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1 week without a post... Seems like I'm getting lazier by the week. Nothing much has been happening around me these few days apart from the fact that I finally recieved my personalized sling bag and the birthday celebration at O Bar for my cousin's 22nd birthday. Other than that, everyday's been the same old routine, wake up, go to work, come home for gaming, sleep.

If working life is really this boring, I think I'd rather convert to a monk and master my drunken-cockroach legs and flying-penguin fists. But at least now I'm able to bring my own laptop to work so I can get a game or 2 in when everybody except me is busy.

As for my new bag... Here's a picture taken from my precious N73. TADA!! Only those who know me well enough might know how to appriciate the art.

click for actual N73 image size

And the best part about this bag is my laptop just fits into the main compartment so I can bring it to work [and school next time] any time I want to!

Moving on, this Saturday was a very well spent day. Woke up early in the morning to go K-Lunch with what supposedly was to be a 61st Batch outing, but in the end turned out to be only JW, EZQ and me being available. Never the less, we had a great time singing and enjoying ourselves. I must say I think my singing on that day reached a whole new level. Hopefully it breaks the next level again during my company contest. After lunch, we spend a good few hours roaming aimlessly around the city hall area until EZQ had to go back and rest as the virus in his body got the better of him.

After that we had a good old-fashion chat with JW. Learnt many things about JW during those few hours. Number one, he's one heck of a talker. I never knew he could sit down and have a conversation for almost 2 hours without any akward moments in between.

After that we left for the main course of the night, my cousin's 22nd birthday bash at O Bar. I even tested my phone-camera in un-optimal conditions, with low-light and constantly moving backgrounds. And guess what? Most of the photos came out fine. I wouldn't say they are best quality photos, but at least they are still pleasing to the eye. The only set back was I didn't get to capture the birthday girl herself as there was a strong competitor amongst the crowd... An actual digital camera... As for my pictures, go ahead and take a look at what a camera phone can do in a pub...

Poor 1st attempt

Beautiful Us

One of the best shots of the nite. Quality!

Are you shy or just high? Red Cheeks!

Anyhow written on Nov 27, 2006 at 12:07 PM

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OMG New Phone

Finally after almost 2 years of ups and downs with her, we finally had to go our seperate ways. I know she feels heartbroken because the main reason of the breakup was not because of her, but rather a third party. Yes, a third party, who was slimmer, sleeker and if you look long enough, more beautiful and classy than her. And to top it off, my new love definitely has more assets than her. So much so that I even went as far as selling my previous love's body to another man. So here I am, saying goodbye, but remember love, the memories we had will always stay with me...

Goodbye my precious Nokia 7610, Hello my darling N73.

This was really 1 great deal of a phone. $498 with a 2 year plan, but wait listen to my reasoning... I sold my 7610 for a feaking good price that you won't find in the market right now, got a FREE Canon Selphy photo printer and some music voucher worth $199 and $20 each, and I bought a 2GB mini SD for a dirt cheap price. Doesn't sound good enough? Ok, then throw in some FREE handphone softwares that gives my new phone some body mass to talk about. Oh, and did I mention the 3.2 mega pixel camera that can put 99% of the other handphones out there in the market to shame?

To round it off, here's a picture of me with my new darling phone, taken with the webcam on my Acer laptop that my real darling fixed...

Anyhow written on Nov 20, 2006 at 9:36 PM

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Strange Sightings @ Orchard

Recently been hanging around Orchard area quite often these few weeks. I used to say that Orchard is a dumb place to shop at cos of the huge crowds and over-the-moon exzublulent prices of everyday items just because they have a stupid tiny horse or singular alphabet stuck onto the bottom corner of it. And I'm still keeping my view unchanged.

The only thing I like about Orchard is not the fancy brands or mob-able shopping malls, but the cute little unique things that you can't find anywhere else in Singapore. Take for example my uniquely me sling bag, which I will be collecting at the end of this week, with a personal design printed on the front of the bag. Another thing is the strange buskers you see on the Orchard road stretch during the evenings.

I remember I once saw a 6 year old kid bashing the drums like a pro drummer with 60 years of experience [Oh how I envyed him]. Or the silver statue couple currently trying to earn some Sing dollars this few weeks. I will post the photo up when I have the time. But one thing I noticed about buskers, there have always been an internal war between 2 types of buskers.

The Professionals VS The Beggers

And I have always stood firmly on the Professionals' side. For those people with half a brain, let me enlighten you. The Professtionals are those who come from all over the globe to perform a skilled art in hopes of getting some form of monetary appriciation for their performances. The beggers on the other hand, are mostly low/no-income locals, who mostly have a missing limb or 2, who sit by the side and ask for kind-hearted charity.

Personally, I will never patronise a begger. Why u ask? Because their marketing concept is totally unworkable. They sit at the side of the road with the most pitiful face they can conjure and play on people's sympathy in order to get some $$$. But what do you get in return for helping these beggers? In India, you would get 999,999 more beggers crawling towards you after u gave 1 of them 10cents. Even within beggers, there are 2 types: the seller-begger & the pure-begger. Recently there have been more and more beggers entering the selling market. But sellers without a concept still won't get any spare change from me.

Take tissue sellers for example. You can find tissue sellers at almost every semi-mordernised estate / shopping mall / Coffee shop in Singapore. But I have never bought a single piece of tissue from them. On the other hand, I have patronised our very own '1-dollar Auntie' on more than 1 occassion. The difference? She provides some value to her customers: Entertainment value, even if its in the lowest form, is still value.

Now on to the Pure-Beggers. These are the people who I loathe and turn my head away from. They just side by the side of the road, not selling or doing anything, with a stupid tin can in front of them, begging you to give them some sympathy change. If you ask me, I don't believe that they cannot do ANYTHING other than sitting there helplessly. Is even turning a musical jukebox with 1 hand an effort too big for them? I even saw a couple of fully-bodied pure beggers just sitting on their arses expecting money to drop from the sky into their tin cans. Dream on.

Next, on to the Professionals. These are the people who in my opinion deserve to be awarded for thier efforts. They entertain you at their own expense but at the same time do not expect everybody to appreciate them. Most of the time they could be getting 200% or more the amount they earn by getting an 8 to 5 office job, but they don't. Why? Because the want to entertain people. And I respect that. Hence most of my money will willingly be donated to the Professionals who impress me with their unique skills rather than those who beg at my feet.

Next comes the bad experience of the Orchard. After shopping, we decided to have our meal at the Food Court in Taka. As one can expect, we had some difficulty finding a seat but that was just teh start of it. When I went to order my food, I had the intention of buying Laksa from the Malay stall. And as I was queueing up, I spotted an almost full tray of Mee Goreng displayed for all to see. And it did look quite good. So I decided to change my order to a plate of Mee Goreng + 1 chicken wing, thinking that the price would be cheaper or almost the same as the Laksa, which was $4. But when the cashier punched in the numbers, my jaw dropped. $5.50 please. WHAT! $3.50 for the fuking Mee Goreng and $2 for the fuking chicken wing. So what if the chicken was fed 24K gold corn when it was alive? I'm eating a dead bird! $2 for a fuking small piece of chicken wing! And the fuking cashier still asked me, "Do you want to reheat the Mee Goreng?" And that's not all... Her fuking collegue still had the cheek to reply : "Aiya, the noodles is already very hot. No need to reheat." When in actual fact, it was as cold as a cold turkey!! I'm never patronising another Muslim stall in a well-known shopping mall again!

And to end off my extremely long post, I'd just like to pose a question to all of you. I happened to glance at the Durex condom boxes while waiting to make payment at Watsons and I discovered a very amazing fact. On every box of Durex, irregardless of the type, it stated "100% Electronically Tested". What the fuk does that mean? How can condoms be "Electronically Tested"? Anybody who can enlighten me please give me the answer to this question...

Anyhow written on Nov 15, 2006 at 11:34 AM

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Bored @ Work

I have officially self-proclaimed Fridays to be non-self-initiated-work day. Just a simple day for me to rest, relax and enjoy the air-conditioning of the school. But too much rest is also not a good thing as I feel kinda sleeply right now and I'm actually typing this while looking at my keyboard only, without looking at the screen. That's how bored and sian I am. In fact, I'm so bored that I even surfed the net and found a few good riddles to crack your friend's brains with...


1 : What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps?

2 : The man who invented it doesn't want it. The man who bought it doesn't need it. The man who needs it doesn't know it. What is it?

3 : I'm the part of the bird that's not in the sky. I can swim in the ocean and yet remain dry. What am I?

4 : I'm light as a feather, yet the strongest man can't hold me for much more than a minute. What am I?

and finally... the chimest of the chim

5 :
Pronounced as one letter, And written with three,
Two letters there are, And two only in me.
I'm double, I'm single, I'm black, blue, and gray,
I'm read from both ends, And the same either way. What am I?


1: A River

2 : A Coffin

3 : A Shadow

4 : A Breath

5 : An Eye

Anyhow written on Nov 10, 2006 at 5:12 PM

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Torture Room 101

After a wary day at work, I boarded the usual bus 13 to head home for some rest, spotting the only completely empty seat on the bus, I made a bee-line for it and placed my firm butt on the seat closest to the window, following which, I lost myself in the wonders of buildings and vehicles passing me at a speed of 40km/h.

But all was not meant to be. Halfway through my journey, I spotted someone boarding the bus along with a group of random people and I had this strange gut feeling striaght away that I was going to be in trouble. I was keeping watch of him all the way, from the moment he tapped his EZ link to the point when he chose to place his butt on the empty seat next to me... Oh my god. I was within sneezing range of a fucking Bangalah! And a typical construction worker Bangalah at that! Dressed in the standard $10 pasa malam striped polo-T and woren-out pirated brand jeans.

And the smell... Oh my holy god. I couldn't even get a hint of my Hugo Boss perfume over his overwhelming "Natural Jasmine Tea Scent". I immediately turned away and stuck my nose as close to the window as possible in hopes of releaving myself of even the slightest bit of his smell. But as everyone will know, all that was in vain.

And that was only 1 bloody Bangalah. Imagine the power of an entire company of Bangalah workers boarding the bus together. I have decided, I'm never taking public transport during Deepavali. Yes, I'm racist, but on the other hand Bangalahism isn't really a race right? And they all look the same too.

Anyhow written on Nov 2, 2006 at 7:29 PM

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Long Time No See, I thought I Mati

Been a while since my last post. Sorry again to those visiting this dusty site during these few days. Been quite tied up with my new job as a Technical Assistant in Manjusri Secondary School lately, hence the inability for regular updates.

Anyway, what's my new job all about you ask? Well, basically I'm paid to just sit and my table and wait for some technical or IT fault to occur to any teacher or desktop or laptop or server or router or printer or whatever IT stuff in the school and then go and fix it.

Sounds simple? Not when MOE gives each teacher a personal USB drive that saves their account information so as to "increase efficiency" of the teachers by ridding them the need to type in their user name and password for every other application they use. And it gets worse when each teacher gets a laptop packed to the brim with anti-virus, file sharing, network accessing and other stuff, which by the way only has 128MB of RAM, for their work use. It ain't the inefficiency of the teachers, but rather the inefficiency of the equipment they are using.

Anyway, so my job is to run around the school the entire day helping teachers with their login/network problems, laptop hanging problems, internet connection problems etc etc. And now is only the school holiday period... When school actually restarts, I doubt I would even have time to think about pouring a glass of water, much less have my lunch.

Enough about work, the thing that I'm more excited about right now is this business called my-impulse. We ran into a push-cart seller selling sling bags that can be customised by printing any picture on the front of the bag. I've actually already designed a personal design [people who know me well should have already seen it before] to be printed on one of the bags. Won't let out too much on it now, if you want to see my new bag and design, TREAT ME TO A MEAL after 2 weeks from now!! Wahahaha. For more info about this business, how about visiting their webbie:

It would be fully operational by this Friday. Too bad I'm an impatient man... I already planned for my bag. That's it for today, going to sleep soon and dream about my future bag...

Anyhow written on Nov 1, 2006 at 9:26 PM

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