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Dinner In The Dark

went down to my favouritous casual dining place for dinner during earth hour. Eighteen Chefs at Simei EastPoint. As part of their efforts to participate in Earth Hour, they switched off all the lights and everyone enjoyed their dinner by candlelight.

I came down a few seconds too late and ended up having to sit outside as the last table inside had just been taken up. But at least I managed to partake in the countdown to switching off the lights... 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Happy Earth Hour!

Earth Hour 1

Their service staff were decked out in funky gear created by lightsticks. One guy had green lightstick glasses while the cute cashier girl had yellow lightstick mickey mouse ears. There were also the bigger, thicker, non-bendable versions of the lightsticks provided on every table as well as candles floating in glasses to ensure that customers don't stuff pasta into their own nostrils.

Had my usual Tangy Tomato Chicken Sausage Cheese Baked Pasta student set meal while sharing the table with a chinese guy-indian girl couple and 2 sec school girls. Midway through my meal, a young malay kid dropped his glass of dessert just beside the table, resulting in a masasive shattering sound and an awkward silence of 1 whole second. But the strange thing was, the parents of the kid didn't even scold or attempt any form of physical punishment on the kid, but instead just gave piercing stares right through the little guy.

If it was a typical Chinese family, the story would have been entirely different. First, the kid would have gotten a massive scolding followed by some slaps on the hand or butt by his typical chinese mom, followed by some grumbling and lecturing by the typical chinese dad.

But anyway, I managed to snap a few shots after the couple left before making my way back home.

Candle Light Pasta

Candlelight Pasta

Candle Shot 1

My futile attempt to capture the candle flame no.1

Candle Shot 2

My futile attempt to capture the candle flame no.2

Candle Shot 3

Looks like a scene from some cheapo ghost flick.
Please pardon the messy hair.

On my way back after dinner, I spotted a massive crowd outside the main doors of Eastpoint. There was this percussion performance going on, by some all Malay group. Haven't you noticed that Malays really like to drum on random objects to create noise music? So anyway, this group was no different, apart from the fact that they had proper percussion instruments such as drums and those round things with the bells on it that go "ching, ching" when you hit it on your hand. [Sorry, suddenly just forgot what they are called]

So there they were happily drumming away in their own world and the beat was almost enjoyable. Then they finished up the song and invited the audience to try their hands on the instruments. At first I was tempted to go up and try one of the drums but after seeing and hearing all the kids rythemlessly whack on the rest of the instruments, I decided that I would rather save my ears from the torture and just head back home after buying dad's dinner.

So here I am, back in the comfort of my peaceful, air-conditioned room, 1 hour after Earth Hour, finishing my blog post and having totally nothing to do on a Saturday night, after spending the entire Saturday doing nothing except breaking highscores on facebook. I need a life. Can I borrow yours?

Anyhow written on Mar 28, 2009 at 10:06 PM

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Earth Hour: Saturday 28 March 2009, 8.30 - 9.30pm

Earth Hour

I'm sure many people have heard about Earth Hour 2009. It's a global event that is aimed at increasing awareness of the effects of global-warming on our planet. To be a part of this movement, all you have to do is switch off your lights from 8.30pm to 9.30pm tommorrow, 28 March.

But have you ever wondered how much impact switching off the lights for 1 hour would make? Well, for starters, switching off a typical fluorescent lamp in your house for 1 hour would save 100 watts. Multiply this by the 1 million votes the campaign aims to gather, and you would get an overall saving of 100,000,000 watts of power, which would be enough power to sustain the entire New York City for 12 whole minutes. How's that for an impact.

Sure, you might be a drop of water in the ocean, but try hard enough and the ripples that you make will be felt continents away. So stop contemplating. It's just 1 hour. Vote Earth. I am. Besides it would probably be a great spectacle to see an entire city in total darkness. As my blog song says: Make a change. Start with the man in the mirror.

Anyhow written on Mar 27, 2009 at 10:33 PM

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The Light Beckons

2 more days to Assignment 4 deadline and the end of my assignment headaches for this acadamic year. But I'm still stuck with 1 last assignment which I still have totally no idea how to get started.

It's so irritating when you have all the ingredients in the palm of your hand and yet have no idea how to cook them up to produce the meal you want.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel. But yet I'm rooted to the ground. I need to be enlightened. Maybe going up to the mountains to meditate will give me a clue on how to start...

Anyhow written on Mar 25, 2009 at 8:23 PM

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What Recession?

Singapore is going through one of the worst recessions in its history. My ASS. Woke up early and headed down to the Adidas Sale at Singapore Expo this morning. Arriving at the Expo at 1040am, knowing that the doors open at 11am, I was expecting to be one of the first few to step into the hall. I couldn't have been more wrong.

It seems that the typical Singaporean kiasu syndrome is back, stronger then ever. When I reached, there was already a queue from the entrance of Hall 5 all the way to the Donut Empire kiosk near the entrance of the Expo from the MRT. Not sure what I'm talking about? Here's a graphical representation for those graphical-minded people out there...

Adidas Sale Queue

The Queue

Adidas Sale Queue 1

See the people facing away from me? That's the TAIL of the queue.

Adidas Sale Queue 2

The Sale was happening at Hall 5 for your info. And I'm only outside Hall 6 after half and hour of waiting

Adidas Sale Queue 3

Finally got into the "Hall queue" after almost 45 minutes

But sad to say the Sale was hardly worth the queuing. The only thing that barely caught my attention among the entire sale was this white basketball shorts. Other than that, the rest of the items there were, how do you say, B-O-R-I-N-G. Even the sneakers section couldn't hold my attention for more than 2 minutes.

Spoils of the Day

So in the end I only ended up walking out after 1 hour of queuing, 10 minutes of shopping, 20 minutes of wondering aimlessly amoung the carts of seemingly identical clothes/jackets/shoes and 10 minutes of queuing to make payment, with a pair of $59.00 white basketball shorts that set me back by $25.00 and the best deal of the day, a FREE black Adidas plastic bag. Wow.

That's one reason why I am not an Adidas fan. All their products look like they were photocopied from another Adidas product, only differentiating itself from its predicesor by having an additional splash of paint here or an additional icon there. Why would anyone want to wear something that 20 other totally unrelated people in Orchard Road would be wearing on the same day? As a quote on some T-shirt goes "I'm not different. You're just all the same."

And after looking back at the infamous picture of the last IT Show over the last weekend, I am forced to repeat myself...

IT Show Crush


Anyhow written on Mar 20, 2009 at 2:27 PM

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Race To Witch Mountain

Watched Dwayne Johnson, as he prefers to be called now, in another disney movie, Race To Witch Mountain. Story plot was ok, as only imaginative Disney storywriters can come up with. And this time, Dwayne was only useful while in the cab, and a couple of fight scenes. Other than that he was just a nice visual addition to the scene.

Been feeling rather *seh* these few days. Not really sure why. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's my lack of sleep. Been feeling restless at home, physically tired even though I haven't been exercising in a long time, and today even got a slight headache and neckache.

I need some rejuvination. I need motivation. I need a drink from the Fountain Of Life.

Anyhow written on Mar 18, 2009 at 12:56 AM

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High Definition Photos Out Now!!

Woohoo! Finally got hold of the High Quality shots from the photoshoot. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves... Click them to view them at full size!!

DWZ Representatives

Group Photo

Playing In The Lifts

Playing In The Lifts

Jump! Jump!

My Favourite Shot!!

Attempted 7

My Attempt at 7

Credits: Koh Sze Kiat

Thanks for the wonderful shots man!

Anyhow written on Mar 13, 2009 at 9:56 PM

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In The Limelight Again

Up For Grabs

Went for a fun photoshoot with SIM photography club on Sunday with a few of my Dreamwerkz friends. All in all I think we spent almost 3 hours snapping away and the resulting photos did not disappoint. Still trying to get my hands on more photos, but in the meantime here are a couple for u to enjoy.

Dancing In the Lifts

Jump! Jump!


Anyhow written on Mar 12, 2009 at 3:23 PM

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Something's Not Right

Feeling very Emo today... Shall not elaborate...

Emo Me

Anyhow written on Mar 8, 2009 at 2:12 AM

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Is this a sign of things to come?

Prelims are starting tommorrow, I'm stuck in my room with a nose that thinks it's competing in a marathon, and I just read about the Merlion being struck by lightning.

Yes, you heard right. If you haven't been reading the news, Singapore's iconic attraction has been stuck on the head by lightning, leaving a hole on the top of its shiny white toupe. Mother Nature sure has a sense of humour.

With the current economic crisis and recession rearing its ugly head, what better way to reassure Singaporeans that everything will be fine than blasting a hole through the top of our national icon? But wait, it gets better. Heavy rain last night and during this afternoon should have ensured that the insides of the Merlion have been throughly 'cleansed' of evil spirits.

Most people say it's a bad omen, that something is about to get worse, with all fingers pointing to the economic crisis ahead of us. Some say it's a wake up call, telling Singaporeans not to be overly dependent on the government. I say it's a sign that tall, white people are more prone to be struck by lightning than their shorter asean counterparts, judging from the fact that nothing has happened to the shorter, smaller copies of the merlion around the rest of our island.

The 'ang mohs' will the ones feeling most of the pain of the recession, whereas we just have to endure the tremours and aftershocks that come from the opposite side of the globe.

As my grandmaster Oogui used to say "You must believeee..." Believe that we will get through this bad time. Believe that I won't flunk my prelims horribly. Believe that assignment 4 can be completed on time although the deadline is only 3 weeks away...

Damn, I got a lot of believing to catch up on...

Anyhow written on Mar 3, 2009 at 4:35 PM

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The Longest Days of My Life

Just spent the 2 longest days of my life this weekend... Doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And it was freaking tiring i tell you.

Try spending 48 hours not doing anything. And by anything, I mean ANYTHING, except the human necessities. No touching your computer or laptop, no reading of books, no forms of usage of your mobile phone, which includes talking or playing games on it, no watching of TV or listening to the radio. The only 3 things you can do is eat, sleep and bathe.

Even sleeping for 2 consecutive periods of 4 hours seemed like a nightmare. I really don't understand how people can spend their time doing nothing, even with your other half around.

Anyhow written on Mar 1, 2009 at 10:12 PM

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