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Chapter 2 Concluded. Awaiting 3 and 4

The next chapter of my assignment life has been concluded. After countless days and nights of flipping through textbooks, overusage of google and wikipedia search engines and the more-than-occasional msn mass chat discussions, I can proudly say that I have completed by assignments right on schedule.

So here's another peek at the final outputs that have my brain juices splashed all over those pieces of white paper in the form of laser-printed alphabetical text.

The A2 Files

Oh, by the way, let me introduce a new word to all you students out there who have and will still be doing more and more assigments and presentations over the course of these years...

Today's blog entry is brought to you by the letter B, and by the word


Bullshitify: Pronouced bull.shit.ti.fy. A difficult and complexed technique of using bullshit to beautify the answers of writeups in the form of assignments, projects and reports. A combination of the words bullshit and beautify, hence the word bullshitify.

Hopefully bullshitifying techniques in this submission will be just as good or even better than the previous one so that I can maintain my goal of a B grade average. If not, I can also burn all my textbooks and slow-boil the ashes from 3 pots into 1 bowl and drink it. Hopefully that will give me all the knowledge I need to complete the other 2 assignments as well as the final exam. It always works in the movies right?

Anyhow written on Jan 30, 2008 at 5:54 PM

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Chinese New Year Shopping

Spend the entire Saturday hunting up and down Bugis for some new clothes to wear for Chinese New Year. I practically flipped the entire Bugis Street upsize-down and inside-out but I just couldn't find anything that was to my liking.

I really don't understand the fashion nowadays. It seems that in every shop that I stepped into, all their clothes looked exactly the same. Either they have a huge skateboarding brand printed across the front of the T-shirt, or its just a bunch of messy lines that looks like an artpiece that a 3 year old came up with. Oh, and I even saw this shirt where they had cartoon drawings of different kinds of breasts [yup, you heard me right] and linked them to the different kinds of fruits around the world.

Where in the world have all the cool and funky clothes gone to? Even my trusted DC Superheroes shop was a letdown. After about an hour or so of squeezing with all the young bengs and lians and a few black-skinned people who kept annoucing to the world that they were tourists, I decided to give up on the "Biggest Street Market in Singapore" and head on back to Bugis Junction. At least I spotted 1 shirt that I kinda liked in there while spending quality time with myself and waiting for my friends to arrive. So it seemed fated that I would only be going home with that piece of cloth today.

However, to my surprise, I actually missed out 1 cool shop while window shopping. And it was in that Newbie shop that I found my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So after an entire day of shopping, I managed to grab 2 new T-shirts and even got 1 for PiPi. Oh, by the way, I loved the bags that they came in too...

Cool Bags
My 2 new stylo-milo bags

New Clothes
At least I didn't go back empty handed

Mousey T
I wanted to get this in black but it looked over-cute on me, so PiPi got it instead

Anyhow written on Jan 28, 2008 at 4:16 PM

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Many Gatherings

From Secondary schoolmates to ex-Taekwondo friends, and now army CCI instructors. The start of 2008 has been filled with gatherings and catch-ups with old friends. Kinda makes me wanna turn the clock back to my secondary school days where life was all about fun and play. No study stress, no assignment deadlines, no freakingly extravagantly high school fees.

Just 2 weeks ago, I attended a long overdue gathering with my ex-TKD mates. It seems that this seems to be the trend with people who were previously interested in TKD. After a certain age, you just seem to feel that TKD is more of a commitment rather than a budding interest. You start to drift apart from the art, and gradually stop going for any practices at all. Out of the 14 or 15 of us who were once what you would call TKD-siao, only 2 are still considerably active in the sport now. And the most common reason for leaving? Not having any motivation to train. I mean, what's the point of spending almost half of your free time teaching and training in the art? At the end of the day, you can't really make a living out of teaching unless you dedicate your whole life to it, and even if you are some superfighter in Singapore, any Tom, Dick or Harry on the streets of Korea could beat you blindfolded. Where does that leave you then?

Another happening gathering happened just last Saturday with my Secondary school friends. It was fun to reminiscence the good old times as well as our love/hate relationships with our teachers. And the best part of it was that although it wasn't a very organised gathering to begin with, no less than 14 people turned up in the end. Imagine, one night on MSN, a mass chat was started by some secondary school friends, inviting more and more people as they went along. After a while, somebody said something about having a gathering at a certain location on a certain date at a certain time. No further contact was made between the friends after that but amazingly, so many of us actually turned up on that date itself!

And the fun doesn't end there. Tommorrow I will be attending another gathering with my army friends after more than 1 year of non-contact. I suppose it is going to be another unforgetable gathering that I won't soon be forgetting if I forget any gatherings any time soon. But for now it's time for me to get back to chionging my assignment which is due at the end of next week. Rawr!

Anyhow written on Jan 22, 2008 at 3:25 PM

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Of Old And New

I'm supposed to be doing my assignement right now but since I just came out of the shower and it's raining pigs and monkeys outside, I think it would do no harm to take 15 minutes to update my lil old blog.

Anyway, it is a well known fact that Singapore is facing an aging population. Simply put, it means that in the near future, we are going to have more old people than our young people can take care of. Personally I feel that old people should have thought of how they are going to provide for themselves before they got old, and not expect their children to feed them and pay for their household expenses every month. Now before you come spearing me with all that filial piety shit, and all that "your parents are the ones who provided you with food and stuff when you were a baby blah blah blah", give me 10 seconds to explain my view.

Yes, parents are the ones who provide for you when you are a baby, giving you food, housing and TLC until the point where you grow up. But that doesn't mean that it is EXPECTED that children MUST provide for their parents. Unless your parents lost their limbs when they were like 45 and do not have any ability to make a decent living, the children should only be expected to help to support the family as best as they can. But that doesn't mean that the parents should retire at the age of 50 and sit on their uncomfortable wooden rocking chairs and wait for the daily neccessities to be handed to them on a silver platter.

They too should be engaged in the society, albeit taking up a less stressful job that at least gives them a sense of satisfaction. At least it beats sitting at home waiting for the money leaves to fall and the brain to rot. I definitely wouldn't want to be a liability to my future children [if any]. We are not in historical China any more people. Respect is no more an entitlement, it has to be earned.

Let's come back to our topic on aging population. [seems like the digrression went a little too far there] Anyway, like I said, there is going to be more and more old people around. In fact, there aleady IS a whole lot of old people around. And thus we need a dumping ground for the old and feeble. And I believe that Simei is one of them. There are already 2 funerals happening concurrently within a 5 block radius of my home right now. In fact, one of them is directly under my block. When I turned into my carpark this afternoon, I had to follow a slow paced hearse turning within the mazy carpark of my neighbourhood all the way to my block. Luckily it was still empty.

Oh, and by the way, I got a new hairstyle from James. It's different from my old spiky head although the top is still a little spiky but shorter. The only thing about this hairstyle that I don't like is that I don't have the additional 4 cm that came with my old hair. So feast your eyes on new bad boy look!

My New Hairstyle

Anyhow written on Jan 15, 2008 at 4:49 PM

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Deal or No Deal

I feel sorry for that guy who just finished playing deal or no deal. He got a whooping total of $150 that was in his suitcase. How grand. And his wife didn't seem happy at all.

Actually, the entire show is all a scam. Well, not a SCAM scam, but rather the percentages shown on screen are not actually real. If I were ever on the show, I would never ever go all the way and open my suitcase. Why? Here's the logic.

Imagine that you have played through the entire game and are left with the choice between your suitcase or the banker's offer. That would make it a 50% chance that your suitcase is the one that would make you and instant half-millionaire right? WRONG!

They are just playing with your eyes and logical reasoning. When you first choose your suitcase, it was 1 out of 25, therefore we derive at a 4% chance that your suitcase is the one that contains the big one. Even after all the rest of the suitcases are removed, what makes you think that that 4% chance will change? You didn't add 4% to your chance percentage when you remove each suitcase, all you did was just remove 4% chance that your case is NOT the one with the big dough.

Still not convienced? Let me put it into perspective for you. Let's change the game rules so that you get to choose 1 out of 9,999 suitcases, where only 1 of them contains the $500,000. Once choosen, I remove the rest of the suitcases, leaving 1 last suitcase, telling you that the $500,000 is in either one of those 2 suitcases. Would you still think that your suitcase is the one with the biggy?

So if you are ever luckily enough to even get to be on the show, make sure to heed my advice and never ever open your own suitcase! Take the offer high enough to make you a happy man, say thank you to the banker and get the hell out of there!

Anyhow written on Jan 10, 2008 at 9:29 PM

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1st Post of 2008

Firstly, Merry New Year to all of you out there. Been a while since my last post. Felt kinda lazy to update these few days.

Anyway, went to PartyWorld KTV on New Year's Eve for a countdown with PiPi, Ah Soon and his auntie and cousins. We really had no plans at all, luckily Ah Soon was kind enough to invite us over.

All these while I always thought that PartyWorld was one of those KTVs where it was value for money if you went in a big group because the cost of the room would be shared. But what I didn't know was that on eves of public holidays, the even impose a stupid cover charge per head on all visitors. And the best part is no member or credit card discounts are entertained either.

So, comparing the $15 to $18 per person we usually pay on normal days to the $30 per head we paid on New Year's Eve, I advise all of those who go to KTVs not to visit Party World during the festive days. It's a complete rip off.

So anyway, nothing much happened during these few days of the new year, apart from me handing up my assignment 1 and getting ready to start burning more midnight oil on assignment 2. The only other non-school related activity was the fact that I helped Ah Soon for his 3rd to 4th Dan Taekwondo grading just yesterday.

Many people were worried if I could still fly/fall nicely and not injure myself because I had stopped my training for almost 3 whole years. But apparently during the training sessions with Ah Soon, my falling skills didn't seem to have deproved that much. I even had a sudden flashback of the good old times when I was packing my TKD clothes into my bag. But I guess memories are all they are.

Anyway, reached Toa Payoh around 4 and had to nua untl about 6 before I was needed to help him for his armed combat routine. Was a little nervous when I got down there as this was the first time in 3 years that I have re-donned a Taekwondo Gi and for that fact, was now facing the few biggest fucks in the Taekwondo Federation. But I think we managed to put up an impressive act. And I also think I managed to get a slight bump on my left elbow and my right whatever-you-call-it bone, you know, the bone between your hip and tail bone, slightly higher than your butt cheek? Yeah, THAT whatever-you-call-it bone. Well, Hope you pass your grading Ah Soon, although your sparring part wasn't that impressive.

After the grading, we wanted to head down to Tampines to catch National Treasure 2, so we promptly loaded up Ah Soon's van and zoomed off, hoping that we could reach there before the rain started. But to our dismay it started pouring heavily halfway there, and we had to change our plans and go further up to GV Yishun to prevent those seated in the open-air space behind the van from getting wetter than they already were.

After drying off at Yishun, we had a quick dinner at LJS, my favouritest fast food place in the whole widest world. It's cheap, accessable, and provides yummy, oily, sore-throat inducing fried food. Did I mention it is also cheap? The movie was great, although some parts were a little draggy, but otherwise, worth the whole $8 we each paid, since somebody had a SAFRA membership [Note To Self: Make moe friends with SAFRA memberships]. And so after an exciting day of fun-filled activities, home was the final pit-stop of the day.

And that leaves me with my final quote of the day:

It's better for the average girl to have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think.

Oh, and here's my first picture of 2008. Enjoy!

2008 TKD

Anyhow written on Jan 6, 2008 at 11:39 PM

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