 3

So that you can slot notes in it and they magically float...

Holder 4

It also has a springy device...

Holder 5

So that you can papers/notes in it even if it's lying on the table...

Well, I don't really know the proper name for this device but the first thing that came to my mine was "The Anything Holder" so that will be the answer this week! Sad to say that nobody even came close this week. But not to worry, the glory and fame will just have to snowball on to next week's contest! Be sure to give it your best next week!

In the meantime, I'm still waiting for viewer's submissions for future Guess-Its. Remember, all you need to do is to drop an email to with at least 1 picture for the guess-it, 1 for the answer, plus a short description of the item. And if you do, the next WW Guess-It could be your very own Guess-It! So get to snapping those unusual and wierd items fast!

Anyhow written on Apr 27, 2007 at 1:44 PM

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PPP : Drugs Helpline

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Drug rehab is not a one-fits-all thing. Every individual addict needs a program specially catered to his individual needs. And 1800-NODRUGS is the place to find that solution through their group of compassionate and knowledgeable counselors. Many of them understand addictions so well because they themselves were once addicted. Even if you don't have anybody in mind, it's still a good place to learn more about the various addictions, which ranges not only from drugs, but also alcoholism and some other drug trends. So head on down to right now.

Anyhow written onat 8:56 AM

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I Hate Rainy Days

Not only do rainy days make you feel sleepy and listless, the main problem with rainy days is the cold weather. Coupled with my uselessly sensitive nose, they are just your average accident waiting to happen. On almost every rainy day, I would wake up in the morning with a heavy head and a stuffy nose.

And it definitely doesn't get better as the day progresses. Most of the time my nose will start leaking by lunchtime, and I have to pop a couple of Panadol Cold tablets just to get it under control. [Note the term is under control, not cured] And probably by the end of the day I would still have difficulty breathing properly. Only with a good night's rest and more cold tablets will the effects of my useless nose wear off the next day.

And today is no exception. I have been sniffing from lunch-hour and to make matters worse, I popped the last 2 tablets in the box 3 hours ago. I definitely need to stock up on flu supplies like tissues and pandadols. Not to mention that I still have to drive to school after work and then back home. Sometimes I really wish that I could just cut off my pretty nose and be done with all the suffering that it has brought me throughout my entire life. Let's just hope that there's a sudden heatwave that turns the night weather into something like 27 degrees so that my nose can get better... Yeah, in my dreams right. Guess I'll just have to sniff the night away.

Anyhow written on Apr 26, 2007 at 4:01 PM

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PPP : Secure ZIP

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Not only can you protect confidential information on your PC like tax records, bank statements, medical records, passwords, and other private data., you can also compress your files into ZIP folders and at the same time encrypt them so that the files are only viewable by the people who you want to show them to. It integrates seemlessly with Microsoft Outlook to automatically encrypt, digitally sign, and zip email messages and attachments. And the best part off all these? It can be downloaded for FREE! So head on down to and get your FREE full-fledged licensed version of sercure ZIP now!

Anyhow written onat 11:00 AM

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Wordless Wednesday : Guess-It 8

Can we beat last week's score of 4 winners? Happy guessing and good luck for this week~
Thanks to the great suggestion by Shaz, I'll be accepting Guess-It submissions from this week onwards! Here's what you gotta do...

Just drop me a mail at with at least 1 picture for the guess-it, and 1 for the answer, as well as a short description of the item. [more pictures are definitely welcomed] I'll try to give everyone a chance to put their stuff up. So get to sending your guess-its soon! And now on to this week's Guess-It...

Guess-It 8

Hint : It's pretty small, about half the size of your palm.

Anyhow written on Apr 25, 2007 at 8:58 AM

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Crazy mspaint skills

mspaint skills

This picture was drawn from mspaint, with NO OTHER IMAGE EDITING SOFTWARE.

This guy has some serious skills. Don't believe me? Check it out at

Anyhow written on Apr 24, 2007 at 3:06 PM

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PPP : Wilderness Program

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Wilderness Programs have been a topic of controversy over the past decade. Some people ask many questions while others swear by its effectiveness. One such program is the Struggling Teen Wilderness Program offered by this site. The teens get the chance to experience being out in the wild and get to learn many values of life that can't be taught in the classrooms. If you want to learn more about this program, head on down to now.

Anyhow written onat 7:43 AM

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Illogical Logic?

PayPerPost seems to be down today, so that means no money to be made today. Sob. Anyway, that will not stop me from entertaining my readers with some strange happenings that I happened to chance upon over the weekend. Sometimes I wonder what is happening to the human brain as we 'evolve' into the future of mankind. Read on and you will understand what I mean. If anybody disagrees with the below statements please feel free to leave a comment on your views...

Illogical Logic Fact #21 : Pressing the lift button repeatedly increases the speed which the lift will arrive at your floor.

I believe most of you have seen / experienced this scenario. You're patiently waiting for the lift to arrive at your floor when you see an impatient uncle in brown bermudas start to repeatly press the lift button in hopes of some wonderous miricle that would make the lift acknowledge his frustration and arrive quicker at his floor.

The Whole Truth : The only thing that will quicken is his heartrate due to the 'strenious activity' that he is engaging in. At the same time, he is also unwittingly causing a hiderance to the public because he is actually helping that poor button to become broken earlier.

Illogical Logic Fact #73 : Walking through the female lingerie section always happens to be the longer route to your destination.

For the ladies, they will definitely stop and look. For the men, they always deem the female lingerie section to be the longer route, hence they will always opt to walk through the opposite side of the escalator / lift if they have a choice.

The Whole Truth : This is fact, it is definitely true for the ladies because taking a walk through the female lingerie section is like Abul [Alladdin's monkey] trying to go through the Cave of Secrets without looking or touching anything that glitters. It's almost humanely impossible. [Trust me, I know.]

But for the guys, it seems like a hidden 11th commandment that "Thou shall not enter the female lingerie section unless the world is coming to an end, in which case thou shall briskly sprint through it with thy head bent, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible." Come on guys. What's so difficult about walking through the female lingerie section? The gals skip past our underwear section without a sweat right? It's not as if you are some perverted old man with a hairy mole on his chin camping outside the fitting room in hopes of a beautiful model hopping out in her lingerie to ask "Does this make me look fat?" And neither do the ladies walk about topless while trying on different bras. [In which case I doubt any guy would NOT want to walk past this section] So what is the problem? Just make sure you don't go around trying on the bras yourself and you'll be fine.

Illogical Fact #8 : It's fun to get views of upskirts and cleavage on escalators / glass fortified barricades of upper stories

I really don't get this one. Some perverted uncles really free people can spend the entire day camping at a shopping centre bench or escalator that might give him a chance of getting a view of some hot chick's upskirt or cleavage. So what if you catch a glimpse of the gold? That's all you get. Unless you catch someone going commando.

The Whole Truth : What are upskirts and cleavage views in today's world? With Internet porn so easily accessable, who needs to risk life and limb just to get a gimplse of something u could easily download a million times over via our trusty Internet. [Note : I'm not encouraging Internet porn surfing here] The thrill of the chase maybe? Yeah and even more exciting is the pain of the cane when u get caught. This is another classic case of working smart over working hard.

Illogical Fact #97 : People in need are the last to ask, people who are not, the first.

Here's another example, I was pleasantly seated on the one of the two corner seats of the MRT while making my way to Jurong East to meet pipi. As the number of commuters increased, the lady seated next to me noticed a weak-looking old man trying hard to maintain his balance on the rocky train. Being a nice Singaporean, she immediately offered her seat to that old man without the man even needing to open his mouth. And as he sat down next to me, although I was listening to my MP3 player, I could hear his wife, a not so old [not to mention fat] auntie complaining to him "See, this young girl willing to give up the seat to people. Some people just have no courtesy." Obviously she was referring to me.

The Whole Truth : Hello? Have you noticed the signage on the MRT? Please give up the seat to people who need it more than you. And they even put 3 pictures of a hunched oldman holding a walking stick, a pregnent woman carrying a baby, and a wheelchair bound person. Auntie, you neither look like a hunched oldman, a pregnent lady [although you could have fooled some people with your fats] nor a handicapped person. And you obviously don't need the seat more than me because your center of gravity should be much lower than mine due to all that mass. And to add to that, you're obviously getting off earlier than me. So why should I give up my seat to you? In fact, you should be glad I made you keep standing so you could at least burn more fats while your at it. Granted the frail old guy desperately looked like he needed that seat, but it's just that I didn't spot him before my neighbour or else I would have done the exact same thing. So the next time you want to ask for charity, just shut your trap and people will naturally give if you are really in need.

So anyway i ignored her and continued to enjoy my music and guess how many stops later she got off? 5 mother feaking stations later. Our trains take an average of 2.5 mins to reach the next station [well, for the east side at least] so that's a whooping total of 12.5 mins, which is even lesser than the time I had my butt on that seat. If you can shop aimlessly for 3 to 4 hours, I don't see why you can't stand for 12.5 minutes. The nerve of some people...

Anyhow written on Apr 23, 2007 at 1:05 PM

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What Do Ya Think? - Sticky Post

Sticky 10

Yup, kinda busy with work and all that stuff from this morning. In fact was so busy that I only had a chance to consume the bread I bought after lunch [12.30pm] at this very minute [5.00pm]. Anyway, I shall not bore you with my boring work complaints, but if you want you can always ask me about it.

I'm gonna need some help for today's post. Just post a comment or 2 about how you feel about the following scenario:

You were crossing the road with a girlfriend/boyfriend, and you spot a truck speeding towards both of you. You think that there's no way both of you can escape the truck so, with all your might, you shove your girlfriend/boyfriend to the side, only to realise that the truck actually swurved to that same side at the very last minute, resulting in your girlfriend/boyfriend getting injured/killed, and you escaping with minor scratches. Are you to blame?

Come on people. Let's hear what you gotta say.

Anyhow written on Apr 22, 2007 at 11:59 PM

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And the Answer Is...

Woo. Crazy busy in school today cos it's their 25th year torturing staff and students of operation on this planet. But the main this I don't understand is, why must they make such a big fuss over it? It's only been 25 years, and not to mention we are only some neighbourhood school, not as if we were a model school for Singapore since the year 1898. They invite principals of other schools, order potted flowers to make the place look 'nicer' and put everyone in the school on their toes preparing for the event that would only last like 5 hours max.

Well, I guess there are some things that we will never understand. But 1 thing is for certain, you guys certainly will understand the answer to this week's guess-it. In fact, some of you even understood it before I gave out the answer! Cross your toes everyone!

AFP Notice

This is what is stuck to the wall next to it...

Audio Film Projector

Sorry I don't have more photos, but just to give you a brief idea, the compartment on the left is for you to put an audio casette tape [how many of u still have such things?] in and the one on the right is for you to place a roll of negative film to be projected on the screen above...

And there you have it... Your very own Audio Film Projector which you can show off your traditional camera negatives to everyone while at the same time playing some non-matching music, all without having to develop your photos at your nearest photo studio.

Seems like we have a cool bunch of winners this week! But it's true that I have never seen this contraption before in my entire life. Kudos to Letha, KC, Jams O Donnell and Comedy Plus for their precise answers. Wow! 4 Winners this week! Keep it up guys.

Anyhow written on Apr 20, 2007 at 2:05 PM

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Education vs Technology Rant 2

Yeah, I know that I've posted something like this before, talking about all the nonsense and trouble that technology has introduced to our technology system. [Hence labelled as part 2] But I feel compelled to blog about it again since I'm experiencing 2nd hand [cos I'm just a support staff, not actually taking or teaching the lessons] all the funnies that strangely become associated with today's education system.

My main concern here is that it is affecting the natural ability of the students to be motivated to self-study... through reading the textbooks and notes. All they want to do the entire day is just stare at the computer.

Take for example a typical day in school. Why does the same teacher need a laptop and projector for EVERY lesson they teach? I understand if they use it once or twice a week to add some extra value into their teachings, but everyday for almost the whole month? Did you know that by focusing their attention onto the projector screen everyday, you are effectively telling them that "You don't need a textbook to understand what I'm teaching." Yes I agree that there are some things that technology can teach while the textbook can't but don't the student ought to be taught that the textbook is still manditory to understand the subject further? How many kids do you know these days doze off almost immediately after being faced with a textbook, or even a storybook novel. Wonder how we did it in the past? By reading up and taking notes geniuses.

And look at the vuanurability of the current education system. Everything from the lessons to the coordination of the school runs on technology. If there were to be some major power outage, I can assure you that 90% of the school can no longer function with reasonable efficiency. If ever a virus were to wipe out the infrastructure of the system, even the simplest of things like collecting the students results would cause a headache.

And another thing is the way every single thing is dependant on IT stuff. For example, just this week, the school bought a smoker-detection device just to catch and prove that those students who were caught smoking were REALLY smoking. Must you go to that extent?

But everybody knows that it takes 2 hands to clap. So all the blame cannot be put onto the school's shoulders alone. In fact, I personally believe that the school only guides the students, but the moulding of the kid into an adult all boils down to the parents. Remember the good old days where if you ever got scolding or even a beating from your teacher, and you go back home to tell your parents about it, you would get additional scolding / beatings from your parents in addition to your them agreeing with every word the teacher said. Now let's fast forward to today. If a kid just complains to his parent that the teacher is too fierce, the principal would probably recieve an email, letter or phone call from the parent asking the principal to take that teacher in hand without even trying to find out what the kid did to provoke such a situation.

Listen up parents, kids are not made of gold. If you don't want any form of outside influence on your kid then you better home school him all the way to university. A kid has to experience to learn. If you take away all the oppurtunities to experience the real world, he's better off wearing diapers until he's 80. Trust me, I've been through some heavy pampering during my childhood so I should know. There are so many things that you will never learn if you don't go through stuff without someone always there to back you up.

But perhaps I shouldn't be grumbling about all these because without the advancements in technology, I wouldn't be doing the job I'm doing right now. What ever the case, I always believed that the education system in Singapore is just too darn fake. They only focus on the cream of the crop and leave the rest to die.

Anyhow written on Apr 19, 2007 at 1:50 PM

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PPP : Mortgage Lowdown

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Anyhow written onat 9:34 AM

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Wordless Wednesday : Guess-It 7

Ok people time for this week's guess-it. Believe me, I didn't know what it was when I saw it too.

Guess It 7

HINT : It is about the size of a 15 inch CRT Monitor

Answer will be posted on Friday's post. Good luck!

Anyhow written on Apr 18, 2007 at 10:55 AM

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PPP : Las Vegas

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Anyhow written onat 9:57 AM

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Security Policy

Have you noticed the recent change in Singapore since the terror attacks started around the world? I know Singapore is world-reknown to be kiasu and stuff, but don't you think that this is a little too much?

I mean, have you noticed the number [or lack of] of rubbish bins in Singapore? Previously you could find rubbish bins at every turn you make just because Singapore was trying to emulate the 'Clean and Green' policy to the public. But immediately after the terror attacks, you had to hold your rubbish for an average of 10 minutes [yes, I physically counted before] before you could throw it away into a rubbish bin. And even then, you wouldn't be throwing it as you happen to pass by a rubbish bin, but rather spot a rubbish bin in some secluded area of the shopping centre and have to specifically walk to it to throw your rubbish. I think they are just encouraging us to litter.

And that's not all. I believe most of you would have received this email by now, but if you haven't here's a look at how prepared our security officers are to protect us from crisis...

Dear Mr. Foo,

My name is Sandra Tan (I/C number 7328669G). It is with great
disappointment and distress that I am filing a complaint to you with
regards to my situation.

My family (including myself, my husband, my daughter, and my son) planned a
Darwin holiday for the March school vacation period and was supposed to
depart on 09 March. Unfortunately, we were put in a situation by the
security officers at the departure terminal, that was way beyond our
control and we were not able to make our trip. The following is an account
of what had happened : -

I entered the Immigration gantry at about 7.15pm with my daughter (Belle
Lee, 13 yrs old) to have our passport scanned and our hand carry luggage
checked whilst my husband (Lee Ming Chong) stayed behind with my son (Caius
Lee, 8 yrs old) at the ticketing counter to sort out my son's visa. After
having mine and my Belle's passport scanned, we proceed to the security
gantry to have our hand luggage and our bodies scanned. Belle passed the
security gantry first, whilst I followed right behind her. A lady officer
asked me to remove my boots for scanning, and I did as told immediately and
put my boots inside the basket provided, for it to be scanned together with
my hand luggage. I then proceed to the metal detector of which I cleared
without the gantry beeping or detecting any metal objects. I was then asked
to collect my luggage and my boots. In the mean time, Belle was throwing
away a sweet wrapper and retuning to me and saw me putting on my boots.
Belle then asked casually "Mummy, why do you have to remove your shoes?"
Whilst putting on my boots, I replied her and said that "they (the security
officers) are afraid that we might keep bombs in our shoes (which is why I
need to take it off to have it scanned)"

Immediately, a security officer standing at the conveyor belt (Stephen S
Naidira) who was standing in front of me said with a very rude tone "repeat
what you just said". I clarified with him what he meant - is it for me to
repeat what I had told my daughter? He said loudly again, to repeat what I
had just said. So I did exactly what he told me. I said to him that "my
daughter asked me why I need to take off my shoes, and I told her that you
guys (the security officers) are afraid that we will keep bombs in our
shoes." He immediately asked me to stand aside and said that he had to
report it to his superior that I said the word "bomb" twice. Then an Indian
lady (Sivamalar) at the customs started hurling at me and my daughter and
said that I said the word "bomb" twice and it is against the law and I can
be sent to jail and they are calling the police. She (Sivamalar) was so
loud and rude and she shoved us to the side, and refused to listen to my
explanation. In fact, she got so aggressive that another officer Ricky Lim
(I guess it's her supervisor) had to come forward to stop her from further
attacking me and my daughter verbally, and specifically asked Sivamalar to
"shut up". I told Ricky Lim that I would like to know the names of his
staff because their attitude and rudeness were simply beyond any acceptable
level. Immediately Sivamalar got so angry and aggressive that she started
charging at Ricky Lim and hurled "What?! What?! What?! She (she meant me)
said the word "Bomb" twice, so what is wrong with arresting her (which is
me) and we were told that if we heard the word twice, we will arrest!!" At
that time, Stephen S Naidira came to me again to intimidate me further by
asking me to repeat what I said earlier to my daughter again. I refused to
repeat again then because I believe he was deliberately asking me to repeat
so that he can count the number of times that I mentioned the word "bomb".
I also believe that that the officers were deliberately provoking me by
being rude and intimidating, in the hope that I will retaliate in kind,
thereby making their unreasonable actions justifiable.

Despite my anger and the fact that my daughter was scared to tears by the
situation, I knew I had to keep my cool. I sat aside with my daughter
taking down names of the personnel involved on my mobile phone. I was told
to wait for another officer of a higher rank to decide on the matter, and I
was still hoping whoever the higher ranked officer that was coming will
have the logical thinking to acknowledge that what I had said to my
daughter was a simple, harmless private conversation taken completely

At about 7.30pm, the Sergeant-in-charge, Amran Buang came. After I
explained the full context of the incident to him, he refused to make a
decision and decided to escalate it further to the Auxilary Police and
State Police. He said that the word "bomb" is very sensitive and I should
not have mentioned it twice. I explained to him that I did not know saying
the word "bomb" is against the law, and I further explained that I did not
say the word "bomb" in a threatening context to the officer, the word
"bomb" was taken completely out of context as part of an answer to my
daughter's question. Despite my explanation, he said he cannot make the
decision and my case has to be escalated to higher authorities.

Meanwhile, at about 7.40pm, my son's visa cleared and my husband and my son
came in through the customs. After knowing what had happened, my husband
tried to talk to Sergeant Amran Buang, further explaining to him that we
are just a family going on holiday and what I have said to my daughter had
been taken out of context. Again, no one was bothered to listen. And again,
we were told to wait for another officer with an even higher ranking. With
time ticking away and at 7.55pm with no sign of the higher authorities
appearing, we knew then our hope of boarding our flight had diminished.

Whilst waiting, Stephen S Naidira (the security officer) gathered with a
few security officers at the side, including Sivamalar to discuss how they
should present their statement to the police when they arrive later to make
sure that they are adequately covered, and that they are just following the
rule and doing what they were told to do. They said by insisting that they
are taking actions "by-the-book", they would be ok.

I hope by now you have a clear picture of the situation. My kids were both
crying then, with more and more policemen arriving which scared the living
daylights of them, and with no hope to continue our holiday plans. I
believe every action inside the terminal is recorded and I would insist
that your review the CCTV recordings on that night to know that I am only
stating the truth without exaggeration. You can also see that during the
entire episode, I was not at any point defiant or rude or refused any
further check by the officers, despite the infuriating situation that me
and my family were put through.

I know it is important to stay vigilant to protect Singapore. I have young
children, I know how important it is, which is why I complied without
complaining when I had to remove my boots for scanning. However, here is an
obvious case of the security officers trying to get away with their
rudeness and aggressiveness by taking things way beyond what was necessary,
in the name of following the security protocol. They were really angry when
I asked for their names from Mr. Ricky Lim, and they knew very well then
that they can abuse their power to make things very difficult for me and my

At around 8.05pm, we were informed by the Tiger Airways personnel that the
plane will have to depart and they will off-load our luggage from the
plane. At around 8.10 p.m., the State Police and other policemen arrived to
take our statement.

In the entire episode, the State Police and the SWISS PORT personnel were
the only ones who conducted themselves professionally and offered us
consolation and meaningful advice. They have also at some stages
expressed their personal views that they acknowledged this incident was
gravely mis-handled on the part of the security officers. The State Police
further confirmed that there is no case against us, and they would just
need to complete the paperwork.

The Budget Terminal manager came to meet me and said that whilst he
empathized with our situation, it is an airport security protocol and
frankly, it's "just too bad" that this happened to us.

My statement and my daughter's statement only completed at about 10.45p.m.
The counter service staff, Ms Nur Aisah Bte Ali Hassan was very helpful and
advised us on our next steps. She was kind enough to ask us to return the
next day to change the traveling dates and advised the additional charges

I am not given a report for this case, but my case number with the State
Police is P/20070309/0015. I was already told by the State Police that the
case is closed without further action.

For the ordeal that my family had been put through, I would want an
official reply from CAAS and all relevant authorities addressing the
following : -

Whether the security officers were trained to handle passengers with such
bad attitude and rudeness and if such actions by them are condoned by
authorities. I would insist you to refer to the CCTV recordings during
the period of the incident.

What actions would be taken by CAAS and all relevant authorities with
reference to both the security officers, Mr. Stephen S Naidira ad Ms.
Sivamalar, for their unruly behavior and attitude? Surely, characters as
such do not belong to a national airport that aspired to be a world class
traveling hub.

What actions would be taken by CAAS and all relevant authorities with
reference to Sergeant Amran Buang, who had the authority to end this
episode promptly, but instead decided to prolong our ordeal for no
justifiable cause? Is it a protocol that even after establishing the
facts that we, as a family poses no security threat, there is still a need
to escalate the matter to the authority and have the State Police and other
policemen carry out a full investigations only to end up in vain? Why is it
that even at level of Sergeant, whom I reckon is better educated,
experienced, and able to make logical sense of the whole situation, refuse
to make a simple decision and end our ordeal quickly? Is this a Singapore
civil service practice where decision making is pushed and shoved from one
level to another no matter how obvious what the final decision should be
from the very beginning?

Whether all the officers concern are properly trained and competent to
handle such situation. Besides hardware ( i.e. the protocol book), are they
taught to apply the software (i.e. common senses)? Is it really a protocol
that as long as the word "bomb" is mentioned twice by a person (once being
asked to repeat by the officer) ??then no matter what context, tone,
situation and profile of the person who said it, it would not be taken into
consideration? What if my
daughter instead of asking me a simple question about my shoes,
decided to say: "mummy, according to news report, there are speculations
that the recent Indonesian air crash may be attributed to a bomb inside the
plane." Would your security officer would come up to her and ask her to
repeat one more time, and she would be put under arrest? Your staff kept
telling me that saying the word "bomb" in the airport is illegal and I can
go to jail. They quoted newspaper examples of how people have gone to jail
because of that. I think your staffs need to be trained to understand and
differentiate situations and circumstances. As far as I knew, the people
that went to jail had VERBALLY THREATENED staff members in the aviation
service or had DELIBERATELY caused public alarm using sensitive words. My
case was clearly none of the above. Even if, I am saying if, indeed its
illegal to mention the word "bomb" in the airport no matter what context,
the person involved need to be warned ahead of time. You cannot arrest a
person for committing something illegal when the person has no idea that
the word is illegal in the first place. Your staff could have given me a
verbal warning to say that such sensitive words should be refrained in the
airport and I would have walk away remembering the warning. But instead,
they decide to let the matter escalate further.

Who is to compensate for the expenses that are already incurred and
forfeited for this trip, and our emotional stress and duress during the
entire episode? The total cost incurred, including air tickets,
accommodation, and land tours amount to about $4,200. We had to put up with
hours of humiliation with more than twenty policemen and officials
surrounding us, questioning us, checking our luggage through and through.
We had put up with never-ending questioning from different departments, and
best of all, repeated checks on my same pair of boots. My kids were
terrified, puzzled, disappointed and exhausted from this entire ordeal. My
husband and I are left with one week of applied leave and no vacation and
holiday to look forward to.

I would like to state that not everyone that we came across in this episode
had been unpleasant. I wish to take this opportunity to express my
gratitude for the empathy shown by the State Police and the SWISS PORT

I will be waiting for your reply. Please let me know when to expect it in
email. In the mean time, I may seek legal advice for my rights and
entitlement in this incident.

Yours sincerely

Sandra Tan Hong Lian
I/C : S7328669G
Blk 148, Tampines Ave. 5
#04-284, Singapore 521148
Mobile : 81236990

Anyhow written on Apr 17, 2007 at 2:21 PM

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Anyhow written onat 7:43 AM

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Work or Play

If you think Microsoft is all work and no play, you've got it wrong. And here's the proof. Microsoft office is not only for work purposes. They included a hidden game in Excel for those people bored enough to find it. But I wonder which idiot was the one who really found it. He just have had too much time on his hands.

Here's the video. Watch and learn.

Anyhow written on Apr 14, 2007 at 10:40 AM

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Anyhow written onat 10:23 AM

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I Forget My Handphone

Today is one of the few days that I managed to forget to bring my handphone out. Normally I would feel very akward if I leave my house without my handphone or my wallet but today that feeling only came to me on the bus.

Speaking of handphones, unless you are living in an extremely technologically backward country where they still use pigeons to send Short Messages and drop a shit or 2 on your enemies in the the process, you would have realised that the handphones of today can do much more than what they were primarily invented to do. Some of them have built-in cameras that can out-snap stand-alone cameras bought 2 years ago, while others have the capability to become a stand-in Ipod or now even a portable sound system.

I can understand why you need a built-in camera to bring with you where ever you go cos you don't really know when you might spot a Kodak moment but yet do not have a camera with you. But the idea of using your handphone as an Ipod? If you're like me who loves to have his music whenever he travels from point A to point B and vice versa, I bet your handphone battery won't even last you through the day. And I can't believe how people can say that the sound quality from the handphone can match that of a full-fledged MP3 player. Apart from Sony Ericsson, no other brands of handphone speakers can even come close to the sound quality produced by an MP3 player, let alone match it. As for using earphones, I don't know cos I'm not an avid fan of my music from a handphone.

And speaking about forgetting handphones, I suspect I can actually tell the future sometimes. Take today for example. When I came out of the shower, I took a look at my handphone on my desk and said to myself: "If I don't take it now, I'm sure to forget to bring it to work." Normally this thought doesn't even cross my mind on a typical day. But coincidently on this day, after that thought crossed my mind, I proceeded to turn on the laptop and do a bit of surfing, totally forgetting to put my handphone in my pocket the same way I do everyday. And true enough, only after I left home and boarded the bus to work, I finally realised that my premonition came true... again. Cos this was not the first time something like this happened.

Another incident was when I was on the bus to work, I unconciously took my handphone from my pocket and placed it on my lap. Again, something I don't normally do on normal days. Then this thought came to mind "Would I forget that my handphone is there, and just stand up and walk off leaving my handphone on the floor?" I immediately shrugged it off, telling myself that I would not forget my phone. And guess what happened? Yup, u got it. EXACTLY THE SAME THING!

And this one was the best of all. Again I put my handphone on my lap, but this time I was used to it cos I have been doing so for a few months now. As I was seated at the rear end of the bus, I noticed this metal plating on the floor with many grooves on it and immediately another thought came to mind "If my handphone were to drop there face down, it would surely be scratched beyond repair." And then guess what happened? I reached my stop, stood up, completely forgetting that my phone was on my lap, took the first step forward before noticing a flying handphone, and I managed to land my handphone face down on the plate and at the same time, step on it and slide it about 2 cm across the metal plating. Yup. Just as the mirror on wall said.

If I can predict the future so well, why can I just predict a couple of 4D numbers?

Anyhow written on Apr 13, 2007 at 10:32 AM

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Anyhow written onat 7:43 AM

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My @#$%^& Nose

For those of you who don't already know, I have an ultra sensitive nose, and I'm not talking about the ability to smell things from far. I have been tortured by through my nose [literally] since I was a teeny boy. From young, I was a regular at my family doctor's for runny and block noses. Almost every other week he would get to see me and earn my money, to a point where I could even remember the medicine that he was going to prescribe to me.

My mose gets irritated at the slightest of things. A cold night. Lack of sleep. A little dust. A friend who has a cold, sitting in the same car. Any of these situations would almost definitely cause me to wake up the next day with a dripping nose. And what's worse, sometimes they even let their powers combine. Have you ever had the nightmare of both sides of your nose being blocked and yet 1 side is dripping like a tap? Or vice versa, where both sides are dripping like taps and yet 1 side is blocked like a cock in a bottle? I've had plenty.

And today is one of those days. Couldn't really figure out why I kept waking up in mid-sleep last night for no apparent reason for almost 5 to 6 times. But now I think I've figured out why. My body was trying to tell me that something was wrong and to be prepared for the worst tommorrow. So here I am now at my desk, which is overflowing with tissue paper, having a hard time trying to concentrate on my work. And to make matters worse, I still have night lessons at SIM after work, where I need to drive from office to SIM and from SIM back home. Today is definitely not a good day. Hope my nose will come to its senses before I knock off from work.

You Are the Middle Finger

A bit fragile and dependent on your friends, you're not nearly as hostile as you seem.
You are balanced, easy to get along with, and quite serious.
However, you can get angry and fed up with those around you. And you aren't afraid to show it!

You get along well with: The Index Finger

Stay away from: The Pinky

Anyhow written on Apr 12, 2007 at 10:59 AM

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Anyhow written onat 9:37 AM

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Wordless Wednesday : No Guess-It?

Unfortunately I have been pretty busy this week therefore I haven't got a chance to find something unusual for you guys to guess today. So let's all take a break from guessing and just enjoy this poem-picture I made when I was kinda feeling down in the past. It has always been on my sidebar if you haven't noticed.

The Rose

Anyhow written on Apr 11, 2007 at 10:21 AM

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One great place to start of with your skin care is skincare-md. Having been in the business since 1972, you can be assured that you won't be short-changed in terms of experience. Not only does it have a wide range of products catering from everyday skin preservation to more serious problems like acne and Chemical Peels. What's more you can order any of their products online and have them delivered to your doorstep for a small shipping fee. So why not let your skin shine to it's fullest potential? Head on down and take a look now!

Anyhow written onat 9:12 AM

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I Kiss My Laptop At Night

Now, before you go jumping to any conclusions that I'm a psychotic IT-pervert who kisses his screen while watching computer animated porn, give me a chance to explain myself. Every night, I HAVE to kiss my laptop. Unless I don't use it for that night.

Not because I love it to bits, but rather because those damn Acer manufacturers don't have the brains to ensure that their measly pieces of rotating metal they call CPU fans have the ability to keep their laptops cool enough for NORMAL usage. I'm not talking about those hardcore 12-hour gaming sessions, but rather just a normal 2 to 3 hours of internet surfing and some gaming.

Eveyone knows that Acer laptops are famous for overheating to the point that some actually tried to cook eggs on it, but who ever knew that mine would overheat to a point where it would literally turn itself off. This has happened consistantly almost everyday after just 2 to 3 hours of play, which of course produced a very frustrated Anyhow who, in a fit of rage, shot an email to Acer's technical support giving them a piece of my mind [more like an avalanche of my mind], which up till today they haven't replied to. This continued for a few weeks until I found the secret. And the secret is to give it CPR. I'M NOT KIDDING!

After every game of DOTA that I play, I have to become a human cooling machine and give the laptop CPR for about 2 minutes just to ensure that the insides are cool enough to last me another game. Now, before you start LOL-ing and LMAO-ing, telling me not to be stupid and buy a mini fan to cool my laptop with, let me tell you that I did buy a USB fan, only for it to work fine a few days, and after which, becomes a white elephant as my laptop constantly tells me time and time again that 'The USB device has exceeded it's power limit', resulting in the mini fan becoming more of a mini ferris wheel.

So until I find the time to buy a mini fan that plugs into a power point, I'll just have to keep kissingy laptop every night and hope for the best. Just for your info, there where a few times where I blowed so hard that I actually felt giddy for a few moments after. From this day on, I condemn all Acer laptops. But I heard their desktops are still ok. Well, that's another story for another time maybe.

Anyhow written on Apr 10, 2007 at 9:52 AM

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Bowling Good Times

Yesterday was Pipi's good friend's birthday so the bunch of them [plus me, the boyfriend] met up to celebrate for her. Well, there wasn't really much celebration, rather just a simple lunch at HANS and than a few games of bowling after that. Oh, and as usual, girls being girls, they sat down at a cafe for a few good hours to chat up about each other's lives.

But I was quite surprised that my bowling skills hasn't deteriorated ever after such a long absence from the lanes. My first round was nothing to brag about since I didn't even hit 100, but my second round got my close to my average score when I was bowling almost once every week during my secondary school days. I got a wooping 138 for my second game after not touching a bowling ball for almost half a year maybe?

And I owe all this to my dad, in a strange sort of way. I still remember when I was a little Anyhow, short, [ok, I'm still short, but I was way shorter back than] kuku glasses and super nerdy-looking. My dad used to bring me bowling almost every other week. He taught me the basics, the walk, the swing and the final pose [complete with the throwing side leg curtsied over to the other side], but try as he might, he could never get me to throw a straight ball. My ball would always stray to the left or right when ever I stood in the middle of the lane.

Few months from that, I saw professional hook bowlers on TV and I was literally hooked. The style, power and striking ability they had was just so cool. And from that moment on, I told myself that I was going to be a hook bowler too. of course, I didn't have the moeny to make a personal hook ball, hence I ended up trying to master the art of hooking with house balls. Which kinda made me look like a noob, throwing almost 50% of my throws into the gutters and 80% of the remaining balls would only hit a maximum of 5 pins, resulting in scores much less than my straight bowling.

This invoked a lot of comments from my dad. Everytime I throw a hook ball, the same wise words would come from his mouth, "House balls are not ment for throwing hook balls! You need fingertip balls to do that! Stop wasting money by throwing all the balls into the gutter!" Well, a well known sports company once advertised "Impossible is a just a big word created by small men who use it as an excuse for something that they can't do. Impossible is NOTHING" Or something to that extent. Well dad, look at me now, throwing hooks with normal looking house balls like nobody's business. Ask Pipi if you don't believe that I got 138 by hooks, even for those pesky number 7 and 10 pins at the corner of the lanes. Nothing is impossible if you put your heart to it.

So anybody up for a round of bowling or 2 just gimmie a buzz ok?

Anyhow written on Apr 9, 2007 at 10:53 AM

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And the Answer Is...

This week's guess it was kinda tough, so it was no surprise that nobody got it right. Well, guess you guys just have to try again next week. Just a question, are the Guess-It's a little too challenging? Cos we've only had 3 weeks out of 6 where winners were found. Gimmie some feedback ya?

And as for this week's answer...


Here's a clearer shot from the top. Any better guesses yet?


Like I said, it could be opened up... on both sides actually...


To become a portable speaker that runs on batteries so that...

You can connect your mp3 player and blast your music for all to share anywhere u wanna!

Watch out for next week's Guess-It for more guessing fun!!

Anyhow written on Apr 6, 2007 at 3:56 PM

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My first day back to school

GuessIt PostIt

As all of you know, Tuesday night was my virgin night [this just doesn't sound right] at my new school, and it was definitely quite an experience for us. Firstly, both the travelling time and traffic were super packed. I knock off at 5.30 and it takes almost 1 and a half hours to reach the campus in Clementi, which is just in time for the lesson that starts at 7pm. Hence my dinner has been reduced to sugar donuts bought from the bakery during lunch time. Although they do provide some small bites during the half-time break during the lecture, it's hardly enough for guys like me to fill our stomachs with.

Oh, and talking about the lecture, it was practically packed to the brim too. The lecture hall could easily accommodate around 300/400 seated students but when the lecture started there were still people who couldn't get a seat. So much so that they actually called me up yesterday to ask if I was willing to swap to the Saturday lecture instead. Of course I wasn't! Who would want to waste their Saturday going to school! The lecturer himself was quite engaging, not surprising since he was an ang-moh, and I quite enjoyed the leture, although everything was going at a lightning pace.

Pipi's sister was right, Uni studies is so much different from poly studies. Trust me, you will never be able to catch up with the pace if you don't go back and revise a little when you're at home. And guess what, I feel that I'm adopting back to stuy mode quite nicely! I tried to write up my own notes from the lecture material yesterday and although it took slightly longer than previously, I must say I'm still quite pleased with the result.

And one more thing, there were so many young girls attending the lecture too. Well, anyone that looks younger than me definitely would be young. 18-20 year olds, seated together and giggling away while comparing some photos on their handphones. Maybe I'll get to know a few new friends sometime soon, but as of now I still haven't seen a single familiar face or anyone that is taking the same course as I am. Still have to do a bit of searching I guess.

Anyhow written on Apr 5, 2007 at 1:49 PM

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Disclaimer : There is always a risk of loss while trading Futures, options and forex.

Anyhow written onat 10:46 AM

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Wordless Wednesday : Guess-It 6

Welcome back to Wordless Wednesday : Guess-It Series 6. In the spirit of WW, let's keep the text to the minimum. So go on and give it a guess, this week's Guess-It is slightly tougher than last week's.


Hint : It's white, and it can be opened up.

Answer will be posted on Friday Night. Good Luck~
P.S. Sorry for the low quality picture this week. My handphone is still not repaired so I had to use another lousier one.

Anyhow written on Apr 4, 2007 at 8:54 AM

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Anyhow written onat 7:35 AM

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My apologies to anyone that read my post yesterday about me going to back to school for the first time. Yesterday was Pipi's 1st day back to school, not mine. Mine is today. So I'll be rushing off to SIM after hitting the publish button for this post.

At work I am a multi-purpose personel. I think I should be paid more, not for the amount of work that I do, but for the different variety of work that I do. Today I became a printer repairman. Paper stuck on the printer rollers? Use anyhow's fingers to scrape them off, and getting a small blister on one of them in the process. Spring / Lock mechanism spoilt? Use anyhow's creativity to stick a piece of plastic from an empty printer ink cartrage to fake the system into thinking it's working.

The official printer repairman costs $35 juts to come down and take a look... Maybe I should start charging for additional services...

Anyhow written on Apr 3, 2007 at 5:26 PM

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PPP : 1K Tuesday

$$$ This is a PayPerPost Advert $$$

I have been a PayPerPost fanatic for almost half a year now, and they have always been the one to come out with fantastic ideas for their posties to keep coming back for more. For those of you who still don't know what is PayPerPost, they are a cool online company that relies on blog advertising from everyday bloggers like us to make a living. Just by writing a few hundred words about an advertiser's product, or sometimes even less than that, you'll get paid a cool amount of cold hard cash. You choose what you want to write and how you want to write it.

And now with the introduction of 1K Tuesday, things will be heating up among the posties. What is 1K Tuesday? 1K Tuesday equals to US$1000 cash! Every Tuesday between 12AM to 12PM, PayPerPost will be releasing at least one 1K oppurtunity with no segmentation guaranteed. This means that even low traffic blogs like mine will have an equal chance of scoring the big bucks if we're able to catch that oppurtunity. Read more about 1K Tuesday on their blog. This oppurtunity only runs for the month of April so if you have yet to sign up with them, this could be a good time to start with PayPerPost. I'll definitely be looking out for today's 1K Tuesday.

Anyhow written onat 7:34 AM

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Back to School Again

Tonight will be my first day back to school after almost 2 and a half years of not using my brain for acadamic purposes. And no, this is not a late April Fool's joke. I will be starting my bridging for Maths lessons at SIM tonight. Which means extremely long travelling times from my workplace to school and then an even longer trip back home.

But most importantly, it's the start of another new chapter in my monotonous life. Hopefully this chapter will be filled with more excitement and colours. I'm also thinking of joining their dance club [if they even have one] or singing club when I get there. But all these can wait. Right now the main objective is to get a good grade for my bridging so that the following 2 and a half years ahead will be somewhat smooth sailing.

Wish me luck... Hope I won't fall asleep at the very first lecture I'm attending.

Anyhow written on Apr 2, 2007 at 4:40 PM

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PPP : Car Insurance

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Anyhow written onat 2:29 PM

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