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Wake And Baked

Not really in the mood to blog right now, so I'll blog in point form.

  • Finally I have finally settled into my new home, look out for my housewarming party coming soon

  • Went for my first wakeboarding session today, some of them said I did qutie well

  • Quite sunburnt after wakeboarding. And the burns are at the weirdest places... Most burnt part of the body : The KNEES!!??? Don't ask me

  • Will be working at the Comex Fair this weekend at the Sony booth. If anyone of you are free come down and visit me

  • I need to get new board shorts [*HINT* *HINT*]

  • Will try to post the pics of my completed room when I am free

  • Got a slight toothache and will be going down to visit my dentist tommorrow morning

Anyhow written on Aug 28, 2007 at 11:26 AM

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PPP : Garage Floor Tiles

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Are you sick and tried of having to look at your messy garage everytime you have to get your vehicle? Having trouble finding that tool that you left somewhere around your garage? Well, the guys at aim to make your garage into just another room in your house. They have everything from various material cabinets, handy workbenches to nicely coloured garage floor tile that will make the garage feel warmer and at the same time hides cracks and stains. So head on down and take a look now!

Anyhow written onat 10:41 AM

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A Day of Freedom, Finally

For the first time in a very long time, I awoke not to the sound of my alarm clock or my parents' nagging, but rather the sound of my tummy rumbling telling me that it was time to get something to eat. And when I took a glance at the clock, it was already 1230pm. Wooo.

Yesterday 90% of my new home was finally completed. At least my room is now 100% complete, aside from the small bits and pieces I need to spice up my already beautiful room even more. All that is left to do is to hang up my puzzle and photos on the wall, arrange my display toys on that ugly aircon trunking and fix up my superman logo on my door front. So here's what my room looks like with all the furniture in place...

But first, some random shots of me while I was bored and waiting for the furniture to come...

Black n WhiteSephiaNegative

Ok, now back to my room...

New Room 1

New Room 2

New Room 3

Can't stand it... so nice...

Oh and I went rollerblading again this afternoon. Pretty boring today as it was a Tuesday and hence not many people were blading or cycling about. But I did make a pit stop at Bedok jetty and I saw a very percular sight.

There were lots of people standing around at the jetty trying their luck at catching some fish. But the weird thing was, out of the 30+ fishermen I saw on the jetty, their total catch was only 2 types of fish. The typical silver flat fish [I donno the name cos I'm no fisherman] and some not so common greenish thin fish. And boy where there a lot of them.

Take this fisherman for example. He would get ready his fishing rod which probably had about 5 to 7 hooks on the line, toss it into the sea, shake it like he was shaking his little buddy and pull it up. And this whole process would only take less than 10 seconds. And everytime he pulled up his rod, there would be anything from 2 to 6 fishies hooked on to his line, flapping away as if they even standed a chance to escape. I sat at the sone bench watching him repeat the entire process about 10 times before I got bored and headed back to the track for more blading. Here's an idea of the amount of fish he caught during my people-watching session...


I wonder how people can find joy in catching the same old thing that is so easily caught day after day, without getting bored of repeating the same process about 100 times everytime they go there. I would never be caught dead doing such a boring activity unless I could sell each fish to the fish market at $1 each. Give me a lake of many different fishes which are bigger den my wallet and I'll glady stay there the entire day happily fishing away.

Anyhow written on Aug 21, 2007 at 6:56 PM

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Almost There

As all of you know, I have been quite busy with the moving in to my new place at Simei and of course the unpacking that comes along with it. I haven't had a proper night's sleep in almost 2 weeks. My definitation of a proper night's sleep is one that you wake up according to your own biological internal clock and not by any other means [for example you mum and dad screaming at you to wake up or that irritating alarm clock going berserk on your ears]

Anyway, the moving process is almost complete. No more renovation has to be done anymore, except the putting up of the curtains which might require a new hole or three. Other than that, we just have to wait for the remaining furniture to be delivered and for the junk stuff in the rest of the boxes to transferred into their respective dust-gathering storage places.

And to reward those of you who have been regularly visiting my now-not-so-often-updated blog, he's a preview of what my new room looks like [complete with a tired and blur looking pipi in the mist]...

My New Room 1

My New Room 2

Oh, and I managed to squeeze some little time out of the hectic schedule to catch Jay Chou's new movie, "Secret", with pipi and a long time missing friend. Not a bad movie except for the fact that Jay wasn't exactly acting. He was just acting as himself, even to the extent of his character being named "Jay". Everything from his famous unprecise language to his act-cool attitude was tranferred from his actual self to his screen character. But do catch the movie if you have the time. It's a touching love story.

Oh and did I mention that when the movie started, we were the only 3 people in the cinema? I even managed to snap a shot of us having a taste of VIP treatment.

VIP Cinema

It wasn't until 5 minutes after the movie started did the rest of the 6 people [yes I even managed to count them] started to stroll in to the cinema. Ok, time for me to get some seriously needed shut eye. Going to have to wake up early again tommorrow and probably for the rest of the week too until we finally officially move in on Saturday. And hopefully I can catch up on Mr Z on Sunday.

Anyhow written on Aug 19, 2007 at 11:52 PM

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About Work and Play

Finally finished the 1-week long roadshow at Tampines. It's been a long time since I've done a Sony roadshow. Sure was blast working with old friends. And to top that off, I even made some new ones. The only set back was that by the end of the week, me legs were ready to disintigrate due to the long hours of standing around.

It's amazing what you can see when you are stationed at the same spot for an entire week. I have always thought that Tampines is the most happening place in Singapore and I have been proven right by the events that took place last week. And by happening, I don't mean those simple stuff like having loads of people shopping around or being a cool place to hang out at.

Here's a quick list of events that happened during the week.

Monday, 6 Aug 2007 - Around late afternoon, MRT services were disrupted, by a disturbing event. I don't know the actual details but through the gossip going around, seems like some teenage girl was being chased by some guy [friendly or not I do not know] along the MRT platform when she slipped and fell onto the tracks of the incoming train. I shall not elaborate on what happens next. Anyway, afterwhich, everybody was watching as police cars and ambulances arrived on the scene.

Tuesday, 7 Aug 2007 - One of the rare peaceful days we had during the week.

Wednesday, 8 Aug 2007 - Eve of National Day, loads and crap loads of secondary school students roaming around Tampines Mall due to the half-day school. Around late afternoon, the hussle and bustle of the crowds was suddenly disrupted with the arrival of an ambulance. Not soon after, a secondary school girl, still decked out in her her top and school uniform skirt, was wheeled out on a wheelchair, with her leg in a cast. Gossip mongers again told us that she fell on the escalator while playing around with her friends and managed to snap her ankle or something.

Thursday, 9 Aug 2007 - National Day. Sales were skyrocketing and stock was flying off the counter. But that's beside the point. The main event of the day was a major jam on that tiny road along Tampines Mall and Century Square caused by an impatient taxi driver and an uncle with a non-giving-way driving attitude. The result : The bumper of the taxi embedded in the left front door of that stupid uncle's car. Causing the already usually packed 3-lane road to become a tiny 1-lane funnel with a massive tailback all the way to the main road.

Friday, 10 Aug 2007 - Another visit by and ambulance but this time the reason was not made known to us. Othe than that, just a normal boring day.

Saturday, 11 Aug 2007 - The Monopoly Man mascot spotted making his rounds around Tampines.

Sunday, 12 Aug 2007 - Beautiful spectrum of uncapturable-by-camera colours blazing across the cloudy sky during the early evening.

Oh, did I mention that I also got 3 airbrush tattos done during the roadshow? Cool stuff, and totally free too...

Pegasus Tatoo

Star Tatoo

Spider Tatoo

Anyhow written on Aug 13, 2007 at 1:02 PM

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I'm Back for My Late Post!

Woohoo~ Almost 4 whole days without a single update. I've been kinda busy with work and some other stuff, and yes, I owe you all the answers to my Wordless Wednesday Guess-It, so here we go with a heck of a super long post that includes everything from your Sunday breakfast to gazillion bucks of cash, no kidding.

1. First and foremost the long awaited answers to my Wordless Wednesday which was due 3 days back.

Did I mention that this was going to be a hard one? Oh, actually what I meant to say was this was going to be an easy one to warm you guys up for the hard one that would be coming this week... [Audience : Yeah right!] Ok, who am I kidding, I guess I haven't seen enough of the world yet. There are loads of winners for my Guess-It this week, the hard one was in fact the one submitted by lissa. Thanks lissa for saving this week's Guess-It. Drumroll please as we await the answers to be uploaded...

I guess almost everyone got this one...

Plate 1

Plate 2

Yup, it's that funky stand you use to display your funky plates. In my case, it's a funky clock-plate. Damn, seemed like a tough one when I took it.

And now lissa's tough little answer

Hint : Every morning, handy but irritating?

Alarm Volume

What else could it have been?? Yup, the volume controller for that irritating but handy alarm clock that wakes you up every morning when you need to be woken up. At least that's what I think the answer is, judging from the picture she sent me. If it isn't lissa would you please enlighten us?

Congrats to... [this is gonna take a while]

melanie, mar, empress bee, maiylah, gattina, patois, ,aldon hynes, shaz, jams o donnell and linda for getting the plate holder right. [Phew that took me almost 15 minutes]

And the grand prize of 1 year's supply of free air goes to rav'n for hitting the bullseye on both guesses! Bravo.

2. New Job, Old Life

Yup, I've decided to head back to the beaten track and retrace my steps as a Sony salesman. First day of work was today, currently working at the tiny area just outside Tampines Mall MacDonalds. Well, that's if you call 5 friends standing around and talking to each other for most of the day, and occassionally selling a camera to a customer or two, working. Will be there until Wednesday as of now. Trying to get myself extended to the weekend, where there will defintely be more people, which obviously equates to more sales. Heck, if any of you are free, just drop by and say hi. I'll even throw in a free on-the-spot snapped and printed photo of myself just for you to remember the day by!

3. A GA-Zillion Buckaroos

Yes, I'm not kidding. Ok, maybe just overexagerating by a little. But during that day where me and Jes were queueing up at the bank to get her bank draft done so we can pay the stupid school in their own currency, we were discussing about what the counter next to us, labelled "Treasures, Premium Banking" were all about. Yeah, most probably it's for those rich people who have millions of dollars in their account, you expect them to queue with people like us who don't even have a 5 figure sum in our bank accounts?

And just as we were discussing how much was needed to be able to sign up for this kind of previledge, a stulky looking man whisked up to the counter and started talking to the teller. A few moments later, the teller handed him a stack of $50 notes over the counter. And when I say stack, I don't mean the kind that you would pull out from your bludging left breast pocket, but rather the kind of stack that would be high enough for you to sit at a comfortable height at your office desk if you stacked 3 or 4 stacks on top of each other. I think there must have been at least 5k worth of $50 notes in that stack.

Anyway, he casually took the stack, and tediously stuffed it into his front left pants pocket. And just when we taught the show was over after watching him struggle for 10 seconds to squeeze the entire stack into his pocket, out came another stack of $50 notes, which went straight into his front right pants pocket within another 10 seconds or so. Give me those 2 stacks and I will be a happy man for the next 5 years or so. Well, that explains why they are called "Treasures". They must have hidden treasure inside their bank accounts to be able to juts draw so much money at one go.

Anyhow written on Aug 6, 2007 at 11:34 PM

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The Simpsons and my New Hair

Got to catch the Simpsons movie on Tuesday night. Somehow I felt that we were laughing more than we should have been. The plot was rubbish, but the jokes kept coming and coming. And in addition to that, I believe that it's a great big scam by the producers of the movie to put an entire row of easily humoured, loud laughing jerks at the last row of every cinema screening their movie. Yes, we were seating 4 rows from the back and we could clearly here the first and loudest laughter coming from the back of the cinema on every pun, joke or slapstick corniness that appeared on the screen. And it was not only 1 or 2 persons, but the entire row. Even a lame joke was made into a funny one because of their laughter. Anyway, I did enjoy the laughs but if you're looking for anything more than that, I suggest you skip this movie.

Secondly, I finally gone and done it. Onto the path of no return, albeit for the next 2 months or so. Remember when I told you that I was tempted to dye my hair but won't be doing it cos of the money? Well, my darling hairdresser managed to get some "special discount" for me thru his boss. So since he worked to hard to get the discount, I might as well do it right? Yeah, so my hair is now a cool shade of ash brown which will probably last me another 2 months or so before the boring black grows out from my knuckleheaded skull. I wanted to put a picture up here for you guys to see but it seems that after 1,000,001 tries, in which all the pictures taken came out with almost black hair, I finally gave up. So if you wanna see my new hair colour, you gotta see me in person! Or another option would be to buy me a nice little digital camera and I'll be more than happy to take a snap and send the photo to you. Any takers?

Anyhow written on Aug 2, 2007 at 2:55 PM

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Wordless Wednesday : Guess-It 16 and Guest-It 6

In spirit of WW, see comments for details.

Guest-It 6

Guess-It 16

Anyhow written on Aug 1, 2007 at 7:09 PM

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