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Concluding Chapter of Part 1

Hardwork of Files

Don't be fooled by the thin-ness of these files. Hidden within them are months of braincell-killing, hair-ripping thinking and discussions and mouse-drawn, symmetrically pleasing diagrams and tables. Just printing and filing them alone cost me almost one entire hour of my life. Now it's time to sit back, relax and enjoy the whole 3 days of free time that I have left before it's back to boiling lecture notes and textbooks and drinking them in a bid to remember all the information dumped to you by those lectures.

Whoever said school was fun definitely didn't attend UOL.

Study = No Fail
No Study = Fail

No Study + Study = Fail + No Fail
Study (No + 1) = Fail (1 + No)

Therefore: Study = Fail

Conclusion - DON'T STUDY!!

Anyhow written on Dec 28, 2007 at 9:10 PM

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Post-Christmas BBQ

After countless nights on MSN discussing about the BBQ, yesterday we finally got down to business. Some of them met at Bedok to buy the ingredients while others came a little later.

Me? I was happily enjoying myself blading along East Coast Park even though the weather man told me that the day would be drizzled with passing showers throughout the day. My only prayer was that those passing showers wouldn't pass over my head and then start to follow me where ever I went.

So in the end I was able to enjoy the beach and babes for about an hour or so before those damn passing showers started to pass by ECP. And when they say passing showers, they MEAN passing showers. It would rain heavily enough for me to want to hide under the safety of the sporadically positioned pavillions around ECP for like half an hour, suddenly reduce to a slight drizzle that makes me want to continue blading and then repeat itself with the heavy rains. Therefore in the end I was kinda playing hide and seek with the rain, blading a few minutes in the drizzle, then racing to the next available pavillion to seek shelter from the storm. And my blades got all muddy in the process. Yucks.

So anyway, it was almost 6 when everybody who was supposed to be there was there. And guess what? it was still raining. So we camped under the shelter for awhile before deciding to try to start the fire on a wet pit when the rain got a little smaller. We even had somebody assigned to hold the umbrella above the pits while we fiddled around with the firestarters and charcoal.

Once the fire was started, it was all fun and games until the end. I'll let the pictures do the talking from here on.

click on images for a better view

The Firestarters

The Firestarters

The Fire, Started

The Fire, Started. Mini-fans are surprisingly useful for starting fires too.

Big Mouth

Yes, I was THAT hungry.

Group Photo

Group photo. Space on the left included for inserting cutouts of those who left early.

Lollipop Gang

Beware the Lollipop Gang!

Traffic Lights

Traffic Light. Green = Go. Red = Stop. Amber = CHIONG AH!

Zao Cai

A new friend made at the pit. Aptly named "Zao Cai".

This is like only 10% of all the photos taken on that day. I'm too lazy to copy and upload the rest [Mainly because my handsome face is not in them], so that's all for today folks. Now it's time for me to shrink back into my shell and get back to concentrating on completing my assignments, which are due on the 2nd day of the New Year. I think SIM is run by some bloody sadists who don't want people to enjoy their government-approved holidays.

Turtle Me

Anyhow written on Dec 27, 2007 at 10:50 PM

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An Eventful Christmas Eve

OMG. This was the most eventful Christmas countdown I've had in a very very very very [did I say very?] long time. Despite waking up at 3PM in the afternoon, and spending most of the afternoon staring blankly at my laptop screen trying to figure out what to write for the last question of my assignment, I still had a wonderful time on this Christmas Eve.

Met PiPi and Ah Soon at DownTown East around sevenish and we wondered around trying to find a good place to have our dinner and finally decided on Sakae Sushi. Had a stomach-fulfilling dinner and even had time to disturb the waitresses there. All in all we had about 18 plates of sushi plus drinks and chawanmushi.

Sushi Plates

Our total damage

Happy Eaters

From left to right: Fish lover, Octopus Murderer, and cheapskate supermarket crabstick King

Anyway, after dinner we just wandered around aimlessly and finally found ourselves parked at one of the benches in Pasir Ris Park, after a short drive from DownTown East. It has been a long time since we had a nice, long chat amoung close friends, reminiscing the great times we had during our younger and happier days. Chatted all the way from 11PM till almost 2AM, having short strolls and even to the point of almost missing out the stroke of midnight until we heard the shouts of a group of malays playing at the musical playground nearby.

The main attraction wasn't the countdown or the chatting though. As we arrived at our designated return-home vehicle, which by the way was a mini-lorry-like class 3 vehicle [Don't ask me, I also don't know what to call it], it was quite apparent that the couples in the vehicles to the left and right of ours were having a jolly good time within their cars.

Not that we were there to peep, but it just so happened that the battery of our dear mini-lorry decided to go flat on us at that crucial moment. So there we were, trying very hard not to look through the totally transparent windscreens of the 2 vehicles parked directly beside us, while helplessly turning the key to the engine hoping for a miricle to happen, at the same time causing the lorry to emmit sounds that sounded like a sickly old lady with a bad throat.

This carried on for a very long 2 plus minutes before they finally decided to take their 'happening' activities elsewhere. Here's a picture of our hero trying his best to start the lorry... And failing on every try.

Dead Lorry

In the end we had to ask an uncle and a group of guys who where conviniently having a gathering just at the bicycle kiosk nearby to help us push start the lorry. I've never seen a lorry moving at such speed without the engine even being turned on in my life.

Anyway, that's was the end of my exilarating eventful Christmas Eve. Ah Soon sent us back home and here I am typing this down into my blog. This won't be a day that will be easily forgotten.


And happy 6th year Anniversary to my beloved PiPi

Anyhow written on Dec 25, 2007 at 3:53 AM

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Jingle Bells

Nothing interesting to blog about this week. Just that I've been pretty much spending days and nights staring straight into my laptop screen thinking of what bullshit to put into my 3 assignments due on the 2nd day of the new year.

Currently I'm almost done with all 3 assignments apart from this very last question which I seem to have no idea on how to bullshit my way through. Been staring at it for the past half and hour but my mind keeps returning a blank piece of paper to me. It might be because today is the eve of Christmas and therefore my brain has decided to take the day off, but I highly doubt it because up till today, I still don't feel any ounce of Christmas spirit in me. Maybe I'm the recarnation of Scrouge McDuck.

Will be heading down to Downtown East later to finish off the Christmas countdown with PiPi and Ah Soon. Don't ask me what's going on at Downtown East, cos I don't know too. We just decided on that place because it won't be overflowing with tikopek bangalahs, has a cosy little beach that we can relax on after the countdown and most important of all, is totally FREE! Will try to snap a few shots of our experience over there and post it up if I have the time and willpower.

Another event would be the BBQ that we have spent endless nights discussing about on MSN almost everyday. This greatly anticipated (for some) event will be happening on the day after Christmas. Hopefully it will be an enjoyable experience for everyone. Oh, by the way, for those who are going to eh BBQ, please remember to do your anti-rain dance the night before and on the morning of 26th Dec. Otherwise we will all be swimming in the rain. Literally.

I'll leave you guys with a favourite Christmas carol of mine, song by one of the world's most famous characters...

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells, Robin Laid an Egg.
The Batmobile lost a wheel and Joker got away.

Crashing through the roof, in a one horse open Tree.
Busting out I go, laughing all the whheeeee......

Anyhow written on Dec 24, 2007 at 5:36 PM

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The Holidays Are Here

Tis' the season to be jolly... for the rest of the people that is.

It's the end of school for the year and the start of chionging time. No, I'm not talking about going to chiong to relax and party the night away, I'm talking about chionging to complete the assignments before the deadline which so conveniently happens to be the first day of school, A.K.A. 2nd of January.

And to add to the already huge headache of rushing assignments, I was reminded of the renovation works happening on the 2nd floor this morning... Resulting in a massive lack of Zs. The drilling and knocking have been going on non-stop until now and I doubt they will be finishing anytime soon. The only saving grace is that they seem to be having lunch right this minute cos I finally can hear the tic-tiak sounds produced by my fingers depressing the keys on my keyboard. How I wish they could have a longer lunch hour.

Guess there won't be much celebrating going on on my watch. Hopefully the BBQ on the 26th will lift our spirits slightly. Well, I guess it's back to chionging for now...

Anyhow written on Dec 19, 2007 at 12:21 PM

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Lao Ding Dang

Over the weekend PiPi was having her "da shao chu" over at her home and hence we practically spent the entire day shifting, moving, wiping, cleaning and sorting out the stuff in her room. And guess what? We actually found a "Xiao Ding Dang" soft toy that has been in her possession for generations. It was sooooooo old that it should be from hereon named as "Lao Ding Dang".

Anyway, our "Lao Ding Dang" was found squashed and abandoned in one of PiPi's cupboards along with some other ancient soft toys from the past. But this "Lao Ding Dang" caught my eye the minute she opened that cupboard. Why? Well take a look for yourself.

Lao Ding Dang

It was freaking WHITE in colour! All the blue that gave Xiao Ding Dang it's youth and vibrancy had faded over the years, leaving a pale but still grinning Lao Ding Dang to face his unknown future along with his fellow dejected soft toys.

Maybe I could sell it to some toy collector for a huge sum of money. It's the only white "Lao Ding Dang" available on the planet! Any takers?

On another note, Hardy Mirza has gone and done Singapore proud by winning the first ever Asian Idol contest held in Indonesia just a few days back. Actually I couldn't have been bothered to watch the entire show but I just managed to catch a glimpse of some of the contestants singing their lungs out while I was strolling around from the kicthen to my room. I even had my room door closed and air-con on when they released the results. But because of my superhuman sense of hearing, I picked up a slight trace of some girls in some close proximity screaming their heads off.

Thus, using my ultra-quick analytical powers, I promptly deduced that our very own hometown boy has won the Asian Idol. And guess what, I was right. I opened my room door just in time to see a weak-kneed Hardy collapse to the floor and covering his face with both his hands. See, sometimes the dark horse does win. Congrats to Hardy and I truely hopes he goes on to win many many more competitions like this. Give respect where respect is due, there's no doubt that he has talent.

Anyway, speaking of Idols, the Singapore Idol show was just another typical show that brought out the Singapore in the Singaporean. Firstly, talent was not the main issue. Popularity was. One word, Joaquim. Need I say more? And another thing, it portrayed very bluntly Singapore's Perfectionist social environment. Remember the American Runner-ups? Clay Aiken? Bo Bice? They all really had talent too and have been popular among listeners for a long time even after their Idol season was over.

Now bring us back home to Singapore. What ever happened to our beloved Sly and Jonathan? I shall not comment on Sly, everyone knows he ain't idol material. But where in the world did Jonathan disappear to? Granted, Hardy definitely has better vocals than Jonathan, but to give credit where it's due, Jon ain't that bad either. I think he even has more personality than Hardy. But look at the shelves of your nearest Music Junction neighbourhood store, do you see Jon's face anywhere around? Well, maybe in the Singapore Idol VCD series but that's about it. In fact, he seemed to have completely disolved into thin air after the Singapore Idol fever subsided.

What do we tell our children then? Do we tell them :"You better get first in class or else nobody will want to hire you next time."? How about when they come back with a 90 mark average on their report card and they come to tell you that the class average was 97.5? Do you praise him for getting a 90 average or scold him for getting below the class average?

I have never believed in the system that Singapore operates on, yet we all have no choice but to abide by this decievingly "democratic" society in order to make a comfortable living. Having a third party compare anybody against someone better only results to disappointment and loss of motivation. The only positive comparision is when the person himself wants to compare his results with a better half and will be determined to strive to beat the competition the next time. That's also partly the reason why most of you have my name on the "highest score among your friends" when it comes to facebook's online scored games.

Anyhow written on Dec 17, 2007 at 9:23 PM

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I Need Peace and Quiet

I really need to get on with my studies. Been slacking too much recently. I haven't been writing my notes for 2 whole weeks now and I have to finish my assignments pretty soon. That's why I need peace and quiet to concentrate on my work... But obviously I'm not going to get any of it any time soon. Cos there's this huge renovation works going on just 2 stories below my humble home. Just this morning, I was rudely awoken by some consistant banging of something metallic. I could even feel the vibration running up the legs of my bed and jumping right onto me.

I even came home early today in a bid to try to finish at least some of my notes, but to my despair, I was greeted home with lots of knocking and drilling from that damn renovation flat below. So in the end I could only kill time by starring blankly into my computer screen.

Anybody care to sponsor me some ear muffs?

Anyhow written on Dec 14, 2007 at 6:29 PM

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Creative Movies

Got this from facebook... Some of these might make great movie title names...


Everybody.. lets get this started and see what creative movie titles we can come up with.. here's the rules.. think up a movie title(ANY movie title), and add "Between Your Legs" to the movie title..ill get it goin...continue to forward this!!!

Anaconda Between your legs

Rush Hour Between Your Legs

Gone with the wind Between your legs

Finding Nemo Between your legs

Mad MAx Between your legs

Armageddon Between your legs

300 Between your legs

Dirty Dancing Between your legs...

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Between Your Legs

Midnight Express Between your legs

Training Day Between your legs

Cruel Intentions Between your Legs

Final Fantasy Between your legs

The Abyss Between your legs

Groundhog Day Between Your Legs

SNATCH between your legs

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days between your legs

The Abyss between your legs

Sixth Sense between your legs

Breakfast @ Tiffany's between your legs

Lord of the Rings between your legs.

The Lost Boys between your legs

Blow between your legs

Perfect Catch between your legs

I Know What You Did Last Summer Between Your Legs

2 Fast 2 Furious Between Your Legs

Hairspray between your legs

Clueless between your legs

Lust, Caution between your legs

Thank You For Smoking Between Your Legs

I am Legend Between Your Legs

What Women Want Between Your Legs

Saving Private Ryan Between Your Legs

I Know What You Did Last Summer Between Your Legs

Enchanted Between Your Legs

The hills have eyes Between Your legs

Meet the Fockers Between your legs

Click Between Your Legs

Alvin and the Chimpmunks Between Your Legs


Which one was your favourite? Here's a list of mine:

What Women Want Between Your Legs
Clueless between your legs
Anaconda Between your legs

Anyhow written on Dec 11, 2007 at 7:45 PM

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly... PICS added~!

First, the bad. I Hope grandma finds her peace in heaven. May she have many tim sum lunches with Buddha and afternoon tea parties with Jesus and maybe even a few teh tareks with Allah too. Well, at least grandpa and grandma are finally together after 12 years of seperation and waiting.

May all the Gods bless their souls. R.I.P. my beloved Grandma.

And who says good and bad occassions can't mix? Throw that boring tradition out the window and enjoy life as it is. Attended a friend's 21st birthday party [With her permission of course] at this funky place called the 'Loofed' . Obviously it was opened by a Singaporean considering the naming convention. And as the name indicates, it is located on the 'loof' of some low-rise building near City Hall area.

The ambiance was good but they could have done better in the food department, although it was free flow. Not to say that the food wasn't good, but just that becuase the free-flow of finger food was served on a single platter held by some waiter that come out of the kicthen once every 15 minutes, you could only get 1 shot at each platter before it was wiped clean by all the hungry guests. And it didn't help that the food stopped at 9PM sharp.

Anyway, everybody who attended the party was to design some hand-made craft using the cloths and pre-shaped pieces of wood that was provided on scene. Obviously mine sucked as I would have got a big fat zero for creativity if it were ever a primary school exam subject. Luckily I shared my design with pipi, who sprouced it up. These designs were then used as lucky draw tickets at the end of the night, which I must say was a fantastic idea.

Birthday Girl
The pretty birthday girl

Loofed View
Nice view from the open air Loofed

XL and BF
XueLing and her boyfriend

Mandy, pipi's collegue's daughter

Mandy's Card
Mandy's card. Quite creative no?

Our Card
Our card. I did the spider and the flower. The rest was pipi's hard work

Bucket of Cards
A bucket full of creative thinking

Birthday Cake
The delicious cake that was practically left untouched

Now here comes the ugly. With so many friends and relatives at the party, one woudl imagine that nobody would try to get the birthday girl drunk. But a couple of the birthday girl's collegues did exactly that. A combination of a flaming Lambo and a Waterfall within a short period of time was definitely too much for this poor girl to handle, but she sportingly downed the drinks and even managed to cut her cake and give out the lucky draw prizes before losing it.

And what did the culprits do after that? Well, they just walked up to her and told her that this is just the start and everybody has to learn to get drunk sooner or later, and with that they left the party in a hurry. Obviously they were afraid of the wrath of the family members that would befall onto them if they had stayed. in the end most of the guests left without eating the cake as it was still left untouched while everybody attended to the birthday girl. All in all it was a fun night and a new experience at a new place for me.

Anyhow written on Dec 3, 2007 at 12:45 PM

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