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Updates are in Order

Had a belated birthday celebration for the 3 babies born in July with my classmates over the past week at the glassy Fish And Co in Douby Ghout. Had lots of fun there and did a bit of catching up since everyone was busy with their own lives.

They got me a shiny batman T-shirt from DC Heroes. I'm too lazy to take a snapshot of it so if you wanna see it you gotta catch me wearing it. But just as I got a new Marvel T-shirt, my spiderman T-shirt was ruined in the wash.

I don't know how or why, but my golden spider print came out of the wash all crumpled and stuck together. On closer inpection, it had patches of silver on my precious spider. Luckily it still doesn't look too bad and I think it's still wearable even to town areas.

We also went prawn fishing again on Saturday. This time we couldn't catch as many prawns as previously [maybe due to the lack of beginner's luck] but we saw somebody hook a giant prawn from the pond. The length of the prawn could be compared to the length of my forearm! It was bloody big! Will upload the photo when I'm not feeling so lethagic [is that how u spell it?]

And as usual I'm now blogging because cabal server is down [again~]. This time it seems like somebody is trying to hack into their server because there's no notice of maintenance and just all of a sudden the game hangs and even the website cannot be accessed.

But the time came just right because I'm going out in a littlel while. Ok this is a damn boring post. I shall stop here until I find more inspiration to write more not-so-boring posts...

Anyhow written on Jul 28, 2008 at 1:08 PM

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Reservice is...


A fyking waste of time...

Anyhow written on Jul 17, 2008 at 10:04 PM

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From Pawning to Prawning

I'm back again! Did you miss me? Lots of activities happening these few weeks, with some friends going overseas and some coming back to Singapore. Time is really not enough to do everything you want to do with the people you want to do it with.

So anyway, the group of us went prawn fishing one of those weekday nights where we had nothing better to do with our lives. Bored people included were timmy, QingQing, wenz, eric, lily, kim, xiang and of cos pipi. Being the 'suah ku' that I am, this was my first time prawn fishing and we even had to make 2 u turns on an empty main road to get to the carpark, which I missed on the first try because of too much nonsense happening in the car.

When we finally reached the place, it was quite crowded with about almost 15 to 20 people snatching for the prawns in the pool. But the amazing thing was that I was the first one to catch a prawn! Just put my line into the pool for like 10 seconds, felt a bite, and vua-la~! A live prawn trying desperately to free itself from my shiny hook.

However, it seems that it was only really beginners' luck for me. Because after that magnificant catch, most of the other prawns in our basket were caught by pipi. She even kept scolding me cos I kept letting the the prawns get away with free bait, which was chicken liver by the way.

So anyhow, here are a few pics that I snapped during the few hours that we were there trying to hook some prawns...

Huge Ass Prawn

One of the fattest prawns we caught during the night

Wenz Waiting

Wenz waiting for his bite...

Eric's Hands

Eric the man showing us how to unhook the prawn.
Look at those manly arms!!


Timmy trying to look cute while waiting for a bite

Lily Waiting

Lily waiting for her bite. So pro, only need to use 1 hand!

Lily and Eric

Here comes the man to check on his girl's progress...

Kim and Xiang

Kim and Xiang sharing their rod.

Kim: Is it sinking yet? [refering to the float]
Xiang: No.
Kim: Ok.

I heard they had this conversation many times...

At the end of our prawning, we got to enjoy the spoils of our victory...

Cooked Prawns

By reaping what we sowed! Or in this case, cooking what we caught!

Eaten Prawns

Yummy. They were delicious. With free butter and salt provided too!

The Big Ass One

Our huge prawn with claws still attached.
Did you know prawns had claws? I didn't!

Group Hug

And so we have it, a successful and filling prawn fishing outing!
Let's have more again next time!

And I leave you with a new found everyday use for the remaining prawn heads left untouched on the table...


Toothpicks!!! *Burp!*

Anyhow written on Jul 15, 2008 at 3:03 PM

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The Coming of Age

Another year gone, another new wrinkle on my face. Could you believe that I forgot my own birthday? When my friend asked if I wanted to work over the next 2 weekends 2 weeks ago, I agreed without giving 2 hoot about it. And therefore I ended up working through my entire birthday yesterday.

Anyway, do you ever get the feeling that age is catching up with you? I have always been ahead of the wrinkle race by a mile due to my dashing boyish charms, but recently I think I tripped on a rock and mr Age actually managed to close the gap.

Previously whenever I asked anybody to guess my age, they would give a soothing answer of 17 or 18. But recently whenever I ask the same question, i seem to always get the '20 plus' answer. No doubt I AM 20 plus, but I've never been used to being recognised as a person of my own age. Well, at least now I can rest assured that those bouncers won't look at me with suspicious eyes anymore.

Whoa! I just received something from a courier...

After opening the Wrapping...

Watch 1

My new present from the thoughtful Ah Soon!!

Watch 2

Wa... Branded sia. Favourite colour somemore!

Watch 3

Looks good on me!! Thanks Ah Soon!

Wow. This was really a surprise for me. Totally unexpected. Leave it to the thoughtful Ah Soon to be able to pull off something like this. Really appriciate it.

Anyhow written on Jul 7, 2008 at 11:45 AM

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