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Anyhow written on Oct 30, 2007 at 2:10 PM

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Stomach-filled Weekend

I might have gained 3kg over the weekend. All thanks to the mega amount of food that was stuffed into my tiny stomach. But other than eating, nothing much has been going on in my mundanely scheduled life over this week.

It all started on Saturday evening, when we attended some temple dinner to celebrate the end of the praying month. You know, those type which you would hate for it to be held under your block where the host screams and shouts in Hokkien in a bid to raise the price of the current item being auctioned off.

Firstly, each table was supposed to sit 10 people, but ours ended up having only 6. So for the first 3 dishes we were more than happy to have lesser people at our table because we could have twice the share of the cold dish and mock shark's fin soup. But after the shark's fin soup, everything else went downhill on a deathdrop collision course to hell.

All the food that came after that was either not tasty enough or tastes like plastic. And to add to our misery, the service staff of that restaurant should be given the "Bestest Service Award" for the amazing service that they rendered. Take for example the clearing of the dishes. During the first half of the dinner, they would at least ask if we had finished with our dish before clearing the plate away. But this was not the case for the later half. They would just cut in out of nowhere, take the almost empty plate, and walk off back to the kitchen without even saying a word. And the worst part is that it was obvious that there were still 1 or 2 pieces of food left on the plate.

And that wasn't the end of it. After the last dish, which was the fish dish, our dear table attendant DID ask if we were done with the food. Before taking all our leftovers on the plates and int eh bowls and dumping them onto the fish plate that was in the middle of our table and LEAVING IT THERE and WALKING OFF. And that palte of rubbish was left on our table for almost 10 minutes before the dessert can and she finally had the sense of mind to clear it.

Oh, and to put the cherry on top, after our dessert, she asked us if we were done and dumped the remaining and half eaten desserts that we didn't want, which were all kindly placed back onto the dessert plate for easier clearance for them, right onto the middle of the table before walking back to the kitchen with the empty plate.

Anyway, that was for the saturday dinner. Oh by the way, I forgot to mention that this year my family finally gave up on bidding for that so-called blessed flag, which probably cost more than me. Typically they would bid for that flag every year for an average of 10k throughout the years, which is probably more than the total amount spent on me for that same year, until this year.

So back to the topic on food, Sunday was a pretty boring day. Stayed home to do a little catching up on my school work and mum decided to 'ta pau' some dinner back from my auntie's place for us... Macaroni... Our favourite. but when the dinner came back, my eyeballs nearly popped out from their slots. The portion that was given to us could feed the entire family. And poor pipi and me had to finish all of it.

Normally I would have 1 enormous bowl and I would be sufficiently satisfied but yesterday we had to gobble down 2 enormous bowls each. After which we were literally lying flat on the sofa for a full 15 minutes being unable to move.

And after all this, I'm still feeling bloated today, even after a very light lunch... Hope this uncomfortable feeling doesn't turn in to something nasty during the lecture later...

Anyhow written on Oct 25, 2007 at 12:42 PM

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Is This English??

Mathamatical English

No, it's not some sort of alien language. It's an english sentence constructed using some maths symbols. No wonder famous mathamatians have a history of early death.

Ow, my head hurts...

Anyhow written on Oct 16, 2007 at 4:43 PM

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Sleepless in Simei

Argh. Can't sleep because stupid me forgot to charge my mp3 player throughout the entire evening. Now I have to sit in front of the laptop and watch as the battery bar on the mp3 player slowly increases.

For the first time in school life, I do not completely understand 100% of what was taught during Maths class today. It's damn complicated. I never knew you could write a readable sentence using symbols that you don't find in your english alphabet. It even makes some sense too. Hopefully this will be the exceptional case and the next lecture will be fully comprehandable again. 1 killer subject is already stressful enough.

Time check, 2.15AM. I'm supposed to be sleeping, but I don't feel tired at all. Suddenly feeling very emo. Is this what life is supposed to be like? Waking up to an alarm clock, rushing off for school without having anything to eat or drink, trying my best to pay attention in hypnotic lectures, wasting time travelling to and from school, reaching home and kill off the rest of the night by playing online games? Where's the meaning in all this? *SNAP*

Ok, got that emo part out of me. Let's continue. I always believe in IQ over EQ. Getting too emo is, as my lecturer would put it, "not good for your health". Tommorrow afternoon will be the auditions for the SIM pagant. Don't really know what to expect. Just gonna go there and be myself. Hopefully I will be selected for the next round. Actually up till now I don't even know what this pagant is about. Don't really think its for the MR/MS SIM label. Maybe it's just a mini follow-up to that beauty pagant show they had during the past weeks that was shown on channel U. Whatever the case, wish me luck at the auditions tommorrow. Hopefully my panda eyes won't be showing too much.

Ok, think my mp3 player has enough battery to last me through tommorrow. Gonna try to get some sleep now, although I feel more awake as compared to some of my lectures. Sorry if you're reading this boring post. I just had nothing better to do while waiting for my stupid player to be charged. Goodnight everyone.

Anyhow written onat 2:09 AM

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Quiet Weekend

For once in a long time, things have been rather quiet this weekend. No birthday parties, no lunches or dinners, no roadshows to torture my legs on and definitely no project deadlines that need rushing.

Instead, it was a serene weekend of mostly movie visits. Went to watch Nanny Diaries on Saturday with ah Soon and Resident Evil : Extinction on Sunday with pipi's sister and boyfriend. Both shows were ok, but none of them was really awe inspiring to me. So far, I can say that all the movies I've watched fall into either one of these categories:

1. Mindless Comedy : Illogical madness that keeps you laughing but which you also know will never happen in real life. [E.G. Balls of Fury, The Simpsons]

2. Killing Sprees : 1 hero, many bad guys, even more dead bodies. Oh, did I mention that the hero almost never dies? [E.G. Resident Evil, Shoot'em Up, Die Hard series]

3. Love Stories : Where love transends all boundaries. Yeah, right. [E.G. 200 Pound Beauty, The Lakehouse]

4. Keep-Me-Up Shows : All scary, ghostly, hauntly and monsterly movies go here. [E.G. The Ring, The Eye, Vacancy]

5. Cartoons : Cutely animated movies that try to include some aspects of human life into those pixelated characters. Notice 'The Simpons' does not fall under this category. [E.G. Finding Nemo, Ratatoulle, Toy Story]

6. Sci-Fi : As a favourite character of mine would say : "To Infinity, and Beyond!" [E.G. Starwars Saga, iRobot]

7. Rojak : A popular Singaporean dish that mixes whatever ingredients you have on hand with whatever sauces you have in your cupboard. And that's what the movie becomes. Sometimes tasty, sometimes nasty. [E.G. Nanny Diaries, Ocean's Eleven, Twelve]

And for the first time in history, the stupid usher at the cinema entrance asked to check my age for a NC16 movie! What the hell! I would fully understand if it was a M18 or R21 movie. Because of my boyish charms people often mistake me for someone younger and cuter, but NC16??? Don't I look older than a bloody 16 year old kid who has just finished his 'O' levels and is trying to sneak into a R21 show??

NOTE TO SELF : Custom print a T-Shirt that says

"I'm already over the legal fuckable age! So don't bother checking my IC."

Anyhow written on Oct 15, 2007 at 1:04 PM

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Ticket to Fame

Yesterday while I was having lunch in school, some cute people came up to me and asked me to sign up for some SIM pagant. After some resistance [very very little!], they finally got me to fill in the entry form. Will this be my ticket to stardom? I just hope I don't trip and fall while going up the stage. That is, if I even get past the auditions.

Anyhow written on Oct 10, 2007 at 4:36 PM

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Well, let's have a quick hitory lesson on how I discovered PayPerPost. When I was just a teeny-weeny virgin blogger, I've long heard of stories where people earn thousands of dollars just by doing nothing but sitting at home writing blogs. Although I knew that I would never ever make it big in the blogosphere, I still hoped that I could earn at least a few bucks from blogging. After a few google searches and lots of blog surfing, I discovered PayPerPost. And that's how our fates intertwined. And behold, after a short period of only 1 year, I have managed to collect almost one thousand Singapore dollars through many many posts. And I'm proud to say that this money will be contributing to my "Get A Better Laptop that doesn't Overheat Fund". So in short, if anyone has a blog, its definitely a win-win situation when you sign up for PayPerPost. So what are you waiting for??

Anyhow written onat 3:56 PM

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Martial Arts in School

Here's something I got from my lecture today. School sure seems interesting...

*TIP : Switch off the background music and listen to what he says*

Anyhow written on Oct 8, 2007 at 7:17 PM

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Anyhow written onat 5:35 PM

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Murder at Simei

Last night while we were walking back home from a late dinner, we were greeted with a grusome sight. It's always something you think "will happen to somebody else", but for the first time you wonder, will it ever happen to you since everyone is "somebody else" to somebody else.

Yes, someone had been brutally murdered and the distorted corpse had been just chucked along the public compounds of the void deck under my block. And we were the "lucky ones" to be the first ones who noticed it. Either that or somebody else had already seen it but didn't borther to inform any of the appropriate government bodies.

The body was a disguisting sight. Lying flat on it's back in public view, lifeless and motionless on the floor just next to the bottom staircase, as if it had been tossed down the flight of stairs. It's 4 limbs were soft and sprawled wide open like a giant starfish. It had a huge gash across it's upper left lip, so deep that some internal organs were literally spilling out from that deep wound. And worst of all, it's skin was an unnatural colour, and the eyes were stil wide open, staring at the sky as if awaiting an angel to relief him of his pains.

After having a quick look at the corpse, we decided that it would be too much trouble to inform the authorities as we would have to be witnesses and such... Therefore we silently left the scene of the crime and headed back home just as if nothing ever happened. I hope we don't get retribution for what we did, or in this case what we did not do...

Below is a quick picture of the victim I snapped with my handphone. Picture quality is blur and you can't really see the damage, but it's still a grusome sight...










Anyhow written on Oct 6, 2007 at 4:06 PM

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PPP : Quibblo Quizzes

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If you're looking for an online quiz site that will keep you busy for hours, look no more. Quibblo has loads and loads of fun and exciting quizzes ranging from different categories of interest. Wondering when you will meet your next boyfriend/girlfriend? Or how about testing your saga knowledge with some Star Wars quizzes? You can even create your very own quiz and let others join in the fun too!

Anyhow written onat 2:41 PM

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Happy Children's Day

Primary School kids have Children's Day,

Secondary School kids have Youth Day,

Teachers have Teacher's Day,

Mothers have Mother's Day,

Father's have Father's Day,

and University students have 'No Such Day'.

In addition to that, children, teachers, mothers and fathers all get presents during their 'special day'. But youths only get a day off from study. I guess that's the way the world turns. Nobody appreciates the youth of our world anymore. Enjoy the holidays while they last...

Anyhow written on Oct 1, 2007 at 6:25 PM

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Anyhow written onat 6:16 PM

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